Why isn’t Tyrus on Gutfeld, Where Is He At This Time?

Why isn’t Tyrus on Gutfeld, Where Is He At This Time?

Wrestler George Murdoch, also known as Tyrus, was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. He is currently 49 years old. He has earned the title of World TV Champion from the National Wrestling Alliance.

He has previously competed for WWE under the ring name Brodus Clay. In addition to that, he is a well-known personality in the world of cable news, where he is best known for co-hosting the late-night show Gutfeld! on Fox News Channel.

Under the ring name Tyrus, he wrestled Shark Boy on the October 15 episode of Impact Wrestling in 2014 and won his very first match in professional wrestling. Tyrus is his ring name.

Why Doesn’t Tyrus Appear on Gutfeld

Over the course of the last few days, Tyrus has been completely absent from Gutfeld. His followers are suffering greatly because he is not now participating in the program.

Many people are wondering what happened to him after he suddenly stopped appearing on the show. In the meantime, there is speculation that he may have a problem with Fox News.

We want to reassure everyone that not a single one of those rumors is true. He maintains a tight relationship with the channel in question.

Regarding this issue, Tyrus has not provided any comments up until this point in time. It is possible that he did not attend the concert due to his hectic schedule.

Where Can I Find Tyrus Right Now?

Tyrus, the reigning champion of WWE, released his autobiography in 2022 under the title Just Tyrus: A Memoir. Since then, the book has become a New York Times bestseller.

He made the announcement concerning the publication of his book on all of his social media sites. In addition to that, he shared a snippet of this audiobook on his website.

In addition to that, he is currently wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). He made his debut with the NWA in an event called Back For The Attack shortly after signing the contract with the professional wrestling promotion in March.

By virtue of his victory over The Pope on the episode of NWA Extra Power that aired on August 6, he was awarded the NWA World Television Championship.

Beginning on Thursday, tickets for his performance can be purchased at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centers (NJPAC), where he and Kat Timpf will be giving a presentation on the following day, September 23.

Are we still seeing Tyrus on the Gutfeld show?

Although Tyrus, a regular guest on The Great Gutfeld Show on Fox News, hasn’t made an appearance on the program in recent episodes, he is still a member of the panel.

I have high hopes that he will make an appearance on the show very soon and enthrall the fans with his wonderful comedic timing.

It is presumed that he is taking a break from the program for the time being because he has not made any public statement regarding his intention to quit the show.

On his Instagram account, he just published an old video titled “Gutfeld!” As a result, it is unavoidable to assume that he is, in fact, associated with Fox News.

At initially, the host Gutfeld extended an invitation for him to use the stage name “Tyrus” and make appearances on the program twice every month.

After thereafter, he began making consistent contributions to The Daily Briefing, which was formerly hosted by Dana Perino on Fox News and was a daytime news program.

Tyrus has been contributing his expertise as a guest commentator on The Great Gutfeld Show for the past six years. Because of the great charisma he exudes, he has amassed a significant following.

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