Stephen Watson: Why Did He Decide to leaving WISN-TV?

Stephen Watson: Why Did He Decide to leaving WISN-TV?

It appears that Stephen Watson, a sports reporter and anchor who had previously worked for WISN-TV and had announced his departure from the station on June 22nd, will be joining another media organization located in the Milwaukee area.

It was in high school that he first discovered his passion for sports broadcasting, and he carried that passion with him to Madison, where he worked as a play-by-play announcer for the “Student-U” show on the Big Ten Network.

In addition to that, he worked as an announcer for the student radio station WSUM 91.7 FM. He decided to complete his internship with ESPN Radio in both Philadelphia and Madison.

After leaving WISN-TV, what are Stephen Watson’s plans for the future?

Stephen Watson, who worked as a sports reporter and anchor at WISN-TV until June 22, when he announced his departure from the station, is apparently moving on to another media firm in the Milwaukee region.

Both the Business Journal and Stephen Watson chose not to address the rumor when it was brought to their attention. He has not yet updated his LinkedIn profile, which indicates that WISN-TV is still his current place of employment despite his efforts.

Today is the last day that I will be employed at @WISN12News. It’s been an amazing ride covering Wisconsin’s glory years in sports alongside some of the best coworkers and friends anyone could ask for.

Jan Wade, who serves as president and general manager of Channel 12, has announced that Watson has tendered his resignation. Jared Fialko, who has been covering the station for a few weeks, will replace Watson on the sports roster. Fialko will take on Watson’s previous responsibilities.

Dario Melendez was given the responsibility of directing sports programming at the station in May, following the retirement of Dan Needles, who had held that post since 1998.

Why did Stephen Watson decide to leave his position at WISN-TV?

It has been claimed that Stephen Watson will be departing WISN-TV due to his inability to get along with the newly appointed sports directors. The announcement of Watson’s departure comes two months after the new sports director took over at WISN-TV.

This unfounded rumor has not been validated by any of the parties involved at University of Wisconsin-Madison, he was offered a job as a play-by-play announcer and broadcast director with the BEK Sports Network in the state of North Dakota.

A year later, he moved on to work as a sports reporter for WPTZ/WNNE in Burlington, Vermont, until he joined the Big 12 Sports group in November of 2014. Prior to that, he had worked for the Vermont Public Radio Network.

Net Worth of Stephen Watson

It is anticipated that Stephen Watson’s net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of one million dollars. Although it is unknown how much he gets paid at WISN, as of the 10th of June, 2022, the typical annual income for a sports reporter in the state of Wisconsin is $41,440.

During his time at WISN, Watson has covered a number of NFC Championship games for the Packers, which they have won. In 2016, Stephen was recognized for his feature coverage with many awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association as well as a NATAS Chicago/Midwest Emmy.

The sports reporter is an avid golfer and plays the game frequently. In addition to soccer, tennis, basketball, and baseball, some of his other childhood sports included:

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