The Happy Camper: Plot, Cast, Trailer, Review, Filming Location and More

Daniela Bobadilla, Beau Wirick, and James Eckhouse are among the actors who are featured in Happy Camper. The premiere of the film is scheduled for February 5th, 2023

UPtv has returned with a new film that is chock-full of colourful characters, comedic and dramatic family situations, and tender romantic moments.

The movie, which is adapted from Melody Carlson’s novel and teleplay, is scheduled to release in February, making it an ideal way for audiences to begin the month.

When a production company chooses a novel to adapt into a film, audiences are immediately aware that the resulting story will be an overwhelming success.

Despite this, at this point in time, they continue to have very high expectations for the movie.

Carlson is the author of hundreds of books, some of which have won awards, and one of her books, “The Christmas Bus,” is one of her most beloved and successful works.

She has also made contributions to a great number of publications geared toward teenagers, including “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” and “TureColors.”

The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper

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The Happy Camper: On UPtv

The principal roles in the film Happy Camper are played by Daniela Bobadilla and Beau Wirick, who are also a real-life couple. The next feel-good romance movie will feature a touching love story when it is released.

Daniela Bobadilla as Dillon Michaels.

In the romance movie broadcast on UPtv, the part of Dillon is played by the Canadian actress Daniela. After the failure of her romantic relationships, her character moves back to the farm that her grandfather owned in Colorado.

Bobadilla is most recognised for her performance as Goodson in the critically acclaimed television series Anger Management, which airs on FX.

She is also known for her roles in a variety of other films and television shows, including the NBC drama Awake and the first iteration of the Lifetime series Lies in Plain Sight.

While still a student at Summit Middle School, the budding actress began her acting career by participating in productions staged by the school’s theatre department and, later, by joining the Theatrix Youth Theatre Society.

After that, she appeared as a performer in a variety of plays, some of which are Fiddler on the Roof, High School Musical, and The Wizard of Oz.

While she was still a student at Heritage Woods Secondary School, she began trying out for roles in both television and films.

Jordan Atwood portrayed by Beau Wirick.

In the movie “The Happy Camper,” which starred him, the American actor Wirick played the part of Jordan, a dashing proprietor of a hardware store.

In real life, he is married to Daniela, who plays one of the main characters on Anger Management.

His role as Sean Donahue on the American sitcom The Middle made him a household name in the United States. In addition, he has appeared as a guest star on episodes of the television shows Arrested Development, The Office, NCIS, Jack & Bobby, 7th Heaven, Drake & Josh, and The Office.

In 2004, during an episode of the daytime serial series Passions that featured a flashback, Wirick gave a performance as the character Julian Crane. In 2018, he tied the knot with Bobadilla, who also appeared on The Middle.

Alexander Michaels portrayed by James Eckhouse.

In the upcoming film, Eckhouse plays the part of Alexander, Dillon’s grandfather. Eckhouse is originally from the city of Chicago, Illinois.

In the movie, Dillon travels to Colorado to spend time with her grandfather, and while there, she strikes up a relationship with an attractive store owner.

His performance as Jim Walsh on the television show Beverly Hills, 90210 brought him a great deal of attention. In addition to that, he was the director of three episodes of a teen drama.

Before she was cast as Walsh, she appeared in supporting roles in movies including Fatal Attraction, Cocktail, Big, and Trading Places.

Janelle Atwood portrayed by Gigi Orsillo.

Orsillo was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and both of his parents worked in the film industry, so he spent most of his childhood working on sets.

She was just two and a half years old when she made her first appearance on camera.

She continued to perform in a wide variety of music videos, commercials, and television productions throughout her childhood. That’s So Raven (2005), Gamer Nation (2004-2005), and Fragment are just a few of her notable roles that she has played in the past (2020).

Her most recent roles were Jessica Brooks in Running the Bases, Kohar in Pursuit of Freedom, Victoria Sanders in Family Camp, and Connie in Stealing the Show. Prior to that, she was in Stealing the Show as Connie.

The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper

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The Happy Camper: Date of Release

The film is planned to make its debut in the United States on Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 7 pm Eastern Time (ET) on UPtv.

In addition, if you have a subscription to the UP Faith & Family streaming service, you can see the movie through it.

Carlson adapted her novel into a screenplay that was written by Carlson, and Brandon Clark directed the resulting film.

The Happy Camper: Filming Location

The State of Colorado Was Used for Filming the Movie.

The majority of the film The Happy Camper was shot in the breathtaking state of Colorado. The western part of the state is home to a diverse array of landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, river canyons, and dry desert.

When Dillon is devastated and puzzled by the actions of her long-time boyfriend, she receives a call from her mother, Margot Michaels (Jenna Hawkins), with whom she has a tense relationship. Margot tells Dillon that she is pregnant.

After that, she heads back to the farm where her grandfather Eckhouse lives in the hopes of finding a convenient time to drive to Colorado.

Arriving at Silverdale, Dillon encounters Jordan, an old Grade 2 schoolmate. Her grandfather is overjoyed to see her again.

The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper: Plot

Finding love when we are not looking for it is the overarching theme of The Happy Camper. It also clarifies the meaning behind the phrase “home is where the healing begins.”

Dillon puts aside her dismal profession and love life that isn’t going anywhere to assist her ageing grandfather on the small Oregon farm he owns. When she returns to the farm where her grandfather was raised, she does so with the same thought in her head.

There, she discovers that her eccentric mother has moved into the room that she previously occupied, thus she is forced to spend several nights sleeping on a sagging sofa.

After that, she was surprised with an unusual present: her grandfather’s rusted out vintage camp trailer.

She instantly comes up with the idea of putting it to use, and she gets to work restoring the trailer. During this time, she strikes up a conversation with Jordan, who runs the neighbourhood hardware store.

As the story progresses, the audience will learn how the characters’ feelings for one other grow over time.

The Happy Camper: Trailer

On January 31, 2023, the teaser for the film was uploaded to the channel that UPtv maintains on YouTube. On January 28th, the network had already broadcast a brief sneak preview of the upcoming movie.

The Happy Camper: Review

This comedy follows the turbulent experiences of a highly different and dysfunctional group of college freshman as they spend their summer working as camp counsellors.

Starring Brad Renfro and Dominique Swain, the film portrays the re-discovery of innocence through the eyes of its characters.

The despotic camp director is rendered helpless by an accident, which results in the counsellors taking it upon themselves to spice up the usual, tedious daily activities with their own irreverent brand of teenage leadership. The outcome is anarchy.

The teenagers finally gain life-changing insights about life, love, and mayhem from the experiences they have while working as counsellors at the summer camp for younger children.

I was right to anticipate that Happy Campers would wind up in the pit of direct-to-video purgatory. Despite having a recognisable cast, including Dominique Swain (Face/Off), Brad Renfro (Apt. Pupil), James King (Slackers), and Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers), the movie has been lying on the shelf for nearly two years, which can only mean one thing.

I normally make it a point to steer clear of movies made just for home video whenever I can, but this one had been sitting on my website for such a long time without being viewed that I felt compelled to check it out. And, sadly, there is a rationale for why it was released exclusively on home video.

The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper: Cast

  • Kelly Nicole Turner as Chelsea
  • Jenna Hawkins as Margot Michaels
  • Andi Davis as Vivian Porter
  • Walter Anaruk as Dave McCullough
  • Keir Kirkegaard as Brandon Kranze
  • Reese Pucciano as Gemma
  • Orion Carrington as Waiter
  • London Orsillo as Chloe
  • Brandon Swartz as Extra
  • Brenna Darling as Nancy McCullough
  • Paige M. Wilson as Reba

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