Timeline of Charlotte Brereton and Aaron Rodgers’ relationship as “Blu of Earth” lovers

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is known for leading an unconventional existence. This year’s offseason has seen him at the center of attention. He has, however, once more piqued public curiosity with his romantic relationship.

He is said to have acquired a new friend named “Blu of Earth” to bring color to his life after splitting with Shailene Woodley.

The fans lost their composure once Shailene Woodley’s relationship with him was made public on social media, breaking their own record for a flourishing love life. When they recently broke up, they were once more upset.

It appears that Rodgers has moved on and is now involved with a witch. Yes, you read that correctly. To find out more, keep reading.

Timeline of Charlotte Brereton and Aaron Rodgers’ relationship in “Blu of Earth”

Rodgers broke off his engagement to Woodley and is currently seeing Charlotte Brereton, who is infamously known as “Blu of Earth.”

After these two people were spotted together with a group of people, the rumors gained momentum. Following that, people on social media began to make claims that Rodgers and Blu of Earth were dating.

Ms. Earth is quite active on Instagram, where she now has 92.4K followers. Her account already has 1121 posts. As the owner of The Deja Blu, Aaron’s rumored girlfriend is a podcast broadcaster as well. She is also a founding member of florescence.earth.

Blu of Earth and Aaron Rodgers are said to be dating

The woman wrote: “A clean reservoir of consciousness from which thirsty souls seeking purity, relief, and love may sip” when she set up the Instagram profile for her podcast.

A modern mystery school for women to recapture the magical, radically honest, wise, wild, unapologetic you, according to the description on florescence.earth’s Instagram page. On her Instagram account, she has shared the course URL.

She occasionally displays her guitar and singing prowess while posting snippets from her podcast on her personal Instagram account.

Rumors claim that Blu of Earth is both a witch and a healer. The host referred to Ms. Earth as “a real-life witch of the good kind,” keeping with the theme of The SECRETS of A True Medicine Woman.

Andre Duqum and Blu of Earth formerly had a relationship. After 2.5 years of dating, the pair announced their split in a joint Instagram post in May. The couple said there wasn’t just one reason they split up after almost three years of dating.

Her exact age is unknown, however it has been suggested that she was born in the 1990s, making her in her early 30s in 2022.

According to rumors, Aaron Rodgers’ new girlfriend is a witch

She undoubtedly comes from a religious family and practices her religion. She reportedly started her life’s adventure at a British boarding school, according to her official website. She reportedly earned her degree from a renowned university.

She will be the subject of a flood of information in the days ahead because her name has been linked to Aaron Rodgers’. For Aaron’s growth both personally and professionally, this year has been a roller coaster. However, the current NFL MVP has moved back to his original starting spot.

The four-time NFL MVP usually grabs headlines with his personal life tales. For his peculiar touchdown celebration, which he and his colleagues have called the “Championship Belt,” Rodgers has gained notoriety since he made his debut in 2008.

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