The Lost Patient: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

The Lost Patient: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

On November 25, 2022, Netflix announced the debut of a new compelling psychological thriller, The Lost Patient. Christophe Charrier, who hails from Toulouse, is the man in charge of directing The Lost Patient. The director wrote the screenplay for the movie. It was based on the best-selling comic book of the same name, The Lost Patient, which Timothé Le Boucher created. It is widely acknowledged across Europe that the original comic book, which has been rendered into several different languages, is one of the best funny thrillers available.

The Lost Patient
The Lost Patient

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The Lost Patient: Review

A few other thrillers begin with the notion of a witness who, although having observed a horrible murder, remembers nothing of what took place and will have to go through the agonizing process of rebuilding his memories to discover who committed the crime. Even the narrative ploy that underpins the final turning point has been used repeatedly in the cinema (although here we will avoid the examples compared so as not to reveal anything to you!).

The Lost Patient is a French film directed by Christophe Charrier and is currently streaming on Netflix. We will see in our movie review that this is one of many cues we have previously seen. The Lost Patient stages a plot that is compelling in its way. However, the director frequently needs help finding the appropriate rhythm and constructing the essential tension to effectively grab and involve the spectator.

The Lost Patient: Ending Explained!

Thomas Grimaud himself. In a rage, Thomas kills both his parents and his cousin Dylan, even though he has been struggling for years with a mental health issue. Thomas, who has never received adequate love from his parents, develops into a hostile adolescent who finds relief from his suffering by physically abusing both his parents and other people. Because he is so violent, he murders the neighbor’s dog just because it is barking.

In the final moments of the story, it is revealed that the mysterious murderer who was wearing a hoodie was Thomas. After killing his family, Thomas puts on a black hoodie, walks away from the house, and returns to discover his family already dead when he gets there. He sobs and is filled with remorse for his actions. As he starts grieving for the family that he murdered, it is pronounced that he has been battling with bipolar disorder for quite some time.

The Lost Patient
The Lost Patient

The Lost Patient: Who Is Laura Grimaud?

Although there is a person named Laura Grimaud, the person portrayed in this article is not Laura. The Grimauds’ 10-year-old daughter Laura passed away shortly after her brother Thomas was born. Consequently, they begin to show less concern for Thomas as they are preoccupied with coming to terms with Laura’s passing. As time goes by, it becomes evident that Thomas is never disturbed when at home.

At Dylan’s place, Thomas’s anger could be seen as he realized that the family album contained not a single photo of him when he was younger. We also get the opportunity to observe that Laura was never present throughout those events; instead, he invented her to escape the sad and lonely reality that he was living in at the time. In addition, it is clear that after Thomas has stabbed himself, he sits down and watches a girl singing on the television. This is the final scene. This may be why, when he came out of his coma, he remembered that particular female and based Laura’s character on her.

The Lost Patient: What Happened With Laura Grimaud?

Although Thomas had regained his senses, the muscles in his legs were still very feeble. He wanted to walk, but he had a hard time moving his legs. However, Thomas was relentless in pursuing Laura and the individual responsible for the deaths. He assumed that the nurse who exhibited suspicious behavior was somehow to blame for what had happened. The nurse would frequently look in on him in his room and make an effort to put some distance between the two of them. But Anna enlightened him to the fact that he was conflating his recollections and imagining events that had not taken place in the past.

She encouraged him to think back on the time he had spent with Dylan, his cousin. While Dylan’s mother was receiving treatment at the hospital, his mother strongly urged him to remain with the Grimaud family. She had complete faith that they would look after him while she was gone. However, Laura could not bear Dylan, mainly because he dared to enter the room to be kept empty. The fact that Dylan suggested staying in the open space rather than the room he and Thomas occupied in the basement infuriated Thomas.

Thomas’ tummy was bothering him, but Dylan didn’t insist on making any adjustments. It particularly bothered him that Dylan had begun to assume such a prominent role in his mother’s life. Thomas was satisfied with the affection and attention that he received from his family. The following evening, upon Dylan’s entry into the bedroom, Laura explained why the room above was always left unoccupied. She believed that it had something to do with a box containing a pistol hidden away in the back of a closet.

