Untold Truth On Viv Richards and Wife Miriam Richards Kids Family

Viv Richards used to play cricket for West Indies. He and his wife, Miriam Richards, have two children

When cricket fans hear the name Richards, they think back to the time when the West Indies were the best team in the world. Richards was a great batter for the strong West Indies team in the 1970s and 1980s. He usually batted third and is thought to be one of the best batters of all time.

Richards and Sachin Tendulkar were the only two batsmen from after World War II to make the Wisden side chosen in October 2013 as the best test team from the past 150 years of cricket.

During his career, which lasted 121 Test series and ended in 1993, he became known as one of the most dangerous and successful batters of all time. He was well-known for refusing to wear a batting helmet, even though he did this at a time when some of the best fast bowlers in the game were doing well.

Viv Richards
Viv Richards

Inside the Marriage of Viv Richards and Miriam Richards

Sir Isaac Viv Richards and Miriam Richards got married in the 1980s, which is a very long time ago.

And the couple is still together and happy to be with each other. Miriam has always been there for Viv, through good times and bad. When he lost confidence, which happens to every player, she gave him the push he needed to get back up and fight.

When Richards was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009, his wife, Miriam Richards, and his two children, Mali and Matara, could not have been happier. From 1984 to 1991, he led West Indies during one of their best times, and his strong desire to win gave the team a lot of confidence.

His leadership wasn’t perfect, though. For example, in the 1990 Barbados Test, England batsman Rob Bailey was wrongly out because of a “finger-flapping” appeal that Wisden called at best “undignified” and “unattractive.”

Miriam stuck with him and helped him through all of his good and bad times, but Richards looked for something else. In the late 1980s, he made out with the Indian actress Neena Gupta while he was still married to Miriam. The West Indies star and Neena had a short affair in secret before Neena got pregnant with Richards’s child. From the two came the fashion designer Masaba Gupta.

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Viv Richards has how many kids?

With his wife Miriam, Viv Richards has two kids, and he also has a child with Indian actress Neena Gupta.

Several sources say that Miriam Mali Richards and Matara Richards, his two children with his wife, are both cricketers. His daughter, Masaba Gupta, is an Indian fashion designer. She was born from a short relationship he had with Neena. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn more about them.

Mali and Matara Richards

Mali, his oldest child, was born on September 2, 1983, and is now 39 years old. Mali was born in Taunton, Somerset, England, but he chose to play cricket for his country of birth, the West Indies.

Richards also played for the Middlesex County Cricket Club, as well as for Oxford UCCE. In 2003, he hit 319 runs for Antigua and Barbuda against the US Virgin Islands. He also played for the US Virgin Islands. But that wasn’t a first-class game, and Mali hasn’t gotten to 50 even though he has played for 11 different teams. In June 2007, he said that Middlesex didn’t do enough to help him grow.

Matara, his younger brother, is also a cricket player. But not a lot of information about his life and work has been made public. There is a page with his name on Linkedin. It says that Matara is an executive administrative assistant and office manager at the Consulate General of Antigua and Barbuda. She lives in Ontario, Canada, at the moment.

Their father, Viv, who was a great cricket player, taught them to respect every player, no matter what race or color they were. “We all bleed the same blood when we cut ourselves. I’ve always told my kids that they shouldn’t look down on anyone and that they shouldn’t let anyone else do it, either.”

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His daughter Masaba Gupta and his wife Neena Gupta

Masaba Gupta is best known for her fashion sense and skills, but she is also an actress and has her own brand, House of Masaba. She was born to Richards and the Indian actress Neena Gupta in 1989, and her mother raised her in Mumbai.

Gupta is a well-known fashion designer because the names of her collections are always creative and beautiful. Her mix of traditional and modern design is dominated by the modern. She makes clothes for women that are from different cultures. She uses silk, chiffon, and cotton, as well as intricate embroidery, in her work. She is known for her one-of-a-kind patterns and the way her clothes drape and shape.

In May 2022, Masaba posted a beautiful photo of her father, cricket legend Viv Richards, to Instagram in honor of his 70th birthday. Masaba talked about her March birthday party in Antigua for her father, Viv Richards. Masaba is wearing a shiny dress in the picture, while her father is wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts. When we see them, they are on the green of a golf course.

Is Viv Richards’s marriage still going? How I’m Related to Neena Gupta

Viv Richards, who used to be captain of the West Indies, is still married to his wife, Miriam. She chose to stay with him after everything that had happened.

What Richards did to Miriam was terrible. He thanks her for all the love and care she has given him by cheating on her, but why? He shouldn’t have done anything to make his partner leave him, and Viv should know this more. After hearing about their affair with Neena outside of their marriage, she must have felt bad.

Love Story of Sir Vivian Richards and Actress Neena Gupta

In the late 1980s, cricket player Viv Richard and Neena Gupta began dating. The cricket team from the West Indies, led by Richard, went to India for a series. He was married and had two kids at the time. Even though Neena and Vivian didn’t have much in common, they met at a party in Mumbai, according to the news.

Even though Neena Gupta was about to have a baby, she could never marry Vivian, who was already married. Instead, she raised her daughter Masaba Gupta even though society thought it was wrong for her to do so. She went against what her friends and family told her to do by keeping the pregnancy going and giving birth to Masaba Gupta, her “love child.”

Neena talked about his ex-boyfriend Viv to the Hindustan Times “I think that if you love someone, you can’t hate them. I don’t dislike my exes. My ex-husband is not someone I hate. Why do I have to hate?”

Viv Richards
Viv Richards

What is her name? A Quick Look at the Indian Actress

Neena Gupta is a very experienced actress who has given great performances on both small and big screens, in both arthouse and commercial movies. Even though the star was able to make a name for herself early on in her TV and later film careers, she had her share of problems when she was younger.

Neena Gupta’s acting and directing careers in India are mostly focused on Hindi-language movies and TV shows. In the movie Woh Chokri, where she played a young widow, she won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress (1994).

How much money will cricket player Viv Richards have in 2022?

Sir Viv Richards is a well-known veteran cricketer who is known as the Master Blaster or King Viv. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a staggering net worth of $20 million.

He is often thought of as one of the best batsmen, if not the best, who ever lived. The 70-year-old has made a lot of money from his long playing career and his work as a sports commentator after he retired.

Even after he stopped playing, Richard was still interested in cricket in some way. At the time, he got his start as a commentator on BBC’s Test Match Special (TMS). At that time, he worked for Sony, which was the official broadcaster, and did the pre-match and post-match commentary.

After playing in the well-known Indian Premier League (IPL), he took over as coach of the Quetta Gladiators. Sir Viv used to work in Karachi with club owner Nadeem Omar and head coach Moin Khan.

The family of Viv Richards in Antigua and Barbuda

Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards came into the world on March 7, 1952, in Antigua and Barbuda. He was born to Malcolm and Grathel Richards.

Richards became interested in cricket when he was young. Mervyn and Donald, his brothers, also played in the game as amateurs for Antigua. This made him want to take part. At first, Viv worked out with his father and Pat Evanson, who used to be the captain of Antigua and lived next door.

Sir Vivian grew up in the violent urban neighborhood of Ovals and was influenced by nationalist ideas of power when he was a teenager. This helped him become a giant in the world of cricket.

From the beginning of his career, he was respectful and aware of his position when he spoke about the hopes and dreams of the local people, from whom he was descended. He was praised as their hero long before they gave him this title.

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