Meet Wade Hynes, Brother of Nicho Hynes, Know Regarding His Family

Meet Wade Hynes, Brother of Nicho Hynes, Know Regarding His Family

The fact that Nicho Hynes, a professional Australian rugby league footballer, is Wade Hynes’s brother has helped to ensure that he is well known. Since Nicho’s parents divorced, Wade has been a very supportive brother to him and has helped him out whenever he’s needed it. For the NRL championship game, he presented his brother with the jersey that bore the number 198.

In the NRL Grand Final, the Storm defeated the Penrith Panthers by a score of 26-20, and Hynes was a participant in that game. This day he made history by becoming the first player in the history of the NRL to be selected for a grand final despite not having played a single minute of the game.

The winning Canberra Raiders in the 1994 NSWRL Grand Final, which was the last time a team used fewer than 17 players, did not use two of their side’s four substitutes. This was the last time a team used fewer than 17 players in a grand final. In a similar fashion, Haynes makes his first appearance for Cronulla-Sutherland in the opening round of the 2022 NRL season, which was a loss to Canberra by the score of 24-19. In the second round, he was responsible for converting the game-winning conversion for Cronulla, which allowed them to defeat Parramatta 18-16.


Nicho Hynes
Nicho Hynes


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Nicho Hynes’ Brother Wade Hynes

Nicho and Wade Hynes, both of whom are brothers, spent their childhood in Central Coast, New South Wales, together. Since Nicho’s parents divorced, Wade has been by Nicho’s side, which has proven to be of great assistance. For the NRL championship game, he presented his brother with the jersey that bore the number 198.

As a result, Nicho came to the conclusion that it was in his best interest to sign an extension with the NRL that would see him through September of 2020. As a utility player, he took part in eleven National Rugby League games. On the spare bench, he was having trouble getting comfortable. A football player was spotted watching the game from the stands as his team competed against the Penrith Panthers for the NRL championship. His team emerged victorious with a final score of 26 to 20.

He made history in the sport of rugby league by becoming the first player in its entire history to be selected for the grand final on a particular day without ever having played a game or even touched a ball while it was in play.

Who is Nicho Hynes’ Mother, Julie Hynes?

Julie Hynes was an elated individual because she was the mother of Wade and Nicho Hynes. Their parents divorced when both of them were only two years old, and shortly after that, they moved in with their mother.

His father’s first wife divorced him and remarried a truck driver named Brendon. Unfortunately, his stepfather lost his life as a result of dozing off behind the wheel. After then, he and his brother then moved in with their father and stepmother. During the course of his childhood, his mother would spend time both inside and outside of jail.

Julie Hynes has had a difficult life filled with many obstacles, one of which was serving time in jail as a juvenile while she was living in Umina, which is located on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

However, Hynes maintains a close relationship with his mother, who also served as his date for the glitzy night of nights held in Sydney for the rugby league. On Thursday morning, after having “less than a handful of hours of sleep,” Hynes went on the Today show to discuss how much he values the fact that she is a part of his life and how much he appreciates having her there.

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Early Career of Nicho Hynes

Early in one’s career
After being signed by the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles NYC team in 2015, Hynes spent the following two seasons (2017–18) with the Mackay Cutters. During that time, he participated in 42 matches in the Queensland Cup for the Cutters. In addition to that, he was working as a teaching assistant at a primary school in Mackay at the time.

In 2019, Hynes signed a contract to play for the Melbourne Storm, and as part of that deal, he transferred to the Melbourne Storm’s feeder club, the Sunshine Coast Falcons, so that he could continue competing in the Queensland Cup.

Hynes played his first game in the National Rugby League for the Melbourne Storm on the 11th of August, 2019, against South Sydney. He made his debut at Central Coast Stadium, which is located in his hometown, in front of his family and friends. His older brother Wade Hynes was the one who gave him the Melbourne jersey with the number 198 on the back of the cap.

After the 2020 Queensland Cup was cancelled, Hynes played 11 NRL matches in a utility role, most of them coming off the interchange bench. He signed a further one year contract extension in September of that same year.

The Storm defeated the Penrith Panthers 26–20 in the NRL Grand Final, and Hynes was given a spot on the bench for the game.

On this day, he made history by becoming the first player in the NRL Era to be selected in a grand final but not play a single minute of the game. He etched his name into the record books forever. According to the records, he was not given credit for making an appearance in the match. In the 1994 NSWRL Grand Final, the winning Canberra Raiders decided not to use two of their four substitutes. This marked the last time a team participated in a grand final with fewer than 17 players on its roster.

