Torrey DeVitto: Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Partner, Career, Net Worth (2023) and More

Torrey DeVitto: Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Partner, Career, Net Worth (2023) and More

Torrey DeVitto is an American actor and model who has worked in the fashion industry in the past. She launched her career as a model and appeared in a number of issues of fashion magazines.

After that, Torrey decided to pursue a career in acting instead of modeling. She has worked on films that have been filmed for both large and small screens.

On the other hand, she is more well-known on television. After playing relatively minor parts in a few different television shows, Torrey went on to gain important roles in “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “One Tree Hill,” “Army Wives,” and the “Chicago” franchise.

She has also appeared in films as roles that are notable for their strength and significance. Torrey is also an instrumentalist, and he has contributed his skills on the violin to two albums that have become very successful.

She is a generous person who has given her time and money to a number of organizations that work toward a good cause.


Torrey Devitto
Torrey Devitto

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Torrey DeVitto: Bio

Torrey DeVitto was born on June 8th, 1984 in the city of Huntington, New York, in the United States. She is a musician, performer, actress, and former model from the United States.

She is also involved in charitable work. Torrey spent his childhood in the Florida city of Winter Park. The genealogy of Torrey DeVitto can be traced back to Italy.

She gave a solo performance at Peter Cook and the well-known actress Christie Brinkley’s wedding, where she had previously performed the violin as part of the secondary school symphony when she was in the fourth grade.

Torrey’s father used to play drums for Billy Joel in his professional life. An extraordinary statement was made by Billy Joel while he was performing at the Wembley Arena.

He stated that DeVitto, who was playing the drums during the act, was blessed with a baby on that day. This declaration resulted in an outpouring of acclaim for DeVitto during the performance.

The Endurance Discovery Kids Show featured Torrey’s younger sister, Maryellen, who took part in the competition.

When Torrey DeVitto was a child, she accompanied her parents on tour rather frequently. This occupied a significant portion of her time.

Torrey received his primary education at Youngsville Elementary School in Youngsville. After finishing her degree, she went to Japan and worked as a model there during the middle of the year.

When she was just 15 years old, she began appearing in a variety of advertising, which led to the launch of her career as a model.

Later on, she came to the realization that her future would not only consist of modeling, and so in 2012, she began pursuing a career in acting.

Torrey DeVitto has been featured in articles published in a variety of online journals and print publications, including Miami Living, Cliche Magazine, Bello, Most Magazine, CVLUX, and Crookes Magazine.


Torrey Devitto
Torrey Devitto

Torrey DeVitto: Family

In April of 2011, Torrey tied the knot with Paul Wesley, who also starred in “Killer Movie.” The year 2007 marked the beginning of their relationship. In July of 2013, they initiated divorce proceedings.

In December of 2013, the divorce was finally finalized.

After her marriage to Paul ended, Torrey began a romantic relationship with actor Rick Glassman and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev.

September 2018 marked the month in which she went public with the news that she was dating ‘Chicago P.D.’ actor Jesse Lee Soffer.

After gaining experience as a volunteer at a children’s hospital, Torrey was selected to serve as a “Hospice Ambassador” for the “National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization” in the year 2011.

During the time that she was filming for “Chicago Med,” she was employed by “Rainbow Hospice.”

Torrey worked as a member of the crew on the first documentary that Hospice Foundation produced, titled “Okuyamba.”

The majority of the filming took place in Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. She later served as the emcee for the screening of the film that took place in 2012 at the “UCLA’s James Bridges Theatre.”

‘Road to Hope’ is a documentary that was released in 2015 and was narrated by Torrey. The video focused on nurses in Uganda and the challenges they faced while working in the rural areas of the country.

Additionally, she has done work in defense of the rights of animals. She once saved two dogs, and their names were Beau and Homie.

Torrey collaborated with the “Shelter Pet Project” to raise awareness about the importance of adopting shelter animals.

Torrey has participated in multiple initiatives for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA), as well as the “Be Cruelty-Free” campaign run by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). She adheres to a plant-based diet.

The ‘National Alliance on Mental Illness’ has benefited from Torrey’s participation in their awareness efforts. In addition to that, she is a participant in the “National Leadership Council” of the “Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.”


Torrey Devitto
Torrey Devitto

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Torrey DeVitto: Career

Torrey began her career as a model when she was 15 years old and was quickly signed to the modeling agencies Ford and Avenue One.

She has been published in a variety of fashion and lifestyle publications, including “Cliche Magazine,” “Miami Living,” “Bello,” “CVLUX,” “Most Magazine,” and “Crookes Magazine,” as well as “Obscurae.”

However, in 2002 she decided to pursue a career in acting and abandoned modeling.

Torrey got her start in the entertainment industry with a bit part in the short film “Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives,” which was released in 1992.

Both the television shows “Safe Harbor” and “Noah Knows Best” featured her in uncredited parts.

