Spy X Family Episode 21: Plot, Premiere Date, Trailer, Review, Where to Watch & More

Spy X Family Episode 21: Plot, Premiere Date, Trailer, Review, Where to Watch & More

At the beginning of the twenty-first episode of Spy X Family, Handler gives a document to a WISE spy named Fiona Frost and shares the latest information regarding Loid’s progress with Operation Strix. Fiona expresses regret that she and Loid haven’t been able to participate in it sooner, but Handler assures her that it’s not a huge thing.

Handler becomes enraged as a result of Fiona’s crass remark, in which she implies that she may cause difficulties. As Fiona walks away to meet Loid, the narrator informs the reader about Fiona. We find out that she would carry out any mission without blinking an eyelid, and that she is notorious for making people feel uneasy. Nightfall is her secret identity, and she has high aspirations. At the home of the Forgers, Yor mulls over the fact that she is a lousy chef and expresses the desire to one day prepare a dish that is on par with the stew recipe she discovered.

Spy x Family
Spy x Family


Spy X Family Episode 21: Recap

The doorbell is rung, and when she answers it, she sees Fiona standing in front of the entrance. Fiona makes her introduction, stating that she is a colleague of Loid’s, and then returns the magnifying lens that Yor Anya had left behind at the hospital. Yor asks Fiona if she would want to come in and wait for Loid to return from walking Bond with Anya. Fiona indicates that she would like to comply with Yor’s request. She decides to take advantage of the offer, so Yor gives her some tea.

Fiona has it in her head that she is going to usurp Yor’s job as his wife while Yor is stressed out because she doesn’t know how to deal with a visitor without Loid’s assistance. Fiona is aware that she cannot get rid of Yor since it would put them in danger; therefore, it is in their best interest to convince her to leave of their own accord. Fiona brings up Anya in conversation with Yor, and she expects that Yor will be willing to share her troubles with her, providing Fiona with an opportunity. Much to Fiona’s chagrin, Yor admits that she enjoys spending time in Anya’s company.

Fiona attempts to move the topic into the more emotional area when Yor reveals that she and Loid have some issues in their relationship. On the other hand, she ceases when Anya, Loid, and Bond come back. Through secret communication methods, Fiona and Loid discuss the more in-depth aspects of their spy plans. Anya takes advantage of her ability to read minds and discovers that Fiona, like Loid, is a spy.


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Because Lord is aware that agents are supposed to avoid unwanted contact with one another, he is perplexed. Fiona inquires whether Bond’s daily stroll is essential to the operation and wonders why he couldn’t delegate the duties to Yor instead. While Fiona’s reaction to his antics amuses Lord, he wonders aloud about her behaviour. Anya notices that Fiona and Loid aren’t getting along very well with one another.

Anya finds out that Fiona harbours romantic feelings for Loid after conducting a more in-depth investigation. We get a glimpse into Fiona’s creative process as she imagines several scenarios in which she acts in a wifely manner toward Loid. The narrator confirms that Fiona’s ultimate goal is to marry Twilight (Loid), as she states in her brain that she would provide him with all of the support he requires both for his mission and at home if she were to marry him.

Yor offers to brew more cups of hot chocolate and coffee for everyone. Yor mulls on what Fiona said as Loid, Anya, and Bond make their way back to their house while Fiona continues her conversation with Loid. Consequently, Yor is forced to consider a situation in which he would like to sell Yor to the authorities and offer Fiona the opportunity to be his wife instead. Yor has stated that she does not blame Loid for having those feelings.

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Spy X Family Episode 21: Where To Watch?

You may watch Japan’s Spy x Family anime on its native networks, such as TXN (TV Tokyo), UX, TV Shizuoka, RCC, and BS TV Tokyo. Other Japanese networks also broadcast the show. In addition, you can watch it online on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and several other streaming platforms. Your region’s availability will determine whether or not you can watch this anime on any of these platforms. Therefore, you should determine whether or not it is accessible in your nation.

