First Blood: Where is Sheila LaBarre now?

There has been a gradual shift toward true crime programming not only on television but also on over-the-top (OTT) platforms, and the next episode of Sheila LaBarre on First Blood is sure to draw in a larger audience.

First Blood is a documentary film directed by David Bispham that examines the beginning stages of the criminal careers of serial killers. It examines their reasons for acting in such a heinous manner while also delving into the pivotal times in their lives that lead them down such a route.

Sheila LaBarre is the subject of the episode of the series that airs this week; the following provides all of the information that readers require regarding her.

Sheila LaBarre had several marriages

Sheila LaBarre was born in the state of Alabama in 1958 and attended Fort Payne High School until she graduated in 1976. After a string of disastrous marriages and a failed attempt at ending her own life in the early 1980s, she checked herself into a mental health facility for treatment. Her husband, Ronnie Jennings, asserted that she was frequently violent as a result of her mood swings because she was afraid they would result in crimes in the future.

In 1987, she uprooted her life and relocated to Epping, New Hampshire, where she began living with Wilfred “Bill” LaBarre, a local chiropractor. Sheila LaBarre married him, acquired his surname, and remained with him until his passing in the year 2000. She later claimed that she was her husband’s common-law wife, which allowed her to inherit his whole inheritance.

She had an accident when she was young that put her into a coma, and she claimed that when she died, she found herself seated at a table with a number of guys who all had long beards. She insisted that one of the guys was God and that he told her that her task here on earth was not finished. She said that he told her this. She’returned’ to her life, according to reports, under orders to kill paedophiles and perverts like the guys who abused her when she was a child.

What did she do, and where is she now?

Sheila LaBarre welcomed Kenny Countie to her farm after the two of them met through an online personal ad. Soon after that, he moved in with her, and that March was the last time anyone saw him alive. This occurred not long after she had pushed him about in a wheelchair at a Walmart by her side, which had resulted in cuts being all over his hands and face. The youngsters had been sexually assaulted by Countie, as stated in the testimony presented in court, and LaBarre had recorded the same confession.

After being labelled a serial murderer in 2006, she pleaded guilty to the murders of Michael Deloge and Kenny Countie, for which she was also found guilty and sentenced to prison. During the course of their investigation, the authorities searched her property and came up three human toes near the farm; however, these toes did not belong to either of her victims. There have been rumours that she might have been responsible for the death of Bill LaBarre, which she strongly refutes.

An burnt mattress, human bones, and blood splatter were found during the three-week search that the police conducted at LaBarre’s farm. The police also found blood splatter in numerous spots inside the house. She confessed to stabbing Countie to death before burning his body, and she also confessed to doing the same thing to Deloge; however, the cause of death for Deloge is still a mystery.

In 2008, LaBarre was found guilty of murder and given a sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole. She is currently incarcerated at the New Hampshire Correctional Facility for Women in Concord, which is located in the state of New Hampshire.

More about A&E’s First Blood

First Blood is a documentary series on A&E that looks at some of the most prominent serial killers in the United States through the prism of the first known victims they killed. This show provides a fresh look at some of history’s most convoluted serial killers, from Ed Kemper to Wuornos.

First Blood analyses these horrifying murders by presenting never-before-seen interviews, comments from law enforcement, opinions from prominent specialists in profiling, criminology, and psychology, interactions with survivors, and a variety of other sources, including news archives. The ten episodes of the series air every Saturday night at nine o’clock Eastern Time (ET), and then they are made accessible to stream on A&E’s platform the following day.

The upcoming episode will centre on Sheila LaBarre, who is notorious for the murders she committed against her pedophilic and perverted boyfriends. This episode of Sheila LaBarre will be known as “Sheila the Peeler,” and it will be broadcast on AETV 12, TV-14, STEREO, and CC.

Next week’s episode of First Blood Season 1 will air on AETV on Saturday, August 6, and will be available to stream online the following day on A&E’s website.

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