Thora Birch Husband – Philanthropist Michael Benton Adler Wiki, Age And Net Worth

Thora Birch, an American actress and producer, is married to philanthropist Michael Benton Adler. They are very happy together.

Thora is best known for her roles as Dani Dennison’s younger sister in “Hocus Pocus,” Enid in “Ghost World,” and Lester and Jane Burnham’s daughter in “American Beauty.” For her role in Ghost World, she was even nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Birch played the lead role in the American science-fiction comedy “Purple People Eater” in 1998. For this role, she won a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress Under 9 Years Old.

In the 1990s, she became well-known as a child actress thanks to movies like Patriot Games (1992), All I Want for Christmas (1991), Paradise (1991), Hocus Pocus (1993), Now and Then (1995), and Alaska (1995). (1996).

She directed her first movie, The Gabby Petito Story, for Lifetime in 2022. Birch was also in the movie. She had already been in two movies for the Lifetime channel.

Between 2012 and 2016, Thora didn’t act at all. But since then, she has been in a number of movies, such as Above Suspicion (2019) and Affairs of State. In 2018, she married Michael Benton Adler, the man she loved most.

Thora Birch
Thora Birch

Meet Michael Benton Adler, who is married to Thora Birch

On December 21, 2018, Hocus Pocus star Thora Birch and her philanthropist husband Michael Benton Adler got married.

Michael was Thora’s manager, and he always pushed her to get back into show business. He helped her get back to feeling good about her life. In an interview, the actress said, “He is just something I never saw coming.”

They worked together for about two years without getting close to each other. After a while, they started going to different events together. They were always together, so it was only natural that they went on a date together one night. Since then, they haven’t been able to stay apart.

Michael and Thora got married at San Francisco City Hall. The actress wore a Christian Siriano minidress that made her shine. She posted a sweet picture of the two of them at City Hall celebrating their big day.

Thora took a break from acting, but she slowly got back into it. It wasn’t until she met Michael a few years before 2018, though, that she got her spark back. He was her talent manager for two years before they got to know each other well enough to be friends.

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Michael Benton Adler Wiki And Age

Michael Benton Adler is a talent manager and philanthropist, and he looks to be in his 40s.

Michael is mostly a talent manager in the movie business, but he has worked in many different roles in many movies. Adam Goldberg, Wole Parks, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Elisabeth Rohm, and a lot of other people are among his clients.

He worked on the 2005 short film Dear Cameron as a director, editor, cinematographer, and writer. Michael is also known for his work on the short film “The Manzanita Kid,” which came out in 2009. He was the film’s editor and producer.

The Gabby Petito Story, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Beach Bum, Annihilation, Intersteller, Lion, The Beach Bum, and Django Unchained all have special thanks for Michael.

Thora Birch, his beautiful wife, was born on March 11, 1982, which makes her forty years old. She got her first big break when she was four, when her babysitter took her to an audition for a Quaker Oats commercial and helped her get the part.

How Much Will Michael Benton Adler Make in 2022?

Michael Benton Adler is thought to have a net worth of around $1 million. As a manager and donor, he has made a huge amount of money. In his filmography, he has also worked as a producer, writer, director, and editor.

He doesn’t just sit around and look at all of his money. Still, he gives all of his money to Democratic candidates, like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Howard Dean, and Bernie Sanders, who are running for office.

Thora Birch, who is married to him, has made a lot of money as an actress and has a net worth of about $6 million. Since she was young, she has been in a lot of movies and TV shows. She started her career as a child actor in movies like “Hocus Pocus,” “Money Trouble,” and “Patriot Games,” which were all big hits in the 1990s.

Thora got her big break as an adult in the comedy-drama American film American Beauty, which won the Best Picture Oscar in 1999. For her role as Jane Burnham in the comedy-drama, she was also nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress.

She got even more attention in 2001 when she starred in the cult hit Ghost World. Thora won a lot of awards, and for her role as Enid in Ghost World, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

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Early Years of the Actress Thora Birch

Thora Birch was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up there. Her parents, Carol Connors and Jack Birch, loved her very much.