Torrey made his debut in the world of music in the year 2002, when he was hired on as the violin player for the “Tommy Davidson Band” at the “Sunset Room” in Hollywood.

Additionally, she contributed her talents as a violinist to the albums “In Your Dreams” (2011) by Stevie Nicks and “Ray Ray” (2004) by Raphael Saadiq.

Both the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek” and the medical comedy drama “Scrubs” provided Torrey with her first opportunities to be recognised for her work in the year 2003.

She appeared in a few episodes of the Nickelodeon sitcom ‘Drake & Josh’ as the character ‘Denise Woods,’ who was also known as ‘Tori.’

At the same time, she made her debut on the big screen in the role of ‘Maura’ in the short film ‘Starcrossed’ which was released in 2005.

The moment that Torrey was offered a lead role in the first season of the family drama ‘Beautiful People’ on the ABC network marked the apex of her success in the television industry.

Her portrayal as the character ‘Karen Kerr,’ an ambitious model whose self-assurance crumbles after using diet pills, was one of the highlights of the show.

Torrey had cameos in multiple movies at the same time, including “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer” as “Zoe Carpenter,” “Killer Movie” as “Phoebe Hilldale,” and “Green Flash” as “Mia Fonseca.”

In the comedy film “Heber Holiday,” which was released in 2007, she had the starring role of “Sierra Young,” an aspiring actress.

Torrey was able to secure a recurring part in both the fifth and sixth seasons of the drama series “One Tree Hill,” which airs on The WB.

Carrie, the show’s main antagonist, was portrayed by her throughout the series. Her next recurring part was in the teen drama ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ in which she played the character of Melissa Hastings (2010 to 2017).

In the meantime, Torrey played the character of “Kate” in the television drama “The Real St. Nick” in 2012, “Margo” in “Cheesecake Casserole,” and “Leann Hoodplatt” in the murder thriller “Evidence” in 2013.

In the third and fourth seasons of ‘The CW’s supernatural adolescent drama ‘Vampire Diaries,’ Torrey played the role of ‘Dr. Meredith Fell,’ a local doctor who treated patients with vampire blood.

After then, she portrayed the role of Maggie Hall in the seventh season (2013) of the drama series ‘Army Wives’ on the cable channel Lifetime.

Torrey has roles in two movies that will air on the Hallmark Channel. She portrayed the main character, ‘Jennie Stanton,’ in the 2014 film titled ‘Best Christmas Party Ever,’ and ‘Darby Powell,’ in the film titled ‘It Had to Be You’ (2015).

At this time, Torrey is working as an actor in the ‘Chicago’ franchise. In 2015, Torrey made her debut on the television show ‘Chicago Med,’ and shortly thereafter, she joined the casts of ‘Chicago P.D.’ and ‘Chicago Fire.’

Her on-screen persona, “Dr. Natalie Manning,” is a bereaved mother living in the city of Seattle.
The 2018 short psychological thriller titled “The Hoaxing,” in which Torrey played the role of “Angie,” marked Torrey’s debut as a producer.

Additionally, she is the producer of the 2019 short documentary titled “Saving Daisy,” which is a sequel to the film “Audrie and Daisy” that can be found on Netflix.

Post-production work has not yet been completed on it. Daisy Coleman, a victim of teen rape, will be featured in this short film as she deals with the post-traumatic stress that she has as a result of the assault.

In the upcoming psychological thriller ‘Amy Makes Three,’ Torrey will play the role of ‘Carla Forrest,’ and she will also appear in ‘Cold’ in the role of ‘Ashley.’

Torrey DeVitto: Net Worth (2023)

The American actress, fashion model, and musician Torrey DeVitto has accumulated a net worth of $8 million over the course of her career.

Her roles on the television shows “Pretty Little Liars” and “Chicago Med” have most likely contributed to her widespread recognition.

Since 2015, she has been a guest star on more than one hundred episodes of the medical drama Chicago Med.


Torrey Devitto
Torrey Devitto

Acting Career


Torrey DeVitto: Instagram


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Torrey DeVitto Trivia

  • Torrey DeVitto was born in Long Island.
  • Torrey Joël DeVitto is an American actress, musician, philanthropist, producer and former fashion model. She is best known for her recurring roles as Melissa Hastings in the ABC Family/Freeform mystery drama series Pretty Little Liars, Dr. Meredith Fell in The CW fantasy drama series The Vampire Diaries and as Carrie in The CW drama series One Tree Hill. In 2013, she starred as Maggie Hall in the seventh and final season of the Lifetime drama series Army Wives. In 2015, she began starring as Dr. Natalie Manning in the NBC medical drama series Chicago Med. She is also involved in a number of philanthropic organizations and is a Hospice Ambassador.
  • She is on Instagram under the username @torreydevitto.
  • She was married to Paul Wesley in 2011 but got divorced in 2013.
  • In 2016, she began dating dancer Artem Chigvintsev; but would later confirm her relationship with Chicago P.D.’s Jesse Soffer in August 2018. They dated for eight months.

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