The Railway Children Return: Is This Movie available on streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Amazon Prime?

The Railway Children Return: Is This Movie available on streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Amazon Prime?

‘The Railway Children Return’ (also titled ‘Railway Children’) is a family drama film that follows a group of children while they are living through World War II. It is a sequel to the movie ‘The Railway Children’ that was directed by Lionel Jeffries in 1970 and was based on the novel of the same name written by E. Nesbit. Morgan Matthews is the director of the movie, and it boasts outstanding work from a young and bright cast, including Beau Gadsdon, Austin Haynes, Eden Hamilton, Zac Cudby, and KJ Aikens. If you thought the first film was entertaining, you’ll probably be interested in finding out more about the second one, including where you can see it. In that case, you don’t need to worry since we’ve got you covered!


The Railway Children Return
The Railway Children Return

Plot Of ‘The Railway Children Return’

During the course of the Second World War in the year 1944, a new wave of bombings is launched against the United Kingdom. The Watts siblings, Lily, who is 14 years old, Pattie, who is 11 years old, and Ted, who is 7 years old, are taken from Manchester to the village of Oakworth in the West Riding of Yorkshire. There, they are greeted by Bobbie Waterbury, her schoolmistress daughter Annie, and her 13 year old grandson Thomas. The community decides to adopt each of the children, but the Watts siblings are the only ones who are not taken in since there was a request from the authorities not to separate siblings. If nobody else will take them in, Bobbie will gladly take care of them in their house. The siblings form a close relationship with Thomas quite early. There is a base for the United States Army in the region, and on their first evening there, there is a disturbance. As the children explored their new surroundings, they were attacked by a gang of local children who were unhappy with their presence. Thomas invited the children to his hideout, which was an old brake van located by the train station.

Annie is shocked when she learns that her husband, who is currently serving in the war, has received tragic news, since it brings back painful memories of the deaths of Bobby’s father and brother during the First World War. The youngsters give her some space and play a game of hide and seek in the train station. During their time there, they discover an African-American soldier by the name of Abe McCarthy hiding in their enclave with a leg injury. He asserts that he is engaged in a covert operation and that it is imperative that he not be discovered. Lily is knocked unconscious that evening by a bomb that was dropped on the town cemetery by a single hostile aircraft. She was on her way to Abe with a first aid bag and other supplies at the time. She is saved by him, and he tells that he enlisted in the military to exact revenge for his brother, who was killed in battle; however, some facts about his story cause her to be skeptical. The following day, white American Military Police officers come to the school looking for Abe, and Lily finds out that he deserted and is now wanted by them. When she confronts him about it, Abe admits that he is actually just 14 years old and that he is trying to return home after seeing how the US Army treats his fellow black soldiers who are often beaten by the Military Police. This is despite the fact that the residents of the town refused the US authorities’ request to impose a color bar in the local pub. When she confronts him about it, Abe admits that he is trying to return home after seeing how the US Army treats his fellow black soldiers. [a] She gives her consent to aid him in evading capture.

When Thomas finds out that Lily has told the others and is planning to keep Abe hidden in the house, he initially insists that they confess the truth to the adults. Lily immediately knocks him down and calls him out on his ignorance of the reality of the world. She then reveals that their father was also killed in action during their exchange with him. Abe will be staying in the spacious storage that is adjacent to Thomas’s bedroom, as per Thomas’s agreement. In the evening, the family is visited by Walter, a remarried husband who had previously been married to Bobby’s sister Phyllis. The following day, Lily walks Abe and Thomas down to the train station so that they can board a train to Liverpool. Thomas accompanies them in order to create a distraction and ensure that they are able to board the train without being seen. As a result of this, he is apprehended by the local police, who then alert the United States Military Police, who then stop and search the train that is farther up the line. After being restrained and transferred to the military installation, Abe and Lily are subsequently placed on a United States Army supply train along with top officials.

