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In 2022, Italian actor Stefano Accorsi has a net worth of $13 million. He is one of the best actors in the Italian movie business, and he has done great work in movies. He is also known for his great work in the movie “Jack Frusciante is Out of the Group,” which became a huge hit and made him very popular. He got a lot of praise for his work in the movie Radiofreccia, which was directed by the famous Luciano Ligabue and gave him the role of an icon.

He has also won three awards and the David di Donatello for Best Actor for his role in this movie. It was one of the best things he had ever done in the movie business. He was also the main character in Ferzan Zpetek’s, which was also shown at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2001. It has done very well in Italy, Turkey, and Accorsi. He has won three awards for playing a gay man in this role. He has also been in a number of movies. You might also be interested in Ian Ziering Net Worth.

Stefano Accorsi
Stefano Accorsi

Stefano Accorsi’s fortune

Stefano Accorsi is a well-known Italian actor with a net worth of $13 Million. Several websites, like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, say that the most famous Italian actor, Stefano Accorsi, is worth about $13 million. Stefano Accorsi has done well in the movie business, and he has worked with these girls for a long time.

In the movies he has been in, he has done a great job. He has also won several awards for being the best actor, making him one of the most famous actors in Italy. After winning several awards, he is one of the best-paid actors. He has worked on some very popular movies, like Radiofreccia and Jack Frusciante is out of the Group.

He has made a lot of money during his time in the movie business. Stefano’s main source of income comes from the contracts he signs to play roles in movies and TV shows. He also makes a good amount of money from brand endorsements and promotions. Many companies ask him to promote their products. Reports say that as a leading actor in the acting field, he has made a net worth of $13 million as of 2022. Read about how much Kevin Dillon is worth.

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Stefano Accorsi Biography

Stefano Accorsi was born on March 2, 1971. He is 51 years old right now. He was born in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, in the city of Bologna. He started working in movies when he was young. Before he worked in movies, he did roles in the theater for a few years to learn more about this field. He wanted to learn more about acting and become better at it, so he went to the theater for a few years. After he learned more about the theater, he decided to go to the movies. In 1991, he made “Fratelli e sorelle,” which was his first movie.

He is going to get married to supermodel Laetitia Casta. There are also two kids in the family. They have two kids, one named Orlando and the other Athena. In the beginning of his career, he played some small roles, but now he plays major roles in movies, which has made him one of the best actors in the business. He has also won awards at places like the Flaiano Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival, and the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists.

Stefano Accorsi: His Job and His Honors

In 1991, a movie called “Fratelli e sorelle” was Stefano’s first big job. In 1995, he played the lead role in a movie called “Jack Frusciante is Out of the Group” (Jack Frusciante is Out of the Group), which brought him a lot of attention in the industry. In 1998, he also worked with Daniele Luchetti on the movie “I Piccoli Maestri.” This movie was also nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.

One of his most popular movies is called L’ultimo Bacio. He has been in many movies, including Lasciami andare, The Goddess of Fortune, There’s No Place Like Home, and The Young Pope. The people who have seen his movies and the people who write about them have given him a lot of praise. He has been nominated for and won a number of awards for his work in the movie business.

In 2002, he won the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival for his role in “Un Viaggio chiamato amore.” Stefano won the award for Best Actor at the Flaiano Film Festival in 2007 for his role in Saturn in Opposition. In 2006, the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists put him in the running for the Nastro d’Argento. His movies have also been shown at the Venice International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. Check out how much Chris O’Donnell is worth.

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Stefano went to the Theatrical School in Bologna for school, and he graduated from there in 1993. He finished theater school and acted as if he wanted to be an actor for a living.

How much does Stefano Accorsi have in the bank?

Stefano Accorsi has a total net worth of about $13 million.

What is Stefano Accorsi’s age?

Stefano Accorsi is 51 years old right now (2 March 1971).

What does Stefano Accorsi get paid?

Stefano Accorsi is thought to make about $1,000,000 per year.

What is Stefano Accorsi’s height?

Stefano Accorsi is 1.78 m (5′ 10″) tall.

What does Stefano Accorsi’s wife’s name mean?

Bianca Vitali is the name of Stefano’s wife (m. 2015).

