Vika Abbyaeva (Bling Empire): Net Worth (2023), Career, Vacation, Plot, Review, Recap and More

Vika Abbyaeva has a $1.5 million net worth. Vika Abbyaeva is a reality television star on Bling Empire and a successful model

She is one of the most prominent Asian Americans and thrived in her glitzy relationship with Richard Chang.

The model shared the screen with wealthy Asians Dorothy Wang, Nam Laks, Tina Leung, Blake Abbie, Lynn Ban, Stephen Hung, and Deborah Hung in the docusoap.

Vika Abbyaeva
Vika Abbyaeva

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Vika Abbyaeva (Bling Empire): Net Worth (2023)

Vika Abbyaeva has a $1.5 million net worth. Vika from the Bling Empire leads an opulent life with Richard.

In comparison to her boyfriend, Richard Chang, she makes less money. TheCinemaholic estimates that the businessman is worth close to $2.5 million.

Due to his ownership stake in Un Poco Loco, he earned $100,000 each year as the company’s creator. In addition, he earned close to $160,000 annually while serving as the Head of Talent.

He made between $250,000 and $400,000 as a senior vice director. Additionally, he earned $500,000 a year as Chief Growth Officer.

With her boyfriend, Vika has an opulent lifestyle and has visited Tuscany, Capri, Praiano, the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Anguilla, Da Luigi ai Faraglioni, and Il Pirata, among other locations.

Comparatively speaking, Abbyaeva made less money than Richard Chang, her boyfriend. In 2022, the pair relished their trip to Tuscany, Italy.

Their Instagram profile gave the impression that they led a lavish lifestyle together. Recently, they were spotted at Gucci Giardino 25.

Advertisements for Scottish Fold Silver Chinchilla, Lucy, have featured them. They made an appearance at The Plaza Hotel for a special event in support of the non-governmental organisation Liberty in North Korea.

In the second episode of Bling Empire: New York, Abbyaeva and Nam Laks went shopping together while on a university break. Laks’s successful father was angry that she spent $10,000 on the dress.

Vika Abbyaeva
Vika Abbyaeva

Vika Abbyaeva (Bling Empire): Career

As part of her Bling Empire employment, Vika models for high-end companies and appears in the Netflix series. She receives husky money from these sources as a model and reality star.

The model makes, on average, $53.89 per hour in New York City, according to She does, however, earn more money by working for upscale companies.

Natalie De’banco’s Australian luxury label was worn by Abbyaeva. Banco and Shopping & retail Bronx created the outfit.

The Netflix actor posed for Banco by Natalie De’banco, an Australian luxury brand, Bronx, and Shopping & Retail RAT & BOA.

Along with her partner Chang, she attended the surrealism fashion event held by billionaire Stephen Hung in February 2022.

In addition, they made an appearance in the November 2022 song Les Gout by Keinemusik, Rampa, and Chuala.

Reality television star Abbyaeva played the role of the extravagantly wealthy Asian party animals on the reality series Bling Empire.

The Netflix celebrity might earn a handsome sum for their appearance in Netflix’s original TV shows and films. When it comes to reality television, things are different.

Business Insider claims that reality stars make between $1500 and $3000 per episode. They can be paid between $7,000 and $10,000 per episode after the breakthrough.

The Bling Empire cast consists of well-known individuals who might earn up to $3000 for appearing on the show.

Abbyaeva played the wealthy Asian on the reality series Bling Empire. She came out of the show with her co-star.

On January 18, 2023, the reality star and her partner arrived at Sheats-Goldstein Residence for the Bling Empire New York Luch Party at The House of the Red.

Along with her pals Courtney Zeng and Kelsey, she enjoyed the luxurious holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in addition to the Empire Bling cast.

Vika Abbyaeva (Bling Empire): Vacation

Vika Abbyaeva went  for a vacation at Mexico.