Her parents used to be in pornographic movies. They were both in the movie Deep Throat. Thora’s ancestry includes German-Jewish, French-Canadian, Italian, and Scandinavian. At age four, she got her first big break in a Quaker Oats ad.

Thora was in ads for Burger King, Quaker Oats, Vlasic Pickles, and California Raisins at the end of the 1980s. She finally got her start in movies in the famous science-fiction comedy Purple People Eater, which came out in 1988.

Birch was a guest star on an episode of the American medical comedy show Doogie Howser, M.D. in 1988. Then, she got the role of Molly on the NBC show Day By Day. The show ran for two years, and the actress was nominated for two Young Artist Awards.

In 1990, she got the main role on the TV show Parenthood. The show was based on the same-named 1989 movie. The next year, she was in the drama film “Paradise” with Elijah Wood, Melanie Griffith, and Don Johnson.

Thora Birch
Thora Birch

In the movie Hocus Pocus, Thora Birch played Dani Dennison

Fans of Hocus Pocus know Thora Birch as Dani, Max’s spoiled sister who loves Halloween and does an amazing job in the movie.

The long-awaited sequel to “Hocus Pocus 2,” an American fantasy comedy from 1993, has brought back some old faces and added some new ones. But not everyone from the first movie came back for the second one.

Thora was sad that she couldn’t be in the sequel, but there was a reason for that. The actress said that there were three ways to bring Dani back, which made her very happy.

When it came time to make the second movie, Thora was already working on something else. She said that she still loves the first movie and that she will enjoy Hocus Pocus 2 just like everyone else.

The movie Hocus Pocus 2 came out on Disney+ on September 30, 2022. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Doug Jones, and Bette Midler all play the same characters in the sequel. Whitney Park, Hannah Waddingham, Sam Richardson, Belissa Escobedo, and Tony Hale play new characters.

When did Thora Birch get married to Michael Benton Adler?

Thora Birch got married to talent manager and donor Michael Benton Adler on December 21, 2018.

When did Thora Birch’s first full-length movie come out?

In 1988, Birch starred in her first full-length movie, Purple People Eater.

Who is Michael Benton Adler, the man who is married to Thora Birch?

Michael is a manager of talent and a generous person. Lesley-Ann Brandt, Wolé Parks, Adam Goldberg, and Elisabeth Rohm are among his clients.

Early years

Birch was born in Los Angeles. His parents, Jack Birch and Carol Connors, were both in the pornographic movie Deep Throat when he was born. She is descended from German Jews, Scandinavians, French-Canadians, and Italians. Her first name comes from the Norse god of thunder and lightning, “Thor.” If she had been born a boy, her name would have been “Thor.” Bolt Birch is her younger brother.

Due to their own experience in the entertainment industry, Birch’s parents didn’t want to encourage her to act. However, a babysitter who saw Birch imitating commercials convinced them to send her picture to agents. Birch got her first big break when she was four years old and her babysitter took her to an audition for a Quaker Oats commercial. She got the part.


Birch was in ads for Burger King, California Raisins, Quaker Oats (with Wilford Brimley), and Vlasic Pickles in the late 1980s. She made her first movie appearance in the science-fiction comedy Purple People Eater, which came out in 1988. For this role, she won a Youth In Film Award and a Young Artist Award for “Best Young Actress Under 9 Years Old.” Also in 1988, she appeared in an episode of Doogie Howser, M.D. as a guest star, and she was cast as Molly in the NBC show Day By Day under the name “Thora.” The show ran for two seasons on NBC and got her two nominations for the Young Artist Awards.

Birch was one of the main characters in the 1990 sitcom Parenthood, which was based on the same-named 1989 movie. It aired on NBC for one season before it was taken off the air. The next year, she starred with Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith, and Elijah Wood in the drama Paradise. She got the part even though more than 4,000 other young people tried out for it. Roger Ebert said that she played the part with “strong, simple charm,” and she was later nominated for another Young Artist Award. Throughout the rest of the 1990s, Birch stayed well-known as a child and teen actress thanks to her leading roles in many comedy and family films.

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