So Help Me Todd Season 1: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

So Help Me Todd Season 1: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

So Help Me Todd has settled into a nice rhythm after a shaky start on the viewership counter. It has become one of the most-watched shows on CBS and has gained praise for its dramedy offering in a unique detective-style format. Marcia Harden and Skylar Astin star in the central roles. Their mother-son duo camaraderie is one of the highlights that reels you into the story.

However, if you have been wondering where is the new episode (that usually drops on Thursdays), we have some bad news for you. No, the show has not been canceled midway through the season. That cannot happen with these good ratings. It is something else and you can only find it out if you read on till the end!

So Help Me Todd
So Help Me Todd

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So Help Me Todd Season 1: Plot

Todd, a private investigator without a job, is residing in Portland. He works part-time for health insurance companies to ensure that claims are paid out only partially. He’s not a bad guy, though.

In the first segment of So Help Me, Todd, Todd decides that Betty was fabricating a wound to obtain her insurance benefits, but he later absolves her when he learns that she has children. Margaret, his dominating mother, is a successful attorney. She operates her business while asking Todd repeatedly not to bother Allison, his sister. Todd is currently residing in the garage of her sister and her spouse Chuck.

Margaret’s husband, Harry, departs as the couple settles into a new home. Kim, the daughter of Margaret’s friend Cecelia, is the defendant in a murder case. The trial has been put on hold because the prosecutor was ordered to take it easy after a significant concussion case. Margaret reassures Kim, though, that they will begin on Monday anyway. Margaret agitatedly tells Todd that she can’t find Harry when he tries to smuggle a check to her for the money he “owes” her. He’s been missing for five hours and has Parkinson’s. His father suffered brain cancer and ended his life. But Todd is only now becoming aware of all of this.

So Help Me Todd
So Help Me Todd

Todd is clever enough to use his talents to obtain Harry’s current address—which he acquired differently—from the credit card company to a residence in Gresham. They make changes to the address and watch for activity. During the conversation, Todd learns about Kim’s case, although he is dubious of the prosecutor’s (Christopher) account. He finds a video recorded by the prosecutor’s daughter where he can be seen sitting at a desk just fine after doing some probing. Margaret runs to the neighbourhood court because she believes the state is hiding something. Her concerns turned out to be valid.

Additionally, as stated on the official CBS website, the series’ detailed storyline summary reads as follows: “As a little boy, Todd wanted nothing more than to be a private investigator. Now that he is, he is pretty good at it. The remainder of his erratic life? That’s a little mystery, especially to his incredibly wealthy legal mother. He reluctantly agrees when she suggests that he work as an internal investigator at her secure as a way for him to get his act together, as long as Mom is willing to give her adult son the freedom to be who he needs him to be.

So Help Me Todd Season 1: Main Characters and Cast

Marcia Gay Harden, an Oscar winner, and Skylar Astin, who played the lead mother-son duo in Pitch Perfect, are the stars of So Help Me, Todd. Margaret Wright, a fastidious attorney in a reputable legal practice, is portrayed by Harden. She enjoys abiding by the law and the norms and never accepts anything less than the best. To better his life, Margaret recruits her renegade son when he appears out of sorts. Todd (Astin), the other member of the mother-son duo, is Margaret’s sole child. He is unfocused, relaxed, and thinks that the law should be bent—precisely the reverse of his mother. He mainly relies on his humour and street smarts, which, despite not always being legal, have frequently kept him out of trouble.

In the ensemble cast, Madeline Wise (Star Trek: Picard) plays Allison, Todd’s sister and Margaret’s daughter. Allison frequently rescues Todd from the problems mentioned above he finds himself in. Susan is portrayed by Inga Schlingmann (Legal & Order: Special Victims Unit), who also plays Margaret’s coworker at her law practice and Todd’s ex-girlfriend. Francey, Margaret’s “Girl Friday,” is portrayed by Rosa Arredondo of Roswell, New Mexico, while Lyle, a licensed investigator for Margaret’s legal business, is played by Tristen J. Winger of Bigger.

The cast also includes Anthony Scardera (Maid), Mark Moses (Deputy), Manny Hernández (Coyote Creek Christmas), Andrea Brooks (Supergirl), Clayton James (Superman & Lois), and Thomas Cadrot (Nancy Drew).

So Help Me Todd
So Help Me Todd

So Help Me Todd Season 1: Trailer

Watch the trailer for So Help Me, Todd.