It was announced on the 1st of June 2021 that Hynes would be leaving the Melbourne club at the end of the 2021 NRL season in order to link up with Cronulla-Sutherland, with the intention of shifting into the halves and rebuilding the club around him. This move was made public knowledge on the 1st of June 2021.

Hynes was selected to play for the extended NSW Blues side in game 3 of the 2021 State of Origin series. This selection came about as a result of the Melbourne Storm’s strong start to the season.

Hynes made his debut for Cronulla-Sutherland in the first game of the 2022 National Rugby League season, which was a loss to Canberra by the score of 24-19.

In the second round of the competition, Hynes kicked the game-winning conversion for Cronulla after the full-time siren, leading them to an 18-16 victory over Parramatta.

On May 29th, New South Wales made the announcement that they would be selecting Hynes as their 18th man for the first game of the 2022 State of Origin series.

The match between South Sydney and Hynes was decided by a field goal that Hynes kicked during golden point extra time. The score was 21-20 for Hynes. Hynes was outstanding for Cronulla by scoring two tries in their victory over Manly in the battle of the beaches game in round 23. The final score was 40-6. On September 28th, Hynes was awarded both the Dally M Medal and the Provan-Summons Medal for his outstanding play during his first season with the Sharks.

Why Did Nicho Hynes’ Mother Julie Hynes’ Arrested?

Nicho Hynes, a rising star for the Melbourne Storm, has revealed some of the challenges he faced in the past. During the time that he was in elementary school, his mother was in and out of jail.

Nichos’ stepfather was killed in a car accident after falling asleep behind the wheel, which led to her incarceration. In spite of the challenges he faced, Hynes never wavered in his dedication to the sport of rugby league. Nicho Hynes, a younger player in the NRL, has been open about reaching “rock bottom” and battling suicidal thoughts after experiencing feelings of loneliness and depression while playing overseas.

The native of the NSW Central Coast who is now 26 years old first took an interest in rugby league when he was five years old, and ever since that time, he has “thought and dreamed about” playing the sport.

After making is debut with the Melbourne Storm in 2019, he went on to achieve his goals and realise his dreams, but the path that led him to success was not without its challenges.

When Nicho Hynes’ mother Julie Hynes was incarcerated, she became more knowledgeable about the family’s indigenous heritage.

Julie Hynes gained an understanding of her Aboriginal heritage during her time spent in and out of jail. The other women who were incarcerated with her were the ones who taught her about her background and history.

In addition to this, she learned about his incredibly proud Aboriginal father. After that, she noticed that she was beginning to feel more proud of it. When Julie finally arrived home, she broke her silence regarding our indigenous ancestry for the very first time.

After that, Hynes found out that his family has ties to Griffith and the Wiradjuri people, who are the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group in Australia.

Hynes is honoured to have the opportunity to serve as an example, and he is extremely proud of his Aboriginal heritage.

When their mother was incarcerated, Nicho and Wade Hynes lived with their father, Mick Wilson, while he was in the military.

During their childhood, Nicho and Wade Hynes spent most of their time living with their father, Mick Wilson, and stepmother because their mother spent much of her time behind bars.

The Hynes brothers did not have the most amazing childhood compared to other people. Following the breakup of their parents’ marriage, they went to live with their mother for the first time when they were barely two years old. Their mother later remarried, this time to a truck driver named Bredon, following her divorce from Julia. The tragic news is that his stepfather passed away after suffering an accident while driving.

On the other hand, Nicho will be the first to admit that he is grateful to have someone to share his living space with. His family is very important to him, and he looks up to Wade, his older brother, as his saviour. He places a high priority on his family.

Because of the traumatic experience that he had endured as a child, which had led him to become despondent, his brother persuaded him to give up his job.


Nicho Hynes
Nicho Hynes


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 Quick Facts About Nicho Hynes Brother Wade Hynes

Full Name Wade Hynes
Birthplace Gosford, New South Wales, Australia
Mother Julie Hynes
Brother Nicho Hynes


Who Is Nicho Hynes Brother?

Hynes’ brother is Wade Hynes and he is a very supportive brother of Nicho and has helped him out ever since his parents split.

Who Are Nicho Hynes Parents?

Hynes parents are Julie Hynes and Mick Wilson.

Why Was Nicho Hynes Mother Julie Hynes In Jail?

Nicho’s mother was in and out of jail when he was in primary faculty.

How Old Is Nicho Hynes?

Nicho is currenlty 26 years old. He was born on June 18, 1996 in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.

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