Sidney Moorer: Who Is He? Update From ABC 20/20 On His Family And Wife, Tammy Moorer

Sidney Moorer: Who Is He? Update From ABC 20/20 On His Family And Wife, Tammy Moorer

The allegations against Sidney Moorer and his wife Tammy Moorer for the kidnapping and murder of Heather Elvis, age 20, resulted in their conviction. According to The New York Post, prosecutors alleged Tammy exploded into a “fire of jealousy.”

Before Elvis disappeared, Tammy Moorer, Moorer’s wife, reportedly learned about her husband’s affair. Despite her denials that she had anything to do with her kidnapping, she sent angry texts to Elvis regularly.

Sidney Moore
Sidney Moore

Sidney asserts that the two did converse with each other briefly on two occasions and disputes any wrongdoing, despite security camera evidence showing a truck believed to be his moving to and from the boat landing where Elvis’ car was discovered that evening.

According to phone records, many calls were made between Elvis and Sidney in the early hours of December 18 using their respective phones.

People who worked with the still-missing Heather Elvis at the Tilted Kilt in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, believe that her relationship with Sidney, a married man with three children, was not at all secretive, according to ABC News.

Brianna Kulzer, a coworker and her former roommate, asserted, “We all knew about this because people did make fun of her knowing that he was already a married man.” The girls we worked with routinely called Heather derogatory names. One day, two of the women made the decision to call the Tilted Kilt under the guise of Tammy, Sidney’s wife.

On November 5, the day after Elvis’ last encounter with her, Sidney retweeted a joke by stand-up comedian Daniel Tosh that alluded to their romance: “Hey married men, your alternatives are to murder your wife or commit adultery, not both.

At that point, you are caught. The family left South Carolina on November 19 for a road trip to Disneyland with their two children. The returned on December 11.

In 2022, where is Sidney Moorer now?

Tammy Moore
Tammy Moore

In April 2021, Sidney Moorer’s counsel asked for his client to be exonerated on the grounds that the state had relied on shaky testimony and lacked conclusive evidence that his client had committed the crime.

In order to avoid hearing the case, the court dismissed the writ because it had been “improvidently given.” As a result, they are both currently incarcerated.

In February 2013, Tammy and Sidney were both arrested for impeding the administration of justice, kidnapping, and murder. They were detained for a year before a $100,000 bond was imposed.

The members of their defense team vehemently argued that the evidence presented against them did not implicate Tammy in particular. The charges of murder were withdrawn when it occurred.

In 2016, Sidney was charged with kidnapping, but the jury was split. However, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for obstruction. He was also accused of lying to police when they were conducting their investigation.

Heather Elvis of Carolina Forest, South Carolina, went on her first date on December 17, 2013, but it ended when the man, who was apparently Sidney, left her off at her apartment at 1:15 a.m. the following day.

Elvis had gone on a date to get over her breakup with Sidney Moorer, a repairman she had met through her job at a local restaurant. Their relationship had ended two months before.

While visiting her relatives, the tilted kilt worker called her roommate Brianna Warrelmann at 1:44 a.m. to let her know how the date went. The conversation lasted for over five minutes.

Warrelman urged Elvis to avoid returning Sidney’s calls and advised him to “not do anything rash and to get some sleep.” Elvis stopped using her cell phone at six that morning, and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The Moorers were both charged with murder, obstructing justice, and indecent exposure four months later. A Medicaid fraud accusation was made against the two as a result of the investigation.

The allegations against Sidney for murder and indecent exposure were dropped in 2016, but he was convicted guilty of obstruction in 2017. Two individuals, one of whom was related to Elvis, were charged with obstructing justice in 2014 after they posted fake information online and started their own independent investigation.

Two years after his initial trial on the charges ended in a hung jury, Sidney was found guilty in a second trial. Soon after the mistrial, the Moorers were charged with a second conspiracy. Tammy was found guilty on both counts in October 2018; she is currently appealing.

Tammy Moorer, Sidney Moorer’s wife and  family

Sidney Moorer’s wife Tammy was also found guilty of kidnapping the restaurant employee. Three kids are raised by the couple.

