The Winchesters’ Season 1 Episode 8: Titled “Closer to Home”, Review, Plot, Cast, Supernatural’s Mythology

It’s never easy to predict whether the past will return in good or bad ways, but for The Winchesters, it’s both.

On The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8, Mary, John, and Millie keep an eye on Samuel after his unexpected return in the previous episode, but different emotions develop.

Meanwhile, someone from Carlos’ past shows up and causes trouble as Carlos and Lata look into the death of a musician, but some familiar faces return in unexpected ways.

The Winchesters' Season 1
The Winchesters’ Season 1

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The Winchesters’ Season 1 Episode 8: Titled “Closer to Home”

Deep-seated emotions are brought up now that Samuel is back, and the fact that he is still recovering doesn’t help.

On The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 7, Gil McKinney played Henry from Supernatural once again, but Samuel did not. I don’t really mind after seeing Tom Welling portray him in an episode.

We were able to locate him.

Fans of the original Supernatural series are aware that Mitch Pileggi played Mary’s father, Sam and Dean’s grandfather, in a number of episodes. Tom Welling now holds that position.

Since the outcome will be the same regardless of who plays what, it is not necessary that it make sense.

The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8: Cast

Mary’s confrontation with her father over abandoning her and going missing was painful, but it was necessary for her to have since it allowed both the audience and her father to realize how far she has come since the pilot.

Although she was happy to see her father again, she was also filled with resentment about his departure. Additionally, he was aware of the Akrida but neglected to tell her.

She always acted in character when it came to her father. She made an effort to remain concentrated on the investigation, but she also found herself unable to control her rage at Samuel for what he had done.

Well, not everyone enjoys battling monsters. Fighting monsters isn’t for everyone, I guess.

The fact that John’s father was a Men of Letters was another factor Samuel didn’t particularly appreciate.

We already knew from Supernatural that hunters and Men of Letters didn’t always agree, and this episode’s Samuel’s attitude toward them, even dubbing Henry a “mole guy,” reflects that.

This includes a brief interaction between him and Millie, who is still wary of anything hunting-related and does not want her kid to become like his father.

I do believe Millie’s eyes were opened to the hunting world after she was able to get some level of closure with Henry in the previous episode.

It might be interesting to watch if there are any more scenes between the two parents because her protecting Henry and disliking what Samuel called him while pointing out that it’s because of her spouse that he’s alive suggests that she is gradually giving in.

It’s been fascinating to go deeper into Samuel and Mary’s relationship and their divergent views on hunting because we did get to witness part of it on Supernatural.

The Winchesters' Season 1
The Winchesters’ Season 1

The Winchesters’ Season 1 Episode 8: Review

  • Mary reconnected with her father, while Carlos did the same with a person from his past. As a result, Carlos almost physically caught fire.
  • Carlos’ reunion with a former bandmate and friend opened up a whole new world for him that we were unaware even existed.
  • It’s like gazing into a funhouse mirror to see how different my life may have been.
  • Carlos Using a cloak It’s like gazing into a funhouse mirror to see how different my life may have been.
    Carlos’ military experience and some of his hunting experience are known to us.
  • Now that we know more about what he did when he wasn’t working, it almost cost him something.
  • Additionally, this plotline brought back a character who Supernatural fans would be quite familiar with, which tied everything together.
  • Richard Speight, Jr. made a comeback to play the naughty Loki once more, and he was just as crafty and wily as before.
  • Carlos didn’t know if there was a way to break Loki’s curse, which made him feel as though he had to give himself up to save Jericho.
  • I won’t let you beat me!
  • Although what he did was in keeping with his tendency to defend friends at any costs, I do wish we had learned more about his musical history in addition to his military experience.
  • However, it was a pleasure to see Richard Speight, Jr. once more.
  • I’m interested to see whether he returns and what additional mischief he’ll make. Does this imply that when he first encountered Sam and Dean, he was fully aware of their identities? as Gabriel even? Is it only Loki this time, or is there a Gabriel?
  • Although the story’s conclusion seemed a little hurried, Loki is a character we will see again.
  • On the plus side, Carlos was able to move closer to Jericho without having to worry about being completely burned to death.
  • Who knows what The Winchesters has in store for us next? I’ve noticed that the past regularly appears in the show.

The Winchesters’ Season 1: “Dean Is Back”

Was it a future individual? fan favorites from Supernatural? Would it be a brand-new person?

When I learned that Dean had actually given his own father the letter, I was both astonished and relieved.

What does this all signify is the largest question raised by this, among many others.

It’s likely that Dean was able to travel to the past before the Supernatural finale and wanted to witness it all unfold because he has been telling his parents’ story.

The Winchesters' Season 1
The Winchesters’ Season 1

The Winchesters’ Season 1 Episode 8: Plot

For this intriguing prequel to the long-running popular series, Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson teams up with Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles.

John and Mary, Sam and Dean’s parents, came before them. THE WINCHESTERS is the epic, unsung love story of how John Winchester met The Winchesters and risked all to save not only their love but the entire planet.

It is recounted from the perspective of the narrator Dean Winchester (Ackles). After serving in Vietnam, John returns home and embarks on a new quest to learn more about his father’s past.

He meets Mary, a 19-year-old demon hunter who is also looking for answers regarding the loss of her own father, during his voyage.

To find out the untold stories of both of their families, the two team up with youthful hunter-in-training Latika and laid-back hunter Carlos.

Their research takes them to a rare book shop, whose owner, Ada, has an interest in the occult and might be able to fill in the puzzle’s gaps.

Although John’s mother Millie makes every effort to stop her son from pursuing a dangerous career as a demon hunter, secrets run deep for both the Winchesters and the Campbells, and John and Mary are both determined to work together to uphold their families’ traditions while also starting a family of their own.

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The Winchesters’ Season 1 Episode 8: Release Date

On Tuesday, October 11, The Winchesters will make their television debut, just in time for Halloween. New episodes of the show run on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. as part of The CW’s autumn TV schedule.

The Winchesters’ Season 1 Episode 8: Premise

The Winchester family will recount the epic tale of how Mary and John fell in love and risked all to save not only their relationship but also the entire planet.

It starts in 1972 and follows Mary, a 19-year-old who has been battling evil powers ever since she was a young child.

The seasoned hunter contemplates leaving the family business after losing someone close to her, but is forced to take over as team leader when her father goes missing and John shows up.

Following his recent return from Vietnam, John discovers a new purpose at home. Traces from his father’s past introduce him to a clandestine group and a brand-new conflict as a hunter.

The Winchesters' Season 1
The Winchesters’ Season 1

The Winchesters’ Season 1 Episode 8: Supernatural’s Mythology

Ackles stated in an interview with Variety that he has given considerable consideration to how to make the show flow without upsetting the established narrative of Supernatural.

“When COVID hit, we were idly chatting, saying things like, “You know what would be cool? In order to hit the plot points we established on Supernatural while also getting you from point A to point B to point C to point D in a manner that is really unexpected, what if we traveled back in time and actually witnessed the story of mom and dad and how they met? “He told the web page. “

After that, we discovered a method to carry on the narrative in a way that would surprise the audience while also finding it difficult to return to the mythology that has already been built. Though drawing the map is challenging, we’re trying our best.”

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