The Noel Diary, Ending Explained: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

The Noel Diary, Ending Explained: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

The Noel Diary, the newest romantic drama movie available on Netflix, centres on Jake Turner, a successful author of spy thrillers, who returns to the house where he spent his childhood during the Christmas season after learning of his mother’s untimely death. After that, fate guides him on a thrilling new adventure in which he meets the love of his life as well as the genuine magic of Christmas. This love will change his life forever.

The Noel Diary
The Noel Diary

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The Noel Diary: Plot

The movie’s screenwriters, David Golden, Rebecca Connor, Richard Paul Evans, and Charles Shyer, have done an outstanding job of developing a plot that is not only moving but also captivating and joyful. The storyline for the movie is sure to take the viewer on an engaging trip through Christmas that is filled with compassion, love, and hope.

Scenes such as when Rachel discovers her mother Noel’s diary inside Jake’s car or when Jake finally sees his father after a long period have been well written, which contributes to the movie’s emotional depth.

The stunning cinematography creates the ideal atmosphere for Christmas.

The movie has a distinct feeling of Christmas thanks to hypnotic photography, which plays all the right notes at the appropriate times. Ashley Rowe, who served as the cinematographer for this film, did an excellent job of capturing the moments in such a way that they create a sentimental and heartwarming atmosphere and energy for the entirety of the film.

It is incredibly breathtaking to witness certain scenes, such as the one in which Jake and Rachel watch snowfall while celebrating Christmas in Jake’s hometown. Other stunning locations include those in which Jake and Rachel spend the holiday season in Jake’s hometown. It is therefore safe to argue that the movie’s cinematography contributes in an excellent way to the film’s success.

The Noel Diary
The Noel Diary

The Noel Diary: Cast

In their respective roles as Jake and Rachel, the exceptional acting displayed by the film’s two leads, Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss, elevates the romantic drama film to the level of greatness it has reached.

Jake Turner, the character that Justin Hartley plays, has been brilliantly portrayed by the actor. The transformation of the character from someone who does not believe in love to someone who is entirely over heels in love with Rachel is compelling. The performer has completely immersed themselves in the role, allowing them to effectively convey the character’s intricate emotional complexities on screen.

Casts Name:

  • James Remar (Sex and the City: A Farewell)
  • Essence Atkins (A Haunted House)
  • Andrea Sooch (Better Call Saul)
  • Barrett Doss as Rachel (Iron Fist)
  • Vivian Full as Shari (The Escape Room)
  • Aaron Costa Ganis (Lazy Eye)

The Noel Diary: Who Is Rachel’s Mother?

Rachel experienced a happy and fulfilling childhood thanks to her adoptive parents. Sadly, she could never get past the impression that her mother had deserted her as a child. It appeared that she had no idea who her birth mother was or why she had put her up for adoption. In unpredictability, Rachel searches for sanctuary and consistency.

In addition, she has a hard time resolving the issue in her head. Rachel believes that finding the answers to the questions about her birth will assist her in achieving clarity once the time comes for her to accept a commitment that will significantly alter the course of her life. Rachel’s primary goal in discovering the truth about her original mother was not to confront the other woman; instead, she was curious to learn whether or not her mother loved her.

Rachel is relieved to learn that her mother did not abandon her, although all that is required of her at this point is to make the journey. She has just recently finished reading Noel’s notebook. Feelings of insecurity no longer plague Rachel due to Noel’s genuine concern for her. Rachel’s only motivation was to uncover the reality of her biological mother’s sentiments toward her and she set out to do it. Because of the journey and the journal, she had a better understanding of her predicament, and as a result, she was able to get the necessary relief. After that, she didn’t desire to see her mother, potentially creating trouble for herself or anyone else.

When Jake finally decides to visit Noel, he takes the opportunity to thank her for everything she has done for him and his family. In addition, he tells her about Rachel, and she responds by telling him that she would be interested in getting in touch with Rachel if she chooses to do so on her own.

The Noel Diary
The Noel Diary

The Noel Diary: Are Jake and Rachel Still Together?

Rachel is with her parents when she sees Jake standing at her entry. He tells her that he has feelings for her, and Rachel is torn between her newly discovered love for Jake and the need for the certainty that Alan brings. She disregards her emotions and informs her fiance that she does not love him, and he leaves with a heavy heart after hearing the news.

When the story finally concludes, Jake is just getting ready to leave for good. Rachel makes her presence known in front of his house, giving the appearance that she will be accompanying him. It can be inferred from this conclusion that the two individuals who had difficulty placing their faith in other people eventually located one another.