Annie admits to Thomas, who questions her about the incident, that although his father’s plane was shot down, he is still alive and being held in a prisoner-of-war camp. Thomas confronts Annie about the situation. After he has finished telling Walter everything, his uncle then proceeds to tell him about the American supply train, which his uncle learned about by calling his place of employment, the War Office. Walter is surprised to hear this news. Just as Bobby and her siblings had done thirty years previously, Thomas rallies Pattie, Ted, and the rest of the local and evacuee youngsters to produce banners warning the train to stop. The children are successful in their attempt to stop the train and confront the Americans about their behavior. When the most senior African-American general, who is also Abe’s superior, hears the truth, he admits that he, too, had joined the military when he was young and issues an order releasing Abe. After spending a few days with the family, Abe eventually heads back to his own, but not before vowing to write Lily a letter before he left. After three months have passed, each of the children goes back to live with their mother, while Thomas’s father comes back after VE Day.

What takes place in The Railway Children Return?

The story follows Lily, Pattie, and Tedd Watts, three children whose mother has relocated them to the town of Oakworth in Yorkshire in the midst of the Second World War. The Watts children are Lily’s cousin, Pattie’s sister, and Tedd’s brother. The children are able to successfully adapt to their new lives with the assistance of a few friends they already knew in the hamlet. However, when the youngsters come find a young injured American soldier in the railyard, they become involved in a risky operation in order to assist their new friend. Now that I’ve piqued your attention, let me run through all the different ways you can see the movie about the dysfunctional family.

Locomotives that run on steam

The film primarily makes use of three steam locomotives: 5820 USA Transportation Corp, Class S160 (often fondly referred to as “Big Jim”), 43924 LMS Class 4F, and 45596 “Bahamas” LMS Jubilee Class. Additionally, 78022 BR Standard Class 2 2-6-0 makes a very brief cameo in the film. During the time that this movie was being filmed, “Bahamas” was painted in the British Railways green livery, but the correct LMS decals can still be seen overlay on the tender. BR did not come into being until 1948. Its BR number was also changed from 45596 to the correct 5596, which was used when the engine worked for the LMS. 43924, which was also in British Railways identity and wore plain black livery, had its BR crest overlaid with LMS decals and its 43924 number changed to 3924. 45596 had its BR number changed from 45596 to the correct 5596, which was used when the engine worked for the LMS. In order to commemorate the launch of the movie, Hornby Railways has created an OO scale model of the 43924 LMS Class 4F and packaged it in a unique box.

IsĀ  “The Railway Children” available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, “The Railway Children Return” is not included in the extensive library of movies and television shows that is available on Netflix. Nevertheless, the streaming behemoth provides its users with a variety of high-quality options to choose from. Watching “Trees of Peace” is something we strongly suggest you do.

Is The Railway Children available on Hulu?

Because it is not now available for streaming on Hulu, subscribers will need to hunt for “The Railway Children Return” on other services in order to watch it online. Movies along a similar vein, such as “The Painted Bird,” are available to subscribers as an alternative option.

Is the second season of The Railway Children available on Amazon Prime?

Despite the fact that “The Railway Children Return” is not part of the huge library of content that is available on Amazon Prime Video, customers have the option of watching movies that are quite comparable to it on the streaming giant. There is a plethora of other choice available, such as “Run Boy Run” and “Fanny’s Journey.”

Is the second season of The Railway Children Return available on HBO Max?

It is possible that subscribers to HBO Max will be dissatisfied to learn that “The Railway Children Return” is unavailable on the streaming service. You should not, however, allow this deter you from checking out some of the other fantastic options that are available on HBO Max. Some examples of these are “The Book Thief” and “Au Revoir, les Enfants.”


Where Can I Watch the Second Part of The Railway Children Online?

Since “The Railway Children Return” has only been made available in theaters so far, there is presently no option for you to watch it online via streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. On the other hand, you can get it by making a purchase on iTunes if you so choose. You can always check the show times and get tickets on Fandango if you want to see the adventures of the children on a large screen, so if you do want to do so, you can do so.

How Can I Watch “The Railway Children Return” Online Without Paying Anything?

It is sad, as was just noted, that “The Railway Children Return” is not offered on any of the digital platforms that are currently available. This merely indicates that there is not a way for you to watch the movie online for free at the present time. Your only option is to cross your fingers and hope that it will be included on one of the internet sites that gives free trials to new users. Having said that, we strongly advise all of our customers to pay for any content they wish to access, and we never advise them to engage in any activity that would be considered unlawful.

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