In the promotional trailer for So Help Me Todd, unveiled in June 2022, Astin is introduced as the gifted but aimless private detective who appears to have misplaced his investigator license. The video also features Marcia Gay Harden, who plays Todd’s mother and is portrayed as a lawyer who hires her son to assist her in her legal matters. The connection between Todd and Margaret, an eccentric team, trying to solve crimes while also learning to accept each other’s eccentricities and ethical standards, is discussed in the trailer.

There is a little bit of everything you would expect from a dramedy series, including courtroom suspense, relationship drama, and crime-solving. Of course, there is also a lot of laughter. So Help Me Todd appears to be a lighthearted program with a family focus overall.

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So Help Me Todd Season 1: Release Date

The new episode was scheduled to premiere on CBS on November 17 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. But the program has taken a midseason break.

For cable programs, Thanksgiving week is always a break, and the gap appears to have been much longer in the case of So Help Me, Todd. The network has not explained why it chose this, but the new episode will be available after December 3.

Since new episodes are released on Thursdays, we will likely be able to view episode 8, “Big Bang Theories,” on December 8 at the time previously specified. Ironically, this episode streams on the same day as Young Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory prequel.

The time is provisional and subject to change. If it does, make sure to check again here. Let’s hope the network issues a statement in the upcoming days to make everything clear!

So Help Me Todd
So Help Me Todd

So Help Me Todd Season 1: Filming Location

So Help Me Todd’s bizarre occurrences occur in Portland, Oregon. Given that Portland native Scott Prendergast, known for his 2008 picture Kabluey, was born and raised there, it makes sense that Rose City would serve as the setting for Margaret and Todd’s argument.

The episode was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, so it isn’t precisely the backdrop. The Cinemaholic asserts that Margaret’s law office, Crest, Folding & Song, is located in Vancouver’s TD Tower at 700 West Georgia Street.

The source added that in August 2022, members of the cast and crew were spotted filming scenes inside the Vancouver Art Gallery at 750 Hornby Street and the 3000 Block of Main Street in Vancouver.

The shooting site was somewhat of a letdown for the creator, who loves Portland dearly. Scott told The Oregonian, “My family has lived in Portland for as long as I can remember. Portland is such an essential part of my life.

He continued, “I tried to have the show shot in Portland, but I couldn’t pull it off. The Canadian dollar seemed overly alluring. We comprehend that it can be challenging to decline government incentives.

But Scott put a lot of effort into giving his CBS sitcom a real sense of Portland. The Oregonian mentions that Todd’s sister is a doctor and works at a Portland hospital, making me think of Oregon Health & Science University.

So Help Me Todd also features the Portland Trail Blazers, a professional basketball team, and The Portland Sentinel, a newspaper.

So Help Me Todd
So Help Me Todd

So Help Me Todd Season 1: Premiere

Thursday, September 29, marks the debut of the brand-new CBS comedy “So Help Me, Todd,” and viewers in Portland could recognize some very familiar themes. This is so because Scott Prendergast, born and raised in Portland, is the creator of the comedy-drama, and Rose City serves as the setting for the program.

On Thursday, September 29 at 9 p.m. on CBS, “So Help Me Todd” makes its debut. The program is live-streamed on Paramount Plus and fubo TV, both of which offer free trials.

Unfortunately, Vancouver, British Columbia, rather than Portland, was used for filming “So Help Me, Todd.” According to Prendergast, “I tried to get the program shot in Portland, but I couldn’t pull it off,” he said in a recent interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive. The Canadian dollar seemed overly alluring.

Todd Wright is a private investigator who lost his license due to poor judgment. Skylar Astin (“Pitch Perfect”) plays him in the movie. Todd excels in his job, yet he occasionally tends to behave unethically.

The film stars Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret Wright, a rigid attorney in Portland who is frustrated by her son’s failure to find work and pull himself together. Despite their personality conflicts, Todd is determined to recover Margaret’s spouse after he vanishes without a trace.

Prendergast’s life and involvement in the search for his mother’s missing husband served as the basis for that plot. In the TV adaptation, Margaret realizes that Todd is a competent investigator despite his propensity for cutting corners, and she employs him to work at her legal office.

Although Stumptown wasn’t used for Season 1 filming, Scott imagines a time when it may.

I wanted to show Portland as a fun, lovely, and exciting place because I love it, “Added Scott Prendergast. “For us to come to Portland and shoot at Powell’s and for me to enjoy a Pizzicato Caesar salad, I hope So Help Me Todd is a success.

Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, So Help Me Todd has a new episode.

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