Tammy routinely visited Disneyland using the money of lawsuits, said Qnewshub, a travel agent. Moorer was given permission to operate a travel agency in her home a few weeks prior to Heather Elvis going missing, according to WMBF News. Her travel agency was called Magical Vacations by Tammy.

According to The New York Post, Tammy Moorer started dating Heather Elvis online after learning that her husband was having an affair. She had been friends with Kevin Hummel since 1998. In October 2013, they began sexting when she messaged him on Facebook.

She was essentially looking for someone to have a physical relationship with, Hummel testified during Moorer’s trial.

Although they made phone conversations and exchanged texts, they never really met. It was a brief online romance that abruptly ended in December 2013.

On December 18, 2013, Heather Elvis, age 20, vanished from Carolina Forest, South Carolina. A married man and Heather had a brief relationship. For weeks, his enraged wife tormented Heather. At 2 am, Heather was enticed to a river landing by Sidney and Tammy Moorer. Most likely, Heather was taken hostage.

He later admitted that in order to keep Sidney faithful to her, the business representative confined him to the couple’s bed every night, changed the password on his phone to one she knew, and accompanied him anytime he left the house.

Sidney agreed to all of these restrictions in order to preserve their marriage. Additionally, Tammy made Sidney get her name tattooed above his groin.

But Tammy continued to text Heather, asking her questions like, “Hey honey, ready to meet the MRS?” and expressing concern for her physical security or implying that she had plans to kill Elvis.

Elvis texted her in return on November 1 and stated that she was “no longer someone you need to worry about.” After a period and the text “by the way, dad no longer has his phone,” Heather’s only other direct response to Tammy’s several texts undoubtedly referred to Sidney.

By contacting the Tilted Kilt frequently and threatening to stop her husband from servicing the machinery as long as the victim was employed there, his wife also tried to get Elvis fired from her job there.

At one point, Sidney apparently managed to text Elvis once more, telling him that his wife had objected to his lying about the affair more so than the fact that she had a lover as well.

He claimed that the relationship was over when Elvis pressed him for his phone back. She agreed even though she wanted Tammy to stop calling the Tilted Kilt. “They sent me home because she kept calling, and I wasted hours today,” she claimed.

Affair Between Sidney Moorer And Heather Elvis, Arrested For Kidnapping

Elvis became interested in Sidney Moorer, a 37-year-old Socastee resident who serviced the Tilted Kilt’s kitchen appliances, in June 2013. Earlier in the month, she had tweeted that she had “a penchant for older males.”

Bri Warrelmann, an employee who shared an apartment with the Carolina native, recalled Elvis pointing Moorer out to her. She expressed sexual interest in and a desire for physical contact with “the guy who builds things at my job” a little more than a month later.

She identified a person named “Sidney” as someone she would try to visit in a tweet from July 12 in response to a friend’s assertion that Elvis had “a lot of explaining to do,” and four hours later added, “baby done a terrible thing” and “I’m in far too deep. But watch as I dig in more.”

Tammy Moorer received a term for kidnapping and conspiracy in connection with Heather Elvis’ disappearance (Episode 33.) Soonest episode update.

According to reports, the victim also spoke to her friends and coworkers about her friendship with them. Moorer frequently stopped by the cafe to offer her coffee and bagels when he wasn’t working. He considered inviting Elvis to be their children’s nanny if the couple decided to move to Florida, as they were considering doing.

According to Moorer, the majority of his interactions with Elvis took place around September 2013. At the conclusion of that month, Elvis tweeted, “An angel and a devil once met and fell in love. Later understood to be a reference to the relationship, which had already ended, it did not turn out well.

Soon after, Tammy Moorer, Moorer’s wife, found out about the relationship and was furious. According to Warrelmann, Tammy compelled Sidney to call Elvis and end the relationship while she was present.

According to the state, Tammy Moorer was aware of Sidney Moorer’s alleged liaison with Heather Elvis.

Sidney allegedly told Elvis that she was “simply someone who spread your legs” and that she had no significance to him. According to Warrellmann, Sidney “really tore Heather apart as a human being and made her feel bad about herself.”

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