Stephanie Thirkill: Who Is She? Age, Future Husband Richie Myler, and Future Net Worth 2022

Allegedly, Richie Myler, once married to Helen Skelton, made his initial introduction to Stephanie Thirkill when his wife was around half way through her pregnancy.

As a result of whispers that Stephanie Thirkill is Richie Myler’s girlfriend, the media has developed an interest in the subject of Stephanie Thirkill. Following the dissolution of his marriage to Helen Skelton in 2022, the rugby player for the Leeds Rhinos is said to have started dating Helen.

The fact that Stephanie is also the president’s daughter of the Leeds Rhinos rugby club has brought even more attention to her already prominent position.

Richie Myler
Richie Myler

A Few Points to Remember About Stephanie Thirkill

Full Name Stephanie Emily Thirkill
Profession Marketing executive
Birth Date 1989
Birth Place Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Age 32 years old
Father Andrew Thirkill
Mother Jill Thirkill
Siblings Jonathan Thikill
Relationship Status In a relationship
Boyfriend Richie Myler
Ex-Husband Richard Sugden

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What Is the Name of Richi Myler’s Girlfriend, Stephanie Thirkill, and How Old Is She?

The public’s attention has been drawn to the relationship of Stephanie Thirkill and Richi Myler ever since they started dating in May, which was exactly one month after he had divorced his wife.

Stephanie Thirkill’s father, Andrew Thirkill, is regarded as one of the most successful businesspeople in Leeds. In addition to his role as a player for Leeds Rhinos, he is also the president of the club.

It is not known when exactly Stephanie was born, although she was born in the year 1989. She was raised in the city of Harrogate, which is located in North Yorkshire, where she was also born. The rugby star’s new partner is 32 years old at the time of their relationship.

Stephanie is not merely a daughter of a wealthy man; rather, she is an intelligent and accomplished lady in her own right. The entrepreneurial woman attended Leeds Metropolitan University in order to get a degree in retail marketing management.

According to RocketReach, prior to holding the job of Direct Communications Marketing Manager, Stephanie worked at Age Partnership as a Senior Market Executive. She then moved on to take the position she currently has.

In the past year, the young businesswoman took over for her father as the company’s Non-Executive Director, while her brother Jonathan currently holds the position of Executive.

The Relationship Between Richie Myler and Stephanie Thirkill

Reports indicate that Myler and Thirkill initially communicated with one another in the fall of 2017 at a rugby banquet. When the fullback was still seeing Helen, he claimed that there was no spark between the two of them because they were just friends.

The athlete asserts that during that period he was faithful to his wife and that he did not begin dating Stephanie until after he and his ex-wife had divorced.

After sharing his sweet image with Thirkill, the Leeds Rhino player made a lighthearted comment in his Instagram story regarding his significant other’s sense of style. He made a remark about how Stephanie’s clothing would be better suited for the Halloween holiday.

The Leeds Rhino star seems to be enjoying his new relationship, which he made public on Instagram by announcing that it was official after Myler posted a picture of them together at Wimbledon.

Richie stated in his article that they had gone on a romantic vacation to Cornwall because he had never been to the seaside town before and that it had been worth the wait of 32 years. Richie had never been to Cornwall.

The fullback for the Leeds Rhinos shared a snapshot of himself holding Stephanie, a video of himself swimming in the ocean, and a stunning image of the surrounding area on his Instagram account. It was as though he had fallen head over heels.

Richie Myler & Helen Skelton Split

It has been reported that Helen Skelton is upset because her ex-husband, Richie Myler, has been flaunting his new relationship on social media three months after the couple publicly announced that they were divorcing.

Helen Skelton and her husband Richie Myler divorced after being married for eight years in April. The reason for the split was Richie’s infidelity. Helen broke the news to her followers that her marriage was no longer functioning by posting an emotional message on her Instagram stories.

The couple’s three children are named Ernie, 7, Myler, 5, and Elsie, who is now 7 years old. When Helen began to have doubts about her husband’s actions and felt that he was being unfaithful, she decided to engage a private investigator to look into her concerns and explore her suspicions. Around that time, her husband left her for someone who was a significant amount of years his junior, Thirkill.

Helen was taken aback by this information because she was completely unaware that their marriage was in jeopardy. Myler left the family home he shared with Skelton just four months after she gave birth to the couple’s third child together. Skelton was 39 at the time of the birth.

It would appear that Richie was not the only man who had a previous relationship before beginning his relationship with Stephanie. The daughter of a millionaire is rumoured to have been previously married to a man by the name of Richard Sugden, despite the fact that it appeared that the two of them were not together prior to the time when she began dating her present lover.

This was demonstrated when Helen admitted that when she first became suspicious that her husband was having an affair, she contacted Stephanie’s husband, with whom she had a strained relationship, to discuss the situation and exchange information.

What is the total net worth of Stephanie Thirkill?

The home that Stephanie Thirkill’s parents have purchased for themselves in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, is valued at one million dollars. Therefore, it is not hard to assume that her net worth is quite big.

