Sierra Hibbert: Georgia woman is accused of ramming a Byron police car

Sierra Hibbert: Georgia woman is accused of ramming a Byron police car

 Sierra Hibbert, a 24-year-old Warner Robins resident who rammed into a police vehicle while driving dangerously with a little child in the backseat, was apprehended in Byron on Friday.

Police were looking for an SUV that was going the wrong way on Highway 42 in Byron. At the junction of routes 42 and 49, witnesses stopped Sierra’s automobile. Police claimed that despite their best efforts, the driver refused to cooperate.

They placed stop sticks beneath her tires in case she tried to drive away and deflated them. The motorist, according to the press release, hit a car that was behind her before accelerating and hitting a Byron Police car.

The woman allegedly struck two witnesses and a police car before going north on Highway 49 with a flat tire. Before police could stop her and arrest her, she was allowed to continue along Highway 49.

Sierra Hibbert Warner Robins, Georgia: Who is she?

After driving carelessly and colliding with three Byron police vehicles, an officer, and two witnesses, Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robins, Georgia, was detained by the Byron police. The mugshot of Sierra has not yet been made public.

The agency claims that neither the officers on duty nor the witnesses were significantly injured in the incident. The folks who helped the police in Byron during the traffic stop were praised.

The Peach County Sheriff’s Office, which is in charge of the investigation and Hibbert’s criminal prosecution, provided assistance with the incident.

According to Sheriff Terry Deese, Hibbert has been charged with six counts of aggravated assault. Her charges may be upgraded to include one count of endangering a child, depending on the findings of the investigation.

Sierra Hibbert’s entry on Wikipedia

There is not much information available online concerning Sierra Hibbert’s life, and she does not have a Wikipedia page. Hibbert was raised in Warner Robins, Georgia, where he was born.

She may have had her daughter in the back of her seat at the time of the incident. Unknown in terms of age, the child was uninjured.

The driver was identified as Warner Robins resident Sierra Hibbert, 24. Hibbert was traveling with a young child, who was unharmed in this encounter.

Officers caught up to her at the Highway 49 crossroads, partially stopping the SUV, and placing a Stop Stick beneath it to deflate the tires. She wasn’t responding to them and was being “uncooperative.”

Video by Sierra Hibbert on Twitter

Twitter users have been sharing the unusual incident’s dashcam video. According to bodycam video and audio, Hibbert originally resisted getting out of the car before hysterically declaring, “I didn’t do anything.”

She claims, “I did not do whatsoever you guys are talking about,” when police and others inform her that she nearly killed people and destroyed police vehicles. She says, “I didn’t do anything,” over and over again.

On July 15, Hibbert pushes the SUV into reverse, hits the car behind her, then continues to drive ahead, injuring two witnesses, one of whom is seen being knocked to the ground in the path of the moving vehicle. Silent dashcam video documents this entire incident.

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