Vampire Academy: Is It Cancelled On Peacock? Plot, Recap, Review and More

St. Vladimir’s is out of session because Peacock has cancelled Vampire Academy after just one season. On Thursday, October 27, the first, and now the only, season of the television programme came to an end

Peacock’s surviving scripted originals include Bel-Air, Dr. Death, Killing It, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, and Wolf Life Me (all of which are returning for Season 2), as well as the upcoming Mrs. Davis and Poker Face.

Vampire Academy and One of Us Is Lying were also cancelled on Friday. (Paul T. Goldman and irreverent were both limited series).

According to its official logline, Vampire Academy, which was adapted from Richelle Mead’s novel series, was “a story of friendship, romance, and danger.”

As they get ready to finish their studies and join vampire society, two young women’s friendship overcomes their glamorised world of affluence.

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

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Vampire Academy: Is It Cancelled On Peacock?

The first is a strong Royal, while the second is a half-vampire Guardian who has been educated to defend against the ferocious Strigoi who threaten to destroy their society. If Royal factionalism doesn’t accomplish the task first.

Sisi Stringer played Rose Hathaway in the television series Vampire Academy, which also starred Daniela Nieves as Lissa Dragomir, Kieron Moore as Dimitri Belikov, André Dae Kim as Christian Ozera, Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Tatiana Vogel, Mia McKenna-Bruce as Mia Karp, Jonetta Kaiser as Sonya Karp, Andrew Liner as Mason Ashford, Rhian Blundell as.

The cancellation was initially reported by Deadline.

The demise of Vampire Academy has been reflected in our updated Cable TV Scorecard. What do you think will happen to Peacock’s zombie drama? Post them as comments below.

St. Vladimir’s Academy isn’t just ordinary boarding school; it’s a secret location where half-human teenagers are trained to guard vampires and where vampires are taught the arts of magic.

In training to be a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi vampire princess, is Rose Hathaway, a dhampir.

After being on the run, they are now being forced back to St. Vladimir’s, the location where they face the greatest risk.

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy: Plot

Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway, a guardian-in-training, and Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir, a royal Moroi princess, are compelled to return to St. Vladimir’s Academy after fleeing two years earlier.

Guardian Dimitri Belikov, the head of the guardians sent to find them upon their return, is given the responsibility of looking after Lissa.

He offers to coach Rose in additional classes because he thinks she has potential and can make up for the years she has lost by studying hard.

Rose has a unique, one-sided relationship with Lissa that enables her to access the latter’s emotions, thoughts, and most crucially, her whereabouts, therefore in his opinion, she can be the best guardian for Lissa.

Rose consents, accepting the fact that this is the only way she will even have a chance to be named Lissa’s guardian after graduation.

They rapidly adjust to Academy life, but they soon learn that Lissa has lost her social standing among the wealthy Moroi as a result of Rose and Lissa fleeing.

They choose to hang out with Natalie Dashkov, Lissa’s “cousin” and the ailing Victor Dashkov’s daughter. They discover that another Moroi student, Mia Rinaldi, is dating Lissa’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron, and harbours resentment toward Lissa on their very first day back.

She automatically dislikes Rose as well. Every chance she gets, Mia makes fun of Lissa, and Rose responds by insulting and threatening her.

Lissa befriends Christian Ozera, a well-known Moroi who is seen unfavourably because of the notoriety his parents, Lucas and Moira, have for becoming Strigoi voluntarily. This worries Rose since she thinks he is going in the same direction.

The fact that Lissa is interested in him makes Rose jealous, but Rose soon begins to develop feelings for Dimitri.

After Lissa discovers dead animals in her chamber and threatening messages scrawled in blood, things continue to get worse. As a result, Lissa experiences depression and self-harm.

It is also revealed that Lissa possesses a tremendous capacity for healing, which Rose and Sonya Karp have previously attested to, despite the fact that she has not yet specialised in any of the four elements.

They learn that Lissa has a special affinity for spirit, a rare material with unfavourable side effects. Rose had fled with Lissa as a result of this tragedy and her escalating despair.

Rose is seen with horror after Mia persuades Jesse and Ralf to spread the rumour that she had slept with both of them and had allowed them to draw her blood.

In order to exact revenge, Lissa uses compulsion to reintegrate with her previous group of friends and persuade them to stop communicating with Mia.

In the end, she is successful in getting Aaron back. In order to persuade people that Jesse and Ralf are lying, Lissa also employs compulsion.

Later, Rose uses the information that Mia is from a very low class family—which she learned from her buddy Mason—against her.

Rose learns at Sunday service that St. Vladimir, a saint, could heal those who experienced depression in some way, like Lissa.