The Noel Diary: Production

According to the May 24 issue of Production Weekly and the June 28 issue of the same publication, the filming of “The Noel Diary” took place in Stamford, Connecticut, between May 24 and June 28, 2021.

Additional filming was done in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Reporting from the local area observed the production filming at the location.

In May of 2021, the Stamford Advocate stated that the production was looking for extras and was aggressively hunting for them.

In the middle of June 2021, the Hartford Courant published an article stating that the Manchester Memorial Hospital had been decked out for the holidays.

In addition, the DailyMail published many images, including one of Justin Hartley on the set, at the end of June 2022. This was shortly before the filming was completed.

The Noel Diary
The Noel Diary

The Noel Diary: Where To Watch?

However, our original prediction that the Christmas movie will be released during the holiday season of 2021 did not come true.

Instead, the film will debut during the Christmas season of 2022, and November 24, 2022, has been scheduled as its release date on Netflix. According to industry analysts, it will be a “big tentpole Christmas movie” in 2022.

The story of best-selling author Jake Turner as he comes home for the holidays to settle his estranged mother’s estate is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Richard Paul Evans. The film narrates the story of Jake Turner’s journey.

Jake learns numerous secrets tied to his own past and the past of Rachel, a fascinating woman with her agenda, when he comes across an old journal and reads through it. He realizes that the diary contains many secrets.

Together, they set off on an adventure of discovery, and by addressing their individual histories, they arrive at a conclusion regarding their entirely unforeseen future.

The Noel Diary: Filming Location

Filming for The Noel Diary takes place in several different locales across Connecticut in the United States.

That’s correct, the movie was shot in the same place as the story’s setting, which lends The Noel Diary an alluring and reassuring air of authenticity.

The movie’s production, however, took place between May and June of 2021, indicating that it was shot during a heatwave in the summer and not in the dead of winter. This is an inaccuracy that undermines the authenticity of the movie.

Westport’s Washington Avenue hosts the significant mansion in the film, originally intended to be located in adjacent Bridgeport. Residents of Connecticut are sure to recognize a few familiar locations, including Washington Avenue in Westport.

Although it was intended to take place in Chicago, the book signing for Jake’s book was held in Bridgeport at the Mechanics and Farmers Savings Bank. This event is depicted in the movie.


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During production, RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison performed an additional role. The establishment served as the setting for the scene in which Rachel purchased the first copy of Jake’s book.

Meanwhile, the Griswold Inn, located in Essex, stood in for the Maple Falls Inn in the movie, and the town hall in New Canaan was used to represent the downtown area of the made-up town of Maple Falls.

And finally, Jake and Rachel went on one of their earliest dates to Remo’s Italian Restaurant in Stamford. The restaurant is located in Stamford.

According to The Cinemaholic, the shooting was supposed to take place in Vancouver, Canada; however, the production team was forced to relocate owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, which resulted in most of the film being made in Connecticut.

Watch The Noel Diary on Netflix

The streaming behemoth boasts an extensive library of movies and television shows, but “The Noel Diary” is not one of them. Other films in the dark fantasy genre, such as “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf,” comes highly recommended to our audience.

Is The Noel Diary available on Crunchyroll?

In North America, distribution of the movie will fall under the purview of Crunchyroll and Funimation, two companies that have just secured the rights to show the picture.

As a result, we strongly suggest to all of our readers that they search for the movie on the streaming service in the coming months. In addition, users have access to shows of the dark fantasy genre, such as “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

Is The Noel Diary on Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘The Noel Diary’ is unavailable to stream on Hulu. ‘Afro Samurai Resurrection’ and ‘Ninja Scroll’ are two games that may be played on the platform by those who have a membership to it.

The Noel Diary
The Noel Diary

Is The Noel Diary with Amazon Prime?

The most recent version of Amazon Prime’s catalogue does not include “The Noel Diary.” On the other hand, the movie might become available on the service as a video-on-demand offering within the next several months. Movies of incredible variety on the official website of Amazon Prime. Viewers interested in anything like this might view the pilot episode of the original “Dororo.”

Is The Noel Diary going to be available on Disney+?

On July 8, Disney+ will launch the most recent instalment of The Noel Diary franchise, titled The Noel Diary. This new movie is shaping out to be just as entertaining as the ones that came before it, with plenty of high-stakes action and engaging scenarios to keep audiences captivated. You’re excited to see it and might wonder when it will become accessible through your Disney+ subscription, as you can’t wait to watch it. This is a response to the question you posed!

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