Tina and Mitch (Love Island): Are They Still Together? Mitch’s New Partner, Split Reason Explained

Tina and Mitch (Love Island): Are They Still Together? Mitch’s New Partner, Split Reason Explained

They arrived, spent some time together, and then continued on their way.

The previous season’s Love Island champions, Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis, returned for this year’s competition and ultimately ended up dating each other once more, proving that history can be repeated.

The 2021 series was where Mitch and Tina initially became acquainted with one another, and the two of them went on to become a couple for the most of the season before winning the competition.

They dated for a total of eight weeks before deciding to end things in February of this year.

Tina and Mitch returned to the villa this season, and although they both briefly dated other contestants for a period of time, they quickly reignited their romance and gave the appearance of being back together.

During the show that aired on Wednesday night, the pair was eliminated from the competition.

Tina and Mitch
Tina and Mitch

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Tina and Mitch: Who Are They?

Contestants Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd competed against one another during the third season of Love Island Australia.

They worked together and ended up being the champions of that season, taking home the grand prize of fifty thousand dollars.

Mitch Hibberd, who plays for the Australian Football team, is 26 years old. Tina Provis is a public relations and marketing specialist who is 25 years old and hails from the city of Sydney.

Why Mitch Cheated on Tina?

On Love Island Australia, Tina and Mitch won the hearts of viewers more than any other couple.

Even after the show ended, they continued their relationship and were still together when Covid was locked down.

However, at this point in time, they had decided to discontinue their relationship. Tina personally vouched for its authenticity and provided details of their breakup.

Tina, Mitch, and Emily Ward were all involved in a love triangle during the season of Love Island.

Tina revealed in a podcast that she found out that Mitch had hooked up with Emily five days after the two of them broke up and that the news devastated her.

When Tina attempted to make amends with Emily following the events that took place at the Villa, Emily shared this information with her.

After winning Love Island, Tina and Mitch began dating and continued their relationship for a few months. However, they were only together for a short period of time.

Tina made the announcement about their breakup on her Instagram page in February of 2022 after they had already parted ways.

She went on to say that she was completely devastated by the fact that they had broken up.

Mitch acknowledged the breakup of his relationship with her on his Instagram profile, adding that the two of them had decided to maintain communication after the breakup.

Tina and Mitch
Tina and Mitch

Tina and Mitch: Reason For Breakup

Following the messages announcing their breakup that they posted on Instagram, they were inundated with queries from their followers demanding to know what went wrong between them and why they decided to part ways.

Tina discussed the secondary reasons for her decision on the radio show hosted by Abbie Chatfield called Hot Nights With Abbie.

She was in a lot of pain because of the breakup, and she also brought up the fact that Mitch had cheated on her with Emily.

On Love Island Australia 2022, exes Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd got a second chance at love by returning to the villa for the competition. This made the entire country very happy.

The pair even reconciled their differences and recoupled on the show, only to be dumped back together a few days before the show’s conclusion. This plot twist came as a complete surprise.

However, it is unfortunate that the friendship between the fan favourites has not survived outside of the Villa, and they have made the decision to part ways once more.

In an interview that was conducted exclusively with 9Entertainment, the duo discussed what had taken place and whether or not they would ever contemplate getting back together for a third time.

Love Island Australia and Love Island UK are currently available to stream in their entirety for free on 9Now.

“Following our time at the Villa, we maintained our regular contact for the following few months.

The distance between Melbourne and Sydney made things very difficult for everyone involved “Mitch stated.

“That was fraught with a great deal of difficulty, and in the end, it was a strategy that was unsuccessful.