Spy x Family
Spy x Family

Spy x Family Episode 21: Ending Explained!

As was said previously, when Fiona and Loid first meet at the apartment’s front entrance, they communicate with one another using a secret code. Anya is present, and she immediately knows that Fiona, like her own father before her, is also a spy. When she first sees her, she has the impression that she is an evil spy based on her appearance; yet, as she begins reading her thoughts, her perspective drastically shifts in the opposite direction. It has come to light that Fiona Frost has feelings for Loid and imagines spending the rest of her life with him. She has high expectations of succeeding Yor and being a wonderful wife to Loid, but her hands are now tied due to the obligations she shoulders and Loid’s devotion to his professional life.

It would appear that Fiona has never discussed his emotions in front of her senpai, who has trained her in the past and instilled in her the importance of keeping her genuine sentiments a secret in the role of a spy. When Fiona is in the same room as the Forgers having a conversation, she starts feeling uneasy. It occurs when Anya becomes aware that Fiona is formulating mental plans to rid herself of Yor. Because of this, she hugs her mother, expressing her appreciation for everything her mother has done for her.

Yor is moved to tears by Anya’s true love and kindness, and she assures Loid that from this point forward, she will make a more significant effort to care for her Family. In response, Loid reassures her that she has already done enough and that she need not be concerned about the situation. Because Fiona has been working with Loid for a considerable amount of time at this point, she is well familiar with his fake smile. However, although smiling at Yor, it seems like Loid is concealing some actual feeling in his expression. This is precisely what makes her feel uneasy, and as a result, she makes the decision to leave right away.

Spy x Family
Spy x Family

Spy X Family Episode 21: Release Date

The twenty-first episode of Spy x Family is anticipated to be made available for viewing on Saturday, November 26, 2022. Crunchyroll will provide fans in North America with a streaming service for the anime. The series will be available to stream in Asia on Muse Asia and Netflix (selected regions).

Every Saturday at 8:30 AM (Pacific Time), episodes of Spy x Family will be available to stream on Crunchyroll. This is the time that episode 21 will become available to viewers all over the world.

Crunchyroll is the place you go to watch episodes of this ongoing series. Several websites also make the series accessible. However, either they are behind schedule, or the quality could be better on those websites. We recommend you watch the series on Crunchyroll because it offers high quality and includes English subtitles for viewers in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Spy x Family
Spy x Family

Spy X Family Episode 20: Recap

The teachers have assigned the pupils a new project in which they are to observe and question their parents at their place of employment as part of the assignment. After Anya returns home and informs Yor about the mission, Yor begins to contemplate the assassination work she has been doing after Anya’s arrival. Anya can read Yor’s mind and reveals that she will be taking over the project work for Loid’s job rather than doing it herself. The following day, Loid accompanies Anya to the medical facility with her.

Anya asks Loid several questions while he shows her around the hospital and responds to each one. Despite this, he simultaneously runs through all of the reasons why working at the hospital is to his advantage as a spy. Anya also contacts several of Loid’s coworkers, who express to her how highly they regard his professional abilities. After that, they go into the examination room, where Lord thinks about the emergency escape route he employs for his assignment by pressing the lever, and Anya can read what’s going through his mind.

Anya finds both the liver and the hidden passageway after Loid has gone to see Nightfall and left her alone. She stumbles onto a few people having a conversation about ghosts, and then, unintentionally, she creates some noises that lead those folks to assume that the hospital is haunted. Anya reads her report at school, in which she appears to have confused Loid’s work as a doctor with his work as a spy.

Anya crafts secret codes after seeing a show about spies in the second half of the episode. She also enlists Yor’s assistance in the process of developing the regulations. Anya immediately begins handing out copies of the code to various individuals. She also gives the code to Franky, who reads it as a love letter from someone and makes it to the meeting location on time as a result. On the other side, Bond plays pranks near the end of the episode by tampering with Anya’s alarm clock.

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