Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Filming Locations

“Sonic the Hedgehog 2” is an action-adventure film directed by Jeff Fowler that is loosely based on the iconic video game franchise of the same name created by Sega. It is a prequel to the upcoming film ‘Sonic the Hedgehog,’ which will be released in 2020. Sonic the Hedgehog is a comedy film that centers on the eponymous character, who is determined to prove that he possesses all of the characteristics of a great hero. Dr. Robotnik, accompanied by his new comrade Knuckles, arrives with a dark scheme, and Knuckles’ abilities are soon put to the test. Consequently, Sonic and Tails do all in their power to prevent evil from triumphing over good.

The action-packed sequences, as well as some comic elements, elevate the story to a new level of excellence. In this live-action animated picture, however, it is the breathtaking scenery that draws the viewer’s attention. Are you interested in learning more about the locations featured in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’? If so, read on. If this is the case, we have all of the information you’ve been looking for right here!

Locations where Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was filmed

The filming of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ took place in a variety of places across Canada and the United States, including British Columbia and Hawaii. It may be of interest to you to know that the first instalment of the movie series was filmed entirely in British Columbia, Canada. All types of projects can be filmed in the province of British Columbia, thanks to its diverse terrain and diverse climate. Hawaii, on the other hand, is located in the Pacific Ocean, making it the only state in the United States that is not located on the continent of North America. Over the years, it has been used as a filming site for a number of films and television shows, including ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Avatar,’ ‘Lost,’ and ‘Magnum P.I.’

The action-adventure film’s principal photography began in mid-March 2021 and was completed in late June 2021, according to the studio. ‘Emerald Hill’ was the working title chosen by the crew. According to reports, the actors and crew completed filming in British Columbia before transferring the production to Hawaii. For those of you who are interested in learning more about the individual sites that appear in the film, here is everything we know about them!

Langley, British Columbia

For the Jim Carrey-starrer ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2,’ the production crew travelled across British Columbia, Canada, to film multiple sequences. The cast and crew were sighted filming major parts in Fort Langley, which is a component of the Township of Langley in the province of British Columbia. Green Hills is a fictional town in the film, and the village community serves as a stand-in for it.

Several tanks and a helicopter stood outside the Fort Langley Community Hall, which is located at 9167 Glover Road in Langley and was costumed as the Green Hills Town Hall. Pop Up Park, which is located at 9166 Glover Road in the Township of Langley, was used for the filming of the scene in which Dr. Robotnik demonstrates his new abilities.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Onlookers reported seeing crew members filming a car pursuit and gunfire sequence along Hastings and Hornby between 700 and 800 Hastings. The scenes were set in Seattle and appeared to be shot on Vancouver’s streets. It has also been used as a filming location for several other films, including “Juno,” “Rescued by Ruby,” and “Titanic.” The city of Vancouver, located in western Canada, has also been used as a filming location for several other films, including “Juno,” “Rescued by Ruby,” and “Titanic.”

Surrey, British Columbia

It appears that the production team also set up camp in Surrey, with tents being set up to facilitate production at A Rocha Canada, an environmental stewardship organisation located near the boundary of Surrey and Langley, and tents being set up to facilitate production at A Rocha Canada. The non-profit organization’s physical address is 1620 192 Street in Surrey, BC.

Other Locations in the Province of British Columbia

Sources have also stated that Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, and Ladysmith are all important filming locations for the movie, in addition to the previously mentioned locales. This location was used for the production of the first film in this series, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog,’ which was shot in most of these locations.

Kapolei, Hawaii

Hawaii is yet another key location in the action-adventure picture, and it acts as the backdrop for a number of notable events throughout the film. Rachel’s wedding scene is shot at Paradise Cove Luau, which can be found at 92-1089 Aliinui Drive in Kapolei. Furthermore, Hawaii appears to be used as the backdrop for Knuckles’ residence, Angel Island, in the film.

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