Today, where is Joshua Jenkins? Murderer of Alene Jenkins and George Jenkins escapes punishment

Joshua Jenkins, who killed his entire family while he was just a teenager after a quarrel with his mother, is one of the most well-known mass murder cases.

The tragedy happened in 1996 when a mentally unfit or perhaps psychotic teenager brutally murdered his entire family without showing any remorse.

Today, where is Joshua Jenkins?

At Mule Creek State Prison, Joshua Jenkins is completing his term for the California murder of his whole family. It has been more than 25 years since Joshua committed the terrible crime; he is currently 41 years old.

Joshua was detained in 1996 and jailed in 1997 after entering a guilty plea during his trial. Since his next hearing is scheduled for August 2022, his next parole date is approaching quickly.

Joshua Jenkins, a serial killer who killed five people in 1996

In their documentary American monster, Investigation Discovery told the story of Joshua Jenkins and his horrible crime through interviews and dramatic reenactments.

When they heard about the case on the news, people found it hard to accept that a family member had murdered their relatives in cold blood.

Murder of George and Alene Jenkins Joshua Jenkins was apprehended for the murders of his grandparents, Alene and George Jenkins, as well as his sister Megan and his adoptive parents.

Since they were childless, Joshua and Megan were adopted by his incredibly loving and kind adoptive parents.

Joshua, however, began displaying excessive violence and mood swings at age 5, and these behaviours only grew worse as he matured into an adolescent.

Adoptive parents George Jenkins and Alene Jenkins

According to rumours, Josh tried to use a crossbow to kill his father, which prompted his father to enrol Josh in a boarding school for troublesome children.

Josh killed his entire family while they were on a family vacation with their family at their grandparents’ house in California since the incident only infuriated the youngster and fueled his hate against his parents.

In their sleep, all of the adults in the house were stabbed to death with a kitchen knife and hammered to death. Megan, his sister, was unaware of the situation, yet he repeatedly struck her with an axe before killing her.

The young killer then attempted to conceal the crime scene by piling all the corpses and attempting to set them on fire before fleeing.

Joshua Jenkins’s Death Sentence and Prison Term

Joshua Jenkins was detained in 1996 for the murder of his entire family, and he was later found guilty on five charges of murder and one act of arson, receiving a 112-year jail term.

The doctor disagreed with the defendant’s claims that he was legally crazy despite having some mental disease. The defendant first disputed the allegations and entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

He entered a plea of guilty without offering any additional justifications, and in 1997, Mule Creek State Prison in California sentenced him to a 112-year prison term with no chance of parole.

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