His devoted protector, the “shadow-kissed” Anna, with whom he had a bond, was there to keep him safe. After having an accident on the way back from a shopping trip with Lissa, Natalie, and Victor, Rose is astounded to discover that she has miraculously recovered but quickly surmises that Lissa used spirit to cure her.

When she reaches into her bond, she finds Lissa bleeding from self-inflicted wounds on the floor of the church’s attic.

Her exposing Lissa’s risky behaviour causes their friendship to fall apart. Rose loses all of the fame she had attained when Lissa stops speaking to her because she feels deceived.

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy: Recap

Mia, having somehow learned of Lissa’s sadness, informs everyone; this prompts Rose to punch her, breaking her nose. Lissa flees in dismay as Rose, who is detained by teachers and guardians, is unable to pursue her. While confined to her chamber, she reaches through the bond and discovers that Christian is with her.

A number of guardians abduct Lissa while he is knocked out cold. Rose goes to tell Dimitri, but when she sees him, she forgets, and the two almost make up.

She offers over the necklace that Victor gave her, and Dimitri accepts it. When he throws it out the window, Rose all of a sudden realises that Lissa is in danger. It is found that Victor gave it a desire charm, causing them to act on their attraction already present.

Rose is able to bring a rescue team to Lissa’s assistance thanks to their relationship. She is compelled to remain in the vehicle as they approach the cabin.

Rose witnesses Victor tell Lissa that Natalie put the animals in her room on his orders and that he intends to use her to save him as he is close to passing away. He explains to her that the connection she has with Rose is a result of Lissa bringing back Rose after she passed away.

Rose learns that Christian hid in the car in an effort to save Lissa on his own. As Lissa makes a guard remain silent so she can flee, they run in the direction of the cabin.

Psi-hounds attack Rose and Christian, and Christian is nearly killed after being mauled to death. Lissa must take Rose’s blood in order to save him because she lacks the strength to heal him. Once she has done so, she realises she has fallen in love with him.

Victor discloses all about the desire charm when Rose sees him later while he is imprisoned. He also informs Rose that Dimitri lied when he claimed he had no feelings for her.

Natalie, who has transformed into Strigoi in order to free Victor from his imprisonment, confronts Rose. Upon his arrival, Dimitri stakes her.

Rose meets Dimitri and demands an explanation for why he lied about his affections as Christian and Lissa start dating and Mia regains her social standing.

Because of their age difference and the fact that they would both one day be Lissa’s guardians and must dedicate their care to her, he tells her that although he loves her, he can’t be with her because he would save Rose before her.

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy: Review

  • American author Richelle Mead’s young adult paranormal book Vampire Academy is the first in a six-volume series with the same name that also includes Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, and Last Sacrifice.
  • The plot centres on half-vampire dhampir Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway, 17, and her closest friend, Moroi (undead) Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir, as they return to their school St. Vladimir’s Academy after spending the previous two years on the run.
  • As the girls fight a powerful vampire who wants to use Lissa’s exceptional healing talents for his own gain, the story covers what transpires at this magical institution and what caused the girls to leave.
  • When it was first published, Vampire Academy, which covers themes of friendship, obligation, class, independence, and maturing, was a bestseller.
  • It was generally well-reviewed and made the children’s book section of the New York Times Best Seller list.
  • It was made into a feature film in 2014 under the direction of Mark Waters, however the movie was a failure, and subsequent volumes have not been made into movies.
  • Lissa and Rose have been evading St. Vladimir’s Academy for the past two years when Vampire Academy opens.
  • They are, however, cornered in Portland by the Moroi’s guardians, a group of dhampirs who watch over the school.
  • They’re dragged back to the isolated Montana school.
  • When they arrive, the headmistress reprimands them for leaving and locks Rose in her room, but the girls won’t say why they truly left.
  • They both keep it a secret. Rose and Lissa try to blend in as they resume their lessons by largely hanging out with Lissa’s awkward cousin, Natalie.
  • While all is going on, Rose is busy working out with her trainer, Dimitri. The older Dimitri is secretly attractive to Rose.
  • Due to Lissa’s previous relationship with Mia’s deceased brother, Andre, Mia, who is harsh and harbours resentment toward Lissa, has been spreading rumours about Lissa and Rose’s abduction.
  • Since that failed relationship, Mia has harboured resentment. Mia has started dating Lissa’s ex-boyfriend and joined the elite group of royal vampires at her school.
  • Meanwhile, Lissa keeps receiving dead animals that some unidentified enemy has left for her.
  • The reader discovers through flashbacks that Lissa’s family perished in a vehicle accident when she was a little girl.
  • As she had done to a dead raven when she first discovered her powers, Lissa used her strong healing abilities to raise Rose from the dead.
  • The girls fled from the school because they were afraid of what people would do if they learned how strong Lissa’s abilities were.

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