Street Outlaws: Kayla Morton Husband-To-Be Chris Hamilton and Children Are All Into Racing

Chris Hamilton and Kayla Morton work together in the group Street Outlaws. But they are not yet husband and wife.

Before, there were rumors that they were going to split up, but they never confirmed it. But a picture that Kayla just uploaded shows that they have found a way back into each other’s hearts.

Kayla Morton
Kayla Morton

Is Street Outlaws racer Kayla Morton married to Chris Hamilton?

Chris Hamilton, who is known in the racing world as BoostedGT, and Kayla Morton have become well-known names because of their adventures on the Street Outlaws reality show on Discovery Channel.

But Hamilton had raced an SN95 Mustang before, which helped him become well-known, says Dragzine. He also learned about cars and engines from his father when he was a child and teen.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, his dad had also been part of a group of people who raced on the street. He sold his car before Chris was born, but he told Chris stories about it and taught him what he knew.

Those lessons helped him grow into the person he is now. He also found a partner who was interested in the same things he was.

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Before taking part in Street Outlaws, Kayla and Chris met

Many people think that Chris and Kayla met on Street Outlaws. But because they were both interested in the same things, they had met long before they were on the show.

They raced each other on the street, but they weren’t dating at the time. They didn’t fall in love until after they were on the show.

They moved in together and began living together in Texas.

They haven’t tied the knot yet

Chris and Kayla have been together for a while, but they haven’t gotten married yet. So, they have not yet gotten married.

Even though they haven’t talked much about their wedding plans, Kayla has said that she wants to marry a kind and gentle man like her father.

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Talk about them breaking up

It was said that Kayla and Boosted broke up at the end of 2021. Both of them had taken all of their old photos off of their social media accounts.

They have a son named Cooper together. Kayla had pictures of herself working out, with her child, and at her job. In the same way, Boosted posted photos of himself with his kids and promotional photos for the game Street Outlaws.

Kayla and Boosted still have a relationship

Late in 2021, Kayl and Boosted stopped posting about each other, but they seem to be back together now, in August. Kayla put up a picture of them together and wrote some nice things about them.

She said that he was “rotten” to her and also called him bae. So, some of their fans were glad to see them back together, and the comment section was full of well wishes.

Who Are the Children of Kayla Morton?

Kayla is a professional drag racer who has been racing on the street and on the track for ten years. Her father, who raced Pro Stock in the 1980s, gave her his love for the race.

Her dad would always take her to the racetrack. So, she grew up both there and in the store. And when she turned 16, she finally got a chance to drive. She is now well-known in a field where men are the majority.

Even at home, she is always around people who work in her field. Chris, her partner, also races. She has a son with him, and it looks like she is also trying to teach her kids the skills.

 Kayla Morton
Kayla Morton

Her sons also like cars

Austin and Cooper, Kayla’s two sons, are also interested in cars. Austin is the oldest child, and he was born when she was with someone else. Cooper was also born in 2015, and she had the same year as Chris Hamilton.

Austin and Cooper spent most of their childhood at the racetrack, just like their mom. The oldest son has even decided to join the family business, according to Distractify.

And it looks like Cooper, who is seven, won’t be long before he joins in. His mother had said, “Everyone at the track knows where he belongs, so someone always brings him back!”

Who are the parents of Kayla Morton?

Kayla Morton was born to Stanley Morton and the woman he was with at the time. But there is nothing on the internet about Kayla’s mother.

Her father made her want to learn about cars and engines. Also, her father supported the choices she made, which she often thanked him for.

Her father used to race cars

Kayla’s father, Stanley Morton, used to race cars and worked on engines in the garage where she grew up. So, because she grew up around cars and learned about speed, she developed a hobby that she later turned into a career. Now, she builds motors to make a living.

She started racing in a 10-second bracket car and quickly moved up to an Outlaw 10.5. Her father is the leader of her crew, and she has grown up with his help.

She drove her orange, silver, and pink 2005 Mustang in the 10.5 series in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was powered by a big-block Ford engine that was fed by a ProCharger. This engine was made by her father’s company, STK Specialties.

Kayla Morton still has a husband?

Chris Hamilton is dating Kayla Morton, but they are not married.

Are Kayla and Boosted GT still together?

Kayla put a picture of her and Boosted GT on her Instagram, which shows that they are together. It was said that they broke up in late 2021.

How does Kayla Morton make money?

Kayla Morton races in drag races for a living and runs the family business.

Kayla Morton has been a driver and a fan of racing for over ten years. It is one of her favorite things to do. Stanley, her father, worked as a mechanic and taught her everything he knew. Morton spent his whole childhood learning how to build motors in garages. Kayla got into racing because of the Midwest street racing duo Murder Nova and Big Chef. She wants to be the best woman racer in her division right now. Here are some fun things to know about Kayla.

What is her name?

Kayla Morton is a race car driver and TV star. She is the star of the show Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. On the show, Kayla joins a bunch of other racers in a battle to be the best. She has burned rubber with Tina Pierce, Big Chef, Daddy Dave, and Ryan Martin, among others, over the years.

“Midnight Riders” was the name of the first episode of the series. It aired on June 11, 2013, and some of the best drivers in Oklahoma were on it. All of them wanted their names to be on a list of the top ten street racers. The show is now in its fourteenth season, which means it has had 184 episodes.

In terms of her racing career, we found out that she ran in a number of races in her home town. At one point, people in Oklahoma even called her the “Queen of Racing.” This happened after she beat a few other women in a race. She didn’t get to keep the crown for long, though, because she was soon taken down. She is not in the top 10 right now.

What is Kayla Morton’s age?

Kayla Morton was born on February 27, 1987. As of this writing, she is 33 years old. People often praise her intuitive nature because she is a Pisces woman. It’s never more obvious than when she’s driving. In racing, you sometimes have to think outside the box.

 Kayla Morton Net Worth

Morton’s main way of making money is through racing. Back in 2018, she won a total of $120,000, according to a report. Every time she wins a race, she makes more money as a racer. Kayla is also paid to be on the show Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. Kayla Morton has a net worth of $350,000 as of this year.

Is Kyla Morton tied the knot?

No news stories say for sure that Kayla Morton is married. She is, however, with Chris Hamilton for a long time. People know him by the name Boosted GT, which is his racing name. The fact that they are both from Oklahoma and that they love the tracks are definitely the things that keep their relationship going.

The fact that Kayla and Chris raced against each other on an episode of Street Outlaws shows that they are both competitive. At that time, Chris came out on top. Cooper and Austin Hamilton are the couple’s two children. Austin, their first son, was born on August 31, 2005. At the moment, he is 14 years old.

Kayla has raced many different kinds of cars over the course of her career on the tracks. But the 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang is still her favorite car. She has also raced in a 302 small block Chevy and a Single Nitrous Plate from time to time.

A look at what she does on social media

Kayla Morton, who is known as “the queen,” posts a lot on Instagram. We found that about 85,900 people follow her. We learned from one of her posts that she likes to work out and do Crossfit. She went to Austin a few months ago to finish her L1 Crossfit Certification course. We found out that she loves animals by reading more of her posts.

She has a dog that she runs with all the time. The rest of her page is about how much she loves cars and auto racing. Instagram is where she spends the most time.

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