Vince McMahon reportedly paid millions to Donald Trump’s charity coinciding with the WWE Hall of Famer’s WrestleMania appearance

A fresh article about former WWE CEO Vince McMahon was recently published by The Wall Street Journal.

The business revealed that it had discovered an additional $5 million in unrecorded payments related to Vince in an SEC filing last week. According to the latest WSJ article, the donations were given to Donald Trump’s foundation.

According to the story, the 76-year-old gave $5 million to Donald J. Trump’s now-defunct organization. The 45th President of the United States reportedly received a $4 million payment for attending WrestleMania 23. Donald received a $1 million check from Vince for appearing on a 2009 RAW program.

At WrestleMania 23, Bobby Lashley and Donald Trump faced off against Umaga and Vince McMahon in a battle dubbed the “Battle of the Billionaires.” Depending on who won the match, either Donald or Vince would get their hair shaved. Following the bout, Trump shaved McMahon’s head after Bobby defeated Umaga.

According to the article, Trump personally reviewed the contract he signed for WrestleMania 23 with his team to ensure that his head would never be shaved.

Damian Priest discusses the difficulties Triple H encounters in WWE as Vince McMahon’s successor

Damian Priest, a member of Judgment Day, recently discussed Clash at the Castle with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Liam Power. The promotion’s following high-end live event will stream on September 3 from Cardiff, Wales’ Principality Stadium. The company’s first stadium performance in the UK in three decades will take place there.

The 39-year-old mentioned Triple H taking charge of the promotion’s creative. A new age for the business has just begun, according to Damian, and it will be a gradual process. Damian continued, saying that if Triple H makes too many changes at once, he runs the danger of confusing the fans:

It’s still young, according to Priest. “You do realize that the new age just began? Therefore, it’s challenging to discuss changes since everyone—including Triple H—is attempting to understand what’s going on. He undoubtedly has a vision and knows where he wants to go, but nothing will alter completely overnight. He can’t just turn the crowds away; we have to get there. You can’t misunderstand the fan base, so to speak. [10:49 – 11:24]

It will be fascinating to see if the WWE Board of Directors discovers any further payments from Vince McMahon.

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