Stefano Accorsi
Stefano Accorsi


One of his most famous movies, Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo, starred him as the main character in 1995.

I Piccoli Maestri, which he made with Daniele Luchetti in 1998, was up for the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival. In the same year, he won three awards for his role in Luciano Ligabue’s Radiofreccia, including the David di Donatello for Best Actor.

He was the main actor in the movie L’ultimo bacio, which was a big hit (The Last Kiss).

He won the lead role in Capites de Abril by Maria de Medeiros, and he has worked with director Nanni Moretti on The Son’s Room.

Accorsi also played the lead role in Ferzan Ozpetek’s Le fate ignoranti (His Secret Life – Festival Title/The Ignorant Fairies – International Title), which was in competition at the 2001 Berlin International Film Festival. This movie did very well in both Italy and Turkey, and Accorsi, who played a gay man, won three awards for his performance.

He was also in Tabloid TV (UK) by David Blair and Santa Maradona by Marco Ponti.

Then, Accorsi played a role in Giacomo Battiato’s Il giovane Casanova, which was made for TV.

Un viaggio chiamato amore (A Journey Called Love), his next movie, was shown at the Venice International Film Festival in 2002. He won the Coppa Volpi award for best male performance as the Italian poet Dino Campana.

For about a year, he didn’t make any more movies. During that time, he went to France. He was a member of the jury at the 2003 Venice International Film Festival. In 2004, he worked on two movies. In Ovunque sei, directed by Michele Placido, he plays a doctor who helps people in emergencies. In L’amore ritrovato, directed by Carlo Mazzacurati, he plays a man who finds his lost love.

In Les Brigades du Tigre (2005), Accorsi worked with Diane Kruger, and in La Faute à Fidel, he worked with Julie Depardieu. He was in the 2007 movie “Un baiser s’il vous plait” and its 2010 follow-up, “Baciami ancora.”

From 2010 to the present

The first film of 2010 for Accorsi, Santamaria, Pasotti, and Favino is Kiss Me Again, which takes place in the same world as The Last Kiss and continues the story from there.

In the years after that, he was in The Easy Life and Rust.

Back in theaters in 2012 with “Furious Orlando,” and on TV in 2013 with “The Camorra clan,” along with Giuseppe Zeno, Serena Rossi, and Salvatore Esposito, among others.

The project was started in 2015, based on an idea of his from 1992. It looks at the history of Italy from Tangentopoli to Silvio Berlusconi’s entry into politics. 1993 and 1994 come after 1992, and the cast includes Guido Caprino, Miriam Leone, Domenico Diele, Tea Falco, Alessandro Roja, and Antonio Gerardi.

It also shows up in Paolo Sorrentino’s 2016 series The Young Pope, which was a big hit.

Fast as the wind, which he is working on with Matilda De Angelis, came out in 2016. He also did well with At home everyone is fine (Muccino, 2018), The sample (2019), and The goddess of luck, which he did with Ferzan Ozpetek.

In 2020, he will be in let me go by Stefano Mordini with Serena Rossi.

A year later is still Theatre, love of the early years, with “Naja” by Angelo Longoni, history taken also on the screens.
Also in 1996 he worked with Wilma Labate in “my generation” and in the summer of 1997 she plays Gigi, star of “little masters”, called by “Mentor” Daniele Luchetti.
The road seems all downhill for the nice day. Begins to reap success one after another and stands out as the most promising Italian film character in decades.
In 1998 starred in the award-winning film Radiofreccia, directed by Luciano Ligabue (David di Donatello, the Ciak d’Oro and Premio Amidei as best actor); in the same year on RaiDue is “lighter” television movie directed by Elisabetta Lodoli with Giovanna Mezzogiorno, which has long been romantically linked.
Also in 1998, golden year, plays the role of the anarchist Horst Fantazzini (his countryman), in the movie “almost done” by Enzo Monteleone (who gets a Grolla d’Oro as best actor and a nomination to David) and later moved to Portugal on the set of “captains of April,” a film of civic engagement. Here his official role is that of Salgueiro Maia, one of the leaders of the uprising of 1974, known to history as the “Carnation Revolution”. 

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