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Bling Empire: Plot

  • The eight-episode series follows the cast members as they jet out to Paris, indulge in designer shopping in Las Vegas, and host opulent dinner parties and spa days at opulent estates in Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and Malibu.
  • The first episode begins with a lavish Chinese New Year meal that allegedly shut down a large portion of Rodeo Drive.
  • A few nights later, it finishes at a high-society event when a disagreement over seating arrangements and farewell gifts reveals the first cracks between foes. The takeaway: Sponsoring Chinese orphans is a much better gift than a paperweight made of Baccarat glass.
  • Even if it all seems a touch excessive, the cast is playing along, making light-hearted jokes about dressing in “couture” versus “off-the-rack” clothing and making fun of each other’s undoubtedly extravagant lifestyles.
  • In one episode, a character jokes that the gang “goes to Paris more than Silverlake,” and in another, a character jokes that “the Asians are here to purchase your property” on an unexpected trip to South Carolina (it’s a long story).
  • Predictable drama develops along the way, including proposals, pregnancies, breakups (and possibly reconciliations), love triangles, and (among other things) thrown wine glasses.
  • It’s hardly surprising that Bling Empire competes with other reality TV programmes when it comes to glitter and glitz because its creator, Jeff Jenkins, also brought Mariah’s World, The Simple Life, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians to television (though the less said about that last one the better).
  • The objective, according to the seasoned showrunner, was to identify a group of pals that could replicate the magic of Crazy Rich Asians on television.
  • Jenkins, who hired Filipino-American showrunner Brandon Panaligan (Deaf U, Shahs of Sunset) to serve as executive producer, and installed Asian heads at every level of development, from marketing to postproduction, claims that every producer in the entertainment industry watched the movie and thought, “Wow, that would be an amazing reality show.”
  • Jenkins claims “more than 30%” of the cast and Netflix team that worked on Bling Empire were Asian, and at least two cast members are also listed as producers.
  • Jenkins says, “I knew at the very beginning of this that there needs to be Asian-American talent behind the camera, too. I know I’m just ‘the white man,'”.
Vika Abbyaeva
Vika Abbyaeva

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Bling Empire: Review

Bling Empire has been among Netflix’s top 10 most watched episodes since it debuted in mid-January, despite the streaming giant not disclosing actual viewership figures. Viewers praised the show’s all-Asian ensemble and unexpectedly intricate, albeit superficial, plotlines.

Is Bling Empire truly the Asian story that should be thrust into the spotlight at a time when pleas for inclusion and representation have never been louder — or more important?

What about the numerous Asian medical professionals who are putting their lives in danger to battle Covid? Or Young Kim, Michelle Steel, and Marilyn Strickland, who were just sworn in as the first three Korean-American women to be elected to the House of Representatives (Kim and Steel are from California, and Strickland is from Washington)? Their inspiring acts go unreported, despite the fact that their stories are powerful.

All of this raises the question of whether the best way to represent diversity on television is through a reality show about affluent Asians comparing blinged-out “promise rings” and private-jet etiquette.

There is no simple yes or no to the question. The boundaries between representation and reality are still blurry a year after the United States faced its racial reckoning.

Bling Empire: Recap

There’s a fair probability that Bling Empire is well known to you if you have a Netflix membership. The wealthy reality TV show is receiving a spin-off, this time in New York City, the streaming juggernaut has now revealed.

Bling Empire, a blockbuster hit on Netflix, has frequently been compared to Selling Sunset and Crazy, Rich Asians. Fans of the movie and TV show found refuge in Bling Empire while they waited to ingest more content about richness and fortune thanks to its extravagance and displays of luxury.

Bling Empire, which just wrapped off its third season, centres on the lives of a privileged group of Asian and Asian American friends who live in Los Angeles.

In addition to the lavish parties they attend, regular shopping sprees, and casually paying $20,000 a month in rent, the gang is hiding secrets behind its gloss and glamour.

Now that the show is moving to New York City, a new set of affluent buddies will be taking over our screens.

Everything you need to know about Bling Empire: New York, a new Netflix spinoff series, including its cast and release date, is provided below.

This spin-off series will chronicle the lives of Manhattan’s elite as they manoeuvre through high society, much like Bling Empire did. The New York spin-off, however, will also follow Dorothy Wang, a cast member from season 2, as she relocates to New York.

There’s a good likelihood that we’ll get to see the same degree of drama and lavish ensembles, only this time they’ll be taking place in the concrete jungle.

We will “meet a fresh set of wealthy, sophisticated, and amusing Asian-Americans from New York City, where the quality of real estate is determined by address, not acreage,” according to the official synopsis.

“Discussions are straightforward and uncoded. And there is strong struggle for love, wealth, and power. There are billionaires, CEOs, and fashion icons in this metropolis, proving that everything is possible there.”

Vika Abbyaeva
Vika Abbyaeva

Bling Empire: Cast

Other than Dorothy from season two, who follows her all the way to New York, it doesn’t appear like any other Bling Empire cast members—not even our favourite Anna Shay—will be making any appearances in the spin-off.

The faces that will soon be dominating our televisions have already been introduced to us in the trailer. Tina is the group’s fashion expert and It-girl, so she comes in first.

Then there are Stephen and Deborah, a couple that appears charismatic on the outside but is actually more malevolent. Finally, Richard, who may or may not have dated Dorothy, claims to have dated half the women in New York City.

Speaking of, the teaser for the spin-off series indicates that Dorothy will be one of the key characters. She acknowledges that she has had little success in the Los Angeles dating scene and is hopeful that the men in New York will “vibe” with her more.

Her dating life (as well as the rigours of New York society) appear to be the focus of the series after hints of a possible past with Richard.

Bling Empire: New York’s release date has thus far been kept a secret by Netflix. But based on the teaser, it appears to be “coming soon.”

The spin-off series will undoubtedly debut and continue to be available on Netflix.

The first three seasons of Bling Empire are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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