Tina and Mitch
Tina and Mitch

Mitch and Tina’s Journey at Love Island Australia 2022

  • Mitch and Tina have confirmed that they had parted ways.
  • “I guess this wasn’t the best time to bring it up, but we did get caught up lately, which was a really pleasant experience.
  • We are both very encouraging of one another and think quite highly of one another.
  • Even if we aren’t together, we continue to be friends and communicate regularly.”
  • Tina continued on with what Mitch had been saying. “It seems like we both put forth a lot of effort.
  • “We both travelled to Melbourne and Sydney, and to tell you the truth? Things are going along quite well for us.
  • There was never anything about our relationship that I could especially criticise, with the exception of the fact that we are the same people who broke up half a year ago.
  • “It appears like Mitch is still in the same location. I don’t think he’s reached the point where he can be emotionally available enough to be in a relationship just yet, and that’s totally great with me.
  • It’s unfortunate, but at least we gave it a chance, and even if things had gone differently, I wouldn’t change a thing about my time spent at the Villa or even consider trying again.”
  • When asked who ultimately called it quits, Tina gave the following response: “It was most likely Mitch who said something along the lines of, “Look, I still don’t think I’m ready to be in a relationship,” but I could be wrong.
  • It is one of those situations in which it is to both of our advantages that it went in that direction.”
  • A remark was made by Mitch: “To tell you the truth, I believe I was the one who initiated the conversation, but it was a two-way street… at the end of the day, Tina deserves the best, and so do I, I assume.
  • However, there are situations when you do not get that for one reason or another.
  • “It was a wise decision that needed to be made at this stage of life.
  • I suppose that things just weren’t meant to be between us at this time, and I’m so thankful that we can still communicate and remain friends.”
  • Both Mitch and Tina have stated, in separate interviews, that despite the fact that their romantic connection did not work out this time, they have not ruled out the possibility of having a love relationship in the future.
  • “I don’t think the curtain has been drawn” on that part of the story, Mitch added.
  • “I believe that, for the time being, I am pleased and glad to simply work on bettering myself and the goals that I have set for myself.

Mitch and Tina: Finalists of Love Island Australia 2022

“Tina is a remarkable young lady in my opinion; but, one can never predict the future. In life, you can never truly rule out anything.

I had no intention of being on Love Island Season 4, but it ended up happening nonetheless.”

“I probably have completely lost my mind, don’t you think? However, one should not completely rule out the possibility because I am aware of how well we get along with one another and there has never been anything that could be considered a major obstacle to our relationship “Tina was honest about it.

“It’s more a matter of not being the appropriate person for one another at one point or another, which is what the problem really boils down to. You should never rule out the possibility of something happening, but for the time being the chapter will remain closed.

“There is no one else I would have travelled through that area with other than you. I have regrets at all.”

Tina and Mitch
Tina and Mitch

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Love Island Australia 2022 Cast

The following table gives information about the cast of Love Island Australia 2022:

Name Age Entered Status
Mitch Hibberd 25 Day 3 Winner (Day 45)
Tina Provis 25 Day 1 Winner (Day 45)
Aaron Waters 24 Day 1 Runner-up (Day 45)
Jess Velkovski 23 Day 1 Runner-up (Day 45)
Chris Graudins 25 Day 3 Runner-up (Day 45)
Zoe Clish 25 Day 14 Runner-up (Day 45)
Courtney Stubbs 23 Day 1 Dumped (Day 43)
Noah Hura 23 Day 23 Dumped (Day 43)
Taku Chimwaza 24 Day 1 Dumped (Day 41)
Michela Louis 25 Day 21 Dumped (Day 41)
Hugh Yates 24 Day 30 Dumped (Day 41)
Eliza Kennedy 26 Day 35 Dumped (Day 41)
Jade Ashelford 21 Day 35 Dumped (Day 39)
Lexy Thornberry 20 Day 2 Dumped (Day 39)
Ryan Reid 25 Day 1 Dumped (Day 35)
Tayla Mellington 26 Day 21 Dumped (Day 35)
Ben Giobbi 25 Day 23 Dumped (Day 30)
Aisha Campbell 23 Day 21 Dumped (Day 26)
Audrey Kanongara 21 Day 21 Dumped (Day 26)
Brent Crapp 25 Day 23 Dumped (Day 26)
Brianna Marchant 20 Day 21 Dumped (Day 26)
Nicolas Love 22 Day 14 Dumped (Day 26)
Ruby Ennor 25 Day 21 Dumped (Day 26)
Sadee Sub Luban 22 Day 23 Dumped (Day 26)
Shayne Tino 27 Day 23 Dumped (Day 26)
Emily Ward 24 Day 8 Dumped (Day 17)
Ari Kumar 25 Day 1 Dumped (Day 16)
Ronni Krongold 21 Day 1 Dumped (Day 16)
Rachael Evren 21 Day 1 Dumped (Day 10)
Jordan Tilli 28 Day 1 Dumped (Day 5)

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