Tilak Mehta: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Family and Net Worth

Tilak Mehta: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Family and Net Worth

Tilak Mehta is a young entrepreneur who started his first successful firm when he was just 15 years old. Today, he is known as a successful businessman. In 2018, Tilak Mehta launched his own business, a courier company that he dubbed Papers & Parcels and which he co-founded with his maternal uncle.

Tilak Mehta was able to make this company very successful in a very short amount of time since he was very good at putting into action any business strategy that he had devised in relation to this company.


Tilak Mehta
Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta: Who Is He?

When Tilak Mehta was only 13 years old, he launched this business. In a short amount of time, his business became a success, and when people found out Tilak’s age, they were startled to learn that Tilak had made such a successful business at such a young age.

After this, Tilak Mehta shared his story on numerous news channels. Then, in March 2019, Tilak Mehta was invited to speak at TEDx Talks, where he received even more notoriety. As a result, many sex workers began looking up to him as a model for their careers.

Tilak Mehta launched Papers n Parcels in the year 2018, and as of the end of the 2019 fiscal year, the turnover of his firm has surpassed 100 crores. This is a significant accomplishment, and it pushes the turnover of his company past 100 crores.

It is the goal of a great number of businessmen. However, Tilak Mehta demonstrated the efficacy of this effort by completing it in just one year.

The Story of Tilak Mehta’s Success

Tilak Mehta says that the idea for the business strategy behind paper n package came to him all of a sudden, and there is a tale that goes with with it.

When Tilak Mehta went to his uncle’s house to do some work there, he also took some of his books with him. However, when Tilak returned home, he realized that he had left his math book at his uncle’s place.

Tilak had a maths exam the next day, so he required that book today. He believed that I would acquire my book from my uncle’s house through courier; however, the courier rates at that time were quite high, and it would be best to avoid paying them. Purchase the most recent book.

The thought then occurred to Tilak that we could start our own courier business, and we could offer our services to the general public at rates that were more reasonable than those offered by other companies.

Then, Tilak Mehta began the business of Papers n Pearls with the assistance of his uncle Ghanshyam Parekh. Later, he merged his company with Dabbawala, which proved to be very profitable for him.

Tilak Mehta Wikipedia

Tilak Mehta was born on March 12th, 2006 in the Indian state of Gujarat. Even though he was born into a Gujarati household, Tilak Mehta speaks Hindi as his first language.

Tilak Mehta is presently enrolled in the educational system and attends the Gurukul Olympiad School in Aurangabad, which is situated in the state of Maharashtra.

Tilak Mehta Age, Height & Weight

At the moment, sixteen years have passed since Tilak Mehta was born, and he stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

They weigh approximately 54 kilograms total.

His hair and eyes are both black in color, and he has a really sweet and naive appearance to his face.

Education and Professional Accomplishments of Tilak Mehta

Tilak mehta is a businessman in addition to being a student; he is currently in the tenth grade and excels academically in addition to being a successful entrepreneur.

He is graduating from Gurukul Olympiad School, which is a school that is associated with the CBSE Board.

Tilak Mehta plans to continue his education at a reputable college, and in the time that follows, he will concentrate on expanding the reach of his already profitable business.

Tilak Mehta Family

Vishal Mehta, who is a businessman, is Tilak Mehta’s father, and Kajal Mehta, who is also Tilak Mehta, is his mother. Kajal Mehta works in the home as a housewife.

Tanvi Mehta is Tilak Mehta’s younger sister, and their middle name is Mehta.

His hometown is in Gujarat, but he and his family are currently residing in Aurangabad, which is located in the state of Maharashtra.

Ghanshyam Parekh is the name of Tilak Mehta’s uncle, and it was with him that Tilak Mehta began his Papers n Parcels (PNP) business.

Tilak Mehta Net Worth

Tilak Mehta does not have a lot of different revenue sources, but his startup brings in a substantial amount of money for him.