Because she remembered seeing it when they first started staying at the house, she felt it was still present. She was under the impression that their father had obtained the firearm with the intention of either taking his own life, taking the lives of their mother and her partner, or taking the entire family’s lives. Laura removed the bullet from the rifle to prevent something like that from happening again.

The Lost Patient
The Lost Patient

The Lost Patient: Plot

The bodies of the Grimaud family, who had been brutally murdered, were discovered about three years ago. Betty (Audrey Dana) and Marc (Stephane Rideau), the parents, were both shots, while the son, Thomas (Txomin Vergez), who had been stabbed with a knife, went into a vegetative state after the attack.

Thomas emerged from his coma at 19 and has returned to the present day. Anna, a therapist played by Clotilde Hesme, tries to jog his memory about what transpired that evening.

He is gradually able to recall the specifics. Anna claims that her brother’s sister, Laura, played by Rebecca Williams, has been missing since the previous night. Laura had a history of defying authority, even as a child.

She argued with both of her parents regularly and had the propensity to get physically aggressive when she did so. Dylan, their cousin, played by Matthew Lucci, came to stay with them as well, but he and Thomas and Laura were never able to get along.

The Lost Patient
The Lost Patient

The Lost Patient: Cast

Due to the short length of the production (just 1.5 hours), only a few actors are given sufficient screen time. Thomas Grimaud directed the majority of this movie.

Vergez gives an outstanding performance as the main character, who is attempting to put together the events that occurred in the past. As the movie continues, even more is expected of him, and he not only meets but exceeds those expectations.

The non-linear storytelling style allows for an engaging viewing experience. The present and the past are frequently shifted, giving the audience a deeper understanding of Thomas’ mentality and history as the story progresses.

Exploring mental health concerns is one of the most critical aspects of “The Lost Patient.” The problems are not merely the result of Thomas being unconscious, nor are they restricted to memory loss alone.

As the story progresses, more information about Thomas’ nature comes to light, which causes any preconceived preconceptions about the character to be entirely overturned.

After what felt like an excruciatingly drawn-out buildup, the movie’s conclusion reveals crucial information and more than makes up for the time spent getting there.

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The Lost Patient: More About The Movie

We won’t be introduced to many side characters or ancillary elements that aren’t necessary for the movie. Due to a large number of actors, every single character had an important part to play. Each character displayed a unique identity that contributed to the story’s conclusion. The fact that the characters who were first portrayed as “nice” unknowingly played the antagonist role in the protagonist’s life captivated me.

Both the music and the cinematography are of very high quality. From the foreboding music that plays at the beginning of the movie to the thunder-flashing images, eerie staircases, and hospital rooms that are all accompanied by gruesome music, the film draws in the viewer to find out what is going to take place in the following scene. Surprisingly, there is not a scare that occurs suddenly, but there is constantly a tingle as one waits to find out where the story is going.

The Lost Patient
The Lost Patient

The Importance of Mental Health, LGBTQ Issues, and Relationships Is Driven Home by the Lost Patient
It was undoubtedly a bold choice to present a sequence dealing with LGBT+ topics in 2001 (the period in which the film is situated). After many years of struggle, in 2013, France became the 13th country in the world to legalize marriages between people of the same sexual orientation. This specific scene plays an essential element in the narrative of the film since it takes place in the year 2001, which is also the year when Bertrand Delanoe, a politician who had previously come out as gay, was elected as the Mayor of Paris. A fantastic method to involve the audience in a historical inquiry into the lives of LGBT+ people in France is to bring a situation like this one to live and act it out.

Regarding issues about psychological well-being, it is beneficial that the movie includes depictions of Thomas and Anna. All of Thomas’ issues, including his nightmares and sleep paralysis, his grief at the loss of his loved ones, and his desire to have companions, are beautifully portrayed. Thomas needs love and communication because he finds happiness with a fellow patient named Bastein. When he is with Bastein, it appears that he can shake off his feelings of depression.

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