Stephanie Thirkill was brought into the world by Andrew Thirkill, a millionaire from Leed, and Jill Thirkill, his wife. Her father was born and reared in a family with a poor income, but he was able to work his way up the economic ladder and create a fortune that has brought his current net worth to more than 175 million pounds.

Andrew admitted that he wasn’t the brightest student when he graduated from high school in 1976, and as a result, he decided against going on to further his education and instead pursued a career in bricklaying.

After some time, he found work in an office as a filing clerk, and then he was offered and accepted a position with the Yorkshire Post Newspaper as a trainee sales representative.

After this, he started his own advertising business, which he eventually sold for a total of £2.7 million in 1988, after it had only been in existence for a total of seven years. It was from this moment forward that he began amassing his wealth.

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Richie Myler
Richie Myler

Richie Myler Performing Profession

Widnes Vikings

Myler started out his professional career at Widnes, where he appeared in two games during the 2007 season.

Salford: 2008-2009

Myler moved to Salford from Widnes in 2008 on a three-year agreement and was an important part of the club’s success, as he helped Salford win the National League One championship, scored 25 tries in 32 appearances, and won a number of trophies, including the award for Co-Operative Player of the Year. Myler made his debut in the Super League for Salford on February 14, 2009, playing against Crusaders. The game ended in a victory for Salford.

2010–2015 for Warrington

Myler is a member of the Warrington team.

Because he signed a four-year contract with Warrington in 2009 worth approximately £200,000, he holds the record for being the most expensive signing by a teenager in the history of Rugby League. Myler was reportedly presented with a new contract offer that would have resulted in him receiving the highest salary of any player in the history of Widnes. According to his agent Martin Offiah, he turned down the offer and decided instead to sign a contract with Warrington for four years.

At Wembley Stadium, he participated in the Challenge Cup Final triumph over the Leeds Rhinos that took place in 2012.

At Old Trafford, he was a member of the 2012 Super League Grand Final team that was defeated by the Leeds Rhinos.

He was a member of the team that competed in the Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford in 2013, which was won by the Wigan Warriors.

Catalans Dragons

In 2015, he stated that he was interested in playing in the NRL the following year since he was looking for a different challenge. After the departure of the halves duo Kieran Foran and Daly Cherry-Evans, it was speculated that Manly would be interested in acquiring Myler. On the other hand, it was announced on July 10, 2015, that Myler would continue to play in the Super League after signing a contract with the Catalans Dragons for a period of two years beginning in 2016.

Leeds Rhinos

It was confirmed on the 27th of June, 2017, that Myler has signed a three-year deal to join Leeds Rhinos beginning with the season after the one that was currently underway. As a result of Myler’s play at Fullback in the 2020 Challenge Cup Final, he was awarded the Lance Todd Trophy as the player of the game. During the twenty-first round of the 2022 Super League season, Leeds defeated the Catalans Dragons by a score of 36-32 thanks to a hat trick scored by Myler. In the second half, Leeds had been down by a score of 32-6, and one of their players had been shown a red card. Huddersfield was defeated by Leeds 18-14 in the 25th round of the 2022 Super League season. The game was marred by several contentious incidents. Myler was involved in a tackle with Chris Hill of Huddersfield with fewer than five minutes remaining in the game. After the tackle, Myler hoisted his legs in the air in an effort to milk a penalty from the referee. Hill was given a yellow card by the referee for his involvement in the incident, which led to Leeds scoring the winning try just a few moments later. Myler was a member of the Leeds team that competed in the 2022 Super League Grand Final on September 24 and lost against St. Helens RFC by a score of 24-12.

Career Opportunities Abroad

At the Academy Level, Myler has competed for both the Lancashire Under-17s and the England Under-17s.

It was announced that he would be part of the England training team for the Rugby League World Cup in 2008. A match between England and Wales was scheduled to take place at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster just before England left for the Rugby League World Cup in 2008. He was selected to play for England. On October 10, 2008, he made his debut for England in a game against Wales, which England won.

When England played France on June 13, 2009, Myler was selected to represent his country. He began the match as England’s scrum-half and contributed 30 points to his team’s final tally of 66-12 victory.

Despite putting up two performances that earned him man of the match honours for the England Knights, Myler was not selected to play for England in the Rugby League Four Nations tournament in 2011. Despite this, he was selected to play for the England Knights.

In 2018, Myler competed in test matches for his country in international competitions against France at the Leigh Sports Village and New Zealand.

In August of that same year, 2022, Myler announced that he was willing to compete for Ireland in the upcoming World Cup. Because one of his grandfathers was born in Ireland, he is eligible to play for that country. When the rosters for the event were revealed on September 29, 2022, Myler was one of the players selected to represent Ireland.

Some FAQs

Does Stephanie Thirkill have a brother?

Jonathan Thirkill, Stephanie’s brother, is the only one of her siblings.

What Is Richie Myler’s girlfriend Stephanie Thirkill’s age?

Richie Myler’s girlfriend Stephanie Thirkill is 32 years old.

Who is Stephanie Thirkill’s boyfriend Richie Myler?

Stephanie Thirkill’s boyfriend Richie Myler is a rugby player for Leeds Rhinos.

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