It is estimated that Tilak Mehta will have a net worth of approximately 150 crores, and that his monthly income and pay will be approximately 10 crores.

Their company will quickly become one of the most valuable startups in the world.

The information that we have available to us regarding Tilak’s net worth will continue to be updated.

Tilak Mehta Awards

Tilak mehta, who attempted and succeeded at such a young age, is held in very high regard, and for this reason, he was honored quite a lot. In addition to this accomplishment, tilak mehta has accomplished a great deal of other things.

The fact that Tilak Mehta was given the title of Young Entrepreneur at the India Maritime Awards is a significant accomplishment on his part.

After being asked to speak at TEDx in 2019, a significant number of individuals became familiar with Tilak as a result of this opportunity.

Tilak Mehta has been recognized with a great number of accolades, including Global Child Prodigy 2020 and Forbes Panelist.

Tilak Mehta Career and Struggle

As a result, we shall discuss the details of Tilak Mehta’s entrepreneurial journey in the following phrase. How he got started when he was just 13 years old

Tilak went to see his uncle at his home one day for a number of different reasons. And afterwards, after arriving back at his own residence. He messes up by leaving his mathematics textbook at his uncle’s house. However, he need this book without delay in order to prepare for his test.

His father, who had come in the middle of the night on that particular day, was beginning to feel exhausted and was unable to deliver the book to his daughter.

Tilak questioned his father about the possibility of hiring a courier to get the book from his uncle’s home back to their own. However, the costs of same-day courier delivery are comparable to the cost of the book itself.

This is the pivotal moment when Tilak had the thought that if we started his own logistics and provided the courier at a reasonable fee, it would allow the idea to blossom in his head.

When he first began, he did everything on his own and delivered the courier in his own unique manner.

After a period of time, he became a dabbawala with his crew, where he was responsible for taking orders and supplying those orders.

How Does Paper n Package Work?

Therefore, the way the system works is that if the dabbawala moves the courier from the sender to the destination of the receiver, they are entitled to a commission based on the distance that the courier traveled.

He divides Mumbai into 60 rings.

The Operational Method of Paper n Package was as follows:

Let’s say you wish to send the package from location A to location B via courier. In addition, his company has several circles like (A1, A2, A3, and so on) between this location and location B between these two locations.
Therefore, the book is delivered to A by the sender, and A is the recipient of the book. And A will transmit the book to A1, and A1 will pass it on to A2. The same goes for A2 to A3 and very shortly.

In the beginning, however, the service was only available in the city of Mumbai through paper-N-parcel.

At the India Maritime Awards in 2018, he was awarded the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” title.

“I had been considering this topic for some days, and it wasn’t until I seen a dabbawala working in my building that I had the inspiration for Papers N Parcel. I have always been impressed by how quickly and effectively the dabbawala’s food delivery network operates, and I have often pondered whether or not it would be possible to use the network to facilitate the delivery of products that are not related to food.
Papers n Parcels (PNP) is the name of the business that Tilak Mehta founded in 2018, and its acronym stands for the year the firm was established.

When this company was first established, Tilak Mehta had just turned 13 years old.

Tilak Mehta decided to merge his company, Papers n Parcels (PNP), with Dabbawala because the business strategy of this company is very similar to that of Dabbawala.

Tilak Mehta Social Media

Tilak Mehta does not spend a lot of time on social media at the moment, but he does have a few social media profiles, and we will provide you with the link to one of those accounts so that you can follow him and learn more about him.

Tilak Mehta
Tilak Mehta

Quick Facts

Name Tilak Mehta
Nickname Tilak
Profession Owner Of Paper-N-parcel
Known For Paper-N-parcel
Personal Life
Date Of Birth 2006
Birthplace Gujarat, India
Age as In 2020 15 Years
Hometown Gujarat, India
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Caste Gujarati
Zodiac Sign N/A
Mother Tongue Hindi

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