Who Is Taneka Bowles, Wife of Todd Bowles? The Coach’s Family Details

Who Is Taneka Bowles, Wife of Todd Bowles? The Coach’s Family Details

Todd Bowles and his wife Taneka Bowles are continuing to commemorate one more successful and happy year of marriage.

The love between the two has remained strong for more than ten years, despite the passage of time. Todd is the current head coach of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for those who are not familiar.

He was in the same situation as the New York Jets before to starting his present project. Bowles had a successful coaching career in addition to his time as an NFL player.

During the middle of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, he spent eight seasons in the NFL as a safety, mostly with the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers.

After joining the coaching staff of the same league, Todd’s NFL career was cut short.

Apart from that, he was well recognised for becoming the Super Bowl XXII champion. Similarly, the former safety has coached in the NFL and won the Super Bowl (LV).

Additionally, he was named the 2014 AP and PFWA NFL Assistant Coach of the Year winners. It’s interesting to note that Todd has experience coaching many NFL teams.

Among his prior clubs are numerous well-known ones, like the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals.

His supporters and internet users are more interested in his family and current affairs, though, as his successful NFL managerial career is on the decline.

Todd Bowles
Todd Bowles

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Taneka Bowles and Todd Bowles’ Married Life

Famous NFL coach Todd Bowles has been happily wed to Taneka Bowles for more than ten years.

As a model pair in the league with a marriage that has lasted more than ten years with no issues, he and his loving soulmate exchanged their wedding vows in 2012.

Before getting married, this pair had been dating since at least 2007, and they had been friends since 2007. After the birth of their son Tyson in 2011, they decided to create their own family.

On January 31, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona, Todd Bowles and Taneka Bowles attended the 4th Annual NFL Honors at the Phoenix Convention Center.

On January 31, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona, Todd Bowles and Taneka Bowles attended the 4th Annual NFL Honors at the Phoenix Convention Center. Obtainable images

However, the couple’s strong love and understanding for one another has contributed to the success of their marriage.

Taneka still stands by her husband and goes to every NFL game and event with him. The married couple has been openly photographed holding hands in a pose for the media, showing they enjoy one other’s presence.

Taneka’s work and professional information has remained hidden from the public because of her hectic schedule that includes caring for her son, spouse, and family in addition to being around them.

It’s possible that Mrs. Bowles, a skilled homemaker, has helped her family and husband win their games in peace because of her presence.

In a similar vein, Taneka and Todd have avoided using social media. Instead of spending their alone time online, they would like to work on their family.

Todd Bowles’ Past Relation With Jill Jenkins

Taneka and Todd Bowles were a pioneering NFL couple, but Todd Bowles was also married to Jill Jenkins.

Jill Bowles, the first Mrs. Bowles’ married name, is more well-known. Although the former couple wed in 2000, their marriage did not last long.

Todd Jr. and Troy were the two sons Jill gave birth to while they were still dating. Both of the sons are football players; the younger kid is in his late teen years, and the older son is currently in his early 20s.

Despite Jill and Todd’s divorce in 2008, they remained friends for the benefit of their kids.

Sadly, Legacy has confirmed that Jill passed away on February 19, 2017, at the age of 50. Additionally, according to Tribute Archive, the deceased person was engaged to James Byrson when she passed away.

Her Instagram account is still active, and her daughter Sydni Russell runs businesses with her name on them.

Todd Bowles’ Children

NFL: Todd Bowles, the head coach of the Buccaneers, has a daughter from his first marriage.

Sydni Paige Russell, the only daughter in the family, has Todd Bowles as her stepfather. The girl was conceived during a previous relationship with her mother Jill.

She was more attached to the Bowles family than any other family because she was raised by her stepfather, an NFL head coach.

She thus keeps up solid relationships with all of her half-brothers on social media and in real life.

In addition to being well-known as an NFL girlfriend, Sydni is a businesswoman and an Instagram influencer. She is best known for being the fiancee and mother of Tyrann Mathieu, a safety for the New Orleans Saints.

The two have been together for a considerable amount of time and are already parents to two children.

While the NFL player is a good father to his children with Sydni, Tyrann Jr. and Mila Jill, he also has a son from a previous relationship.

Mila’s middle name honours Sydni’s late grandma, who was a significant figure in Sydni’s life.

The businesswoman also runs two companies under the name Jill. Fashion companies Jill Marie Tees and Shop Jill Marie Baby both sell items for ladies and babies that are based on the Chiefs.

Sydni Paige mostly uses Instagram to manage her two company profiles. The Mathieu children frequently appear in photographs sporting their mother’s labels, and people remark on their sense of style.

With an Instagram star mother and an NFL player father, the kids have grown up in a happy and loving home.

It’s interesting to note that whereas Tyrann Jr. frequently joins his father for their sporting activities, Mila is typically spotted with her mother wearing her baby t-shirts.

The father-son team follows the Chiefs closely and celebrates appropriately. Tyrann has over 23k followers on his personal Instagram account.

With his amusing photos of himself having a good time at an NFL game, he is well on his way to becoming a young online celebrity.

Although Mila’s Instagram account is still developing, she is closely imitating her brother.

Todd Bowles’ Family

Todd Bowles comes from a large family with nine prominent media figures.

Todd Bowles, a well-known figure in the media and the NFL, has struggled to keep his family out of the spotlight ever since he became well-known.

As a result, not just him but every member of his family is well-known to the general public. Nine members of the Bowles family—including his wife Taneka and stepdaughter Sydni—have achieved renown throughout the years.

Todd’s mother, Joan Bowles, is one of the prominent figures. Due to her significance in her son’s life, the older Bowles has become a familiar face in the public.

The name and location of Todd’s father have remained unknown.

The head coach of the Buccaneers’ sister Doreen and brother Kenny are also on the list. Under the tutelage of their mother, who is now referred to as the Bowles family matriarch, the siblings had developed healthily.

Todd later married Jill Jenkins, with whom he had two sons, Todd Jr. and Troy. Todd Jr., the oldest son, is a sophomore defensive back for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Instagram of Todd Bowles

He uses the Instagram handle @toddbowles_ and is active there.

Troy, his younger brother, is a football player as well. He is a four-star UA All-American prospect who is currently a Georgia Dos player. He has an incredible quantity of followers on Instagram compared to his elder brother.

The youngest member of the Bowles family is Todd’s son Tyson, who is also married to Taneka. Tyson, who is 11 years old, has not yet decided on a career.

He does, however, attend most NFL games alongside his parents and brother.

Todd Bowles
Todd Bowles

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Quick Facts On Todd Bowles:

Name Todd Robert Bowles
Age 58
Date of Birth November 18, 1963
Birthplace Elizabeth, New Jersey
Nationality American
Best Known For Super Bowl champion (XXII) with Washington Redskins
Spouse Jill Jenkins and Taneka Bowles
Children 3
Relatives Sydni Russell (step-daughter)


Who Is Todd Bowles Wife Taneka Bowles?

Taneka Bowles is coach Bowles’ second wife. The couple has been making several appearances together each year.

Who Are There In The Buccaneers Coach’s Family?

Todd Bowles’ family members are all well-known in the media from his mother Joan to his four children.

Who Is Todd Bowles Daughter?

Todd’s step-daughter is Sydni Bowles, is the fiancee of the New Orleans Saints’ strong safety.

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