Tara Ord-Sidarovich: Who Killed Her?

Tara Ord-Sidarovich: Who Killed Her?

The upcoming episode of Dateline on NBC will concentrate on the terrible circumstances surrounding the passing of Tara Ord-Sidarovich, who was 19 years old and lived in Florida.

Following the event, investigations determined that David Ray McMannis and Phillip Barr were involved in the incident in some capacity. Barr is now doing time at the Dade Correctional Institution in Homestead in order to fulfill the requirements of his sentence. The Northwest Florida Reception Center in Washington County is where McMannis is being detained at this time.

In the following episode, which is going to be called “The Knock at the Door,” Keith Morisson will delve deeply into the circumstances surrounding the death and the inquiry that occurred after it.

Continue reading to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Tara Ord-passing Sidarovich’s as well as other information relevant to the investigation.

When did Tara Ord-Sidarovich last have contact with her family?

According to reports, Tara Ord-Sidarovich was a young woman from Florida who worked at a jewelry store called Golden Isle Jewelry. Tara was last seen on October 1, 2001, yet her disappearance remains a mystery.

When they got off the school bus, her siblings, Veronica and Paul Ord, looked for her but were unsuccessful in their search. The driveway was still occupied by Tara’s parked vehicle. After some time had passed, Tara’s mother called the authorities to report that her daughter had not returned home. According to the reports, Tara had informed her coworkers that she was going to go pick up her paycheck; however, she never came back.

The authorities were unable to locate any convincing proof, and Tara’s whereabouts remained unknown for several months. It was determined that she had died from blunt force trauma to the ribs nine months after her body was found at Burnt Store Road in Punta Gorda, Florida. Her disappearance had been investigated for nine months prior to the discovery of her remains. The inquiry was quickly begun by the police; however, they were unable to discover any significant clues, and the probe eventually petered out.

According to the episode of Dateline, a new sheriff in town tasked three senior detectives with reopening cold cases after he urged them to do so. The three individuals started with the investigation into the disappearance of Tara Ord-Sidarovich and began investigating into two guys named David Ray McMannis and Phillip Barr. These men had gone to Tara’s house for plumbing-related work before she vanished. David worked for a septic tank firm in Florida that was owned by Phillip. Phillip was David’s boss.

According to the News-Press, a man by the name of Michael Artell reached out to the authorities in 2007 to provide them with some information after witnessing a case that was reported in a true crime show. According to the allegations, Artell had met Phillip Barr in jail after Barr had been arrested for a case involving check fraud. While he and Barr were incarcerated together, he told the authorities that he had a sneaking suspicion that Barr was involved in the disappearance and murder of Tara Ord-Sidarovich.

The investigation into the murder continued, and the police eventually collected other critical pieces of evidence linking the crime to both Phillip and David Ray, which led to their arrest in 2012. According to the reports, David was taken into custody in Cumberland and then transported to Florida, where the alleged criminal activity took place.

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