Vernon Unsworth: Where Is The Cave Explorer Now?

Vernon Unsworth: Where Is The Cave Explorer Now?

The true account of the Tham Luang cave rescue is the inspiration for the Amazon Prime movie “Thirteen Lives.” After an unanticipated downpour of rain, a cave that houses twelve boys and their young coach overflows, trapping everyone inside. There is no easy way to enter the cave and find the guys because it is so large and filled with water. Numerous volunteers, including divers from all around the world, join the Thai Navy Seal and hundreds of other volunteers in their efforts to rescue the lads.

Vernon Unsworth, a cave explorer, ends up becoming one of the key players in making the rescue possible. He is so familiar with the tunnel system that he draws a detailed map of it for the soldiers, giving them a greater understanding of the situation. Additionally, he recruits divers like John Volanthen and Rick Stanton, who play a crucial role in rescuing the thirteen victims. Unsworth was an essential component in the rescue, even if he didn’t get the same attention after it. What you should know if you’re curious about what he’s been doing recently is included below.

Where is Vernon Unsworth?

A cave explorer named Vernon Unsworth resides in Chiang Rai, Thailand. His home town is Lancaster, Lancashire, and he currently lives in both the UK and Thailand. In Luton, England, at Affinity Select Insurance Services Limited, Unsworth works as an insurance and finance consultant. Before volunteering his skills for the rescue of the Wild Boars and their coach, he had developed an interest in cave exploration in the Yorkshire Dales and had participated in a number of rescue operations. He had lived nearby at the time and, according to Rick Stanton, “had the best understanding of the cave,” which was helpful throughout the rescue operation.

Vanessa, a primary school teacher whom Vernon Unsworth met in 1987, and he wed her in 1993. Their daughter is called Danielle. 2013 saw their separation, but they chose not to divorce. Woranan Ratrawiphukkun, also known as Tik, and Unsworth started dating in about 2011 while she was employed by a Thai restaurant in the UK. They currently live together. Unsworth first visited Thailand in 2011 and has since spent a significant amount of time there.

After Elon Musk sent an insulting tweet in September 2018, Unsworth filed a defamation lawsuit against him, demanding $US190 million in punitive and compensatory damages. The argument began when Unsworth rejected Musk’s suggestion to use a mini-submarine to rescue the kids. In response, Musk tweeted that Unsworth was a “pedo person,” which he later deleted. A Los Angeles jury exonerated Elon Musk of the defamation allegations in December 2019. Musk maintained that the statement was made in jest and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

Unsworth is widely regarded as a very amiable and outgoing person, despite the fact that his relationship with Musk briefly engulfed his name in scandal. The thirteen people’s lives were unquestionably saved by his efforts during the Tham Luang cave rescue. Tik, his girlfriend, calls him “a lovely person. Vern rarely gets into arguments with anybody, and everyone adores him. He’s a good man and such a gentleman, and we’ve spent [so many] years together. He puts the needs of others above his own. After the rescue, he has worked on book projects, appeared in films, got an MBE for his services, and was recognized by the King of Thailand. While sharing his knowledge with others, he keeps pursuing his enthusiasm for discovering new cave systems.

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