What was in the autopsy report for Tristyn Bailey? Where Are Stacy & Forrest, Her Parents, Currently?

What was in the autopsy report for Tristyn Bailey? Where Are Stacy & Forrest, Her Parents, Currently?

The 13-year-old victim of Aiden Fucci’s stabbing was Tristyn Bailey. On Mother’s Day, the Florida teen reportedly suffered 114 stab wounds. Her mother reported her daughter missing by calling the police.

A Patriot Oaks Academy student named Aiden Fucci was jailed at the Juvenile Justice Department after being apprehended on May 10. The police chose not to disclose if Bailey was physically or sexually attacked before or during the murder.

He added that upon searching a pond near Bailey’s body, detectives discovered what they believed to be a weapon: a folding buck knife. When medical examiners later discovered the blade on her scalp, he noticed that it was “missing a tip.”

What Happened To Her?

Tristyn Bailey, 13, was discovered to have been fatally stabbed, according to the autopsy report.

Just hours after her family reported her missing, Patriot Oaks Academy seventh-grader Bailey, 13, was found dead on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

She received 114 stabbings. Records show that Fucci allegedly told police that he had kissed Bailey, but that she had resisted him.

He claimed in the newspaper that she grabbed him and shoved him, causing her to fall and suffer a head injury. According to what he allegedly told detectives, he got upset and told her to “f off” before walking away. Detectives found bloody clothing and sneakers in Fucci’s bedroom.

Where Are Stacy & Forrest Bailey, Tristyn’s parents?

After their daughter was fatally murdered, Tristyn Bailey’s parents, Stacy and Forrest, are still in a very upsetting state.

Mother of Tristyn Bailey shared her grief. Following the passing of her daughter, Stacy is inconsolable. She also pledged to preserve her memory.

She and Bailey’s father, Forrest, expressed their gratitude to the neighborhood on Tuesday for its love and support during a trying time for the family. They spoke at the Celebration Church in Jacksonville during the 13-year-memorial old’s service.

Bailey’s mother described her daughter as having a fiery personality and wanting to be “up and center.” She and Forrest stepped on stage with the rest of their family, saying how much they appreciated the community’s support throughout the passing of their daughter.

What Does The Police Inquiry Say About The Tristyn Bailey Murder?

Just hours after her family reported her missing, Tristyn Bailey, 13, a seventh-grade student at Patriot Oaks Academy in Saint Johns, was killed on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

Tristyn Fucci’s first-degree murder accusation was brought against Aiden Fucci, who was only 14 years old at the time of her death. November will see the commencement of his trial.

Investigators searched Fucci’s home and found a Buck brand knife sheath, a pair of bloody, wet white Nike sneakers, a bloody T-shirt, a white piece of paper with possible bloody scribbling, and a pair of bloody, wet blue jeans in a laundry basket.

Additionally, they find grime and blood on the bathroom sink drain. All of this made it simpler for the detectives to identify the murderer.

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