Meet Shawn Hochuli’s Wife Cristina Hochuli and Son Ed Hochuli

Meet Shawn Hochuli’s Wife Cristina Hochuli and Son Ed Hochuli

Famous NFL official Shawn Hochuli tied the knot with the woman who would become his wife, Cristina Hochuli, in the year 2015. Additionally, his father, Ed Hochuli, was also a referee in the National Football League.

He is a very well-known referee in the NFL as well as one of the talented officials in the league, and he is carrying on the heritage of his famous referee father. After his father, Ed Hochuli, hung up his cleats in 2017, he received a promotion to the position of senior official in the National Football League.

People within the league have pointed to the promotion of Shawn Hochuli to referee as a prime example of nepotism in the NFL today. This criticism stems from the fact that Hochuli had much less experience than many other senior officials.

Even though there have been a lot of accusations and discussions about him, he is still thought of as one of the league’s most skilled referees. He was a participant in a number of historic events that will be spoken about for many years to come.


Shawn Hochuli
Shawn Hochuli


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Married Life of Shawn Hochuli and Cristina Hochuli

Shawn is a man that is currently married. He dated his now-wife, Cristina Hochuli, for a number of years before deciding to take the plunge and be married. The couple is now quite happy together. The happy couple has been together for about a decade at this point, and neither of them has experienced any traumatic events in their lives that would put a strain on their relationship in the future.

In 2013, only a few short months before Shawn’s debut as an official in the NFL, they started dating. After some time had passed in January 2014, they revealed the news of their engagement on Facebook. They got married in 2015, not much more than a year after they started dating, in front of their families and close friends, and they followed all of the appropriate rites. Since that time, the couple’s connection has been unshakeable, and there is nothing in this world that has been able to shift the base of their connection from where it was when they first started dating.

Know Shawn Hochuli and His Wife Cristina Hochuli

The happy couple now has three little ones of their own. On January 14, 2016, their first-born son, Krew, entered the world. Kooper Lynne, their second kid and only daughter, was born on April 2, 2018, while Kolt Hochuli, the newest member of the family, was born on March 10, 2020 and is their second boy. Kooper Lynne and Kolt Hochuli are their only children. The youngsters are overjoyed and are making the most of their time with both of their parents by playing and laughing together. On her Facebook profile, Cristina will share images of her kids with her followers on occasion.

Ed’s name and his career in the NFL will live on in legend for generations to come. In his heyday, he was the best ever, and he went on to compete professionally in a number of sports, including football, basketball, wrestling, and track racing, among others. He is considered the greatest of all time. In 1969, he enrolled at Canyon del Oro High School, which is located in the Oro Valley neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona. It was there that he ultimately earned his graduation. After completing his high school education, he attended the University of Texas at El Paso and received a degree with honors in 1972.

From 1969 until 1972, Hochuli participated in the University of Texas at El Paso’s football program as a linebacker for the Miners. In 1972, the Western Athletic Academic Conference recognized him as an academic All-Star in the sport of football. As a National Football League official, he worked from 1990 till 2017. Since 1983, he has been practicing law at Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C. in the capacity of an attorney.

Hochuli worked a large number of postseason games, including a total of two Super Bowls. His athletic physique and his capacity to explain on-field decisions in a way that is both succinct and efficient are the primary reasons for his fame. Hochuli broke the record for the longest-serving official in the National Football League in the year 2010. In March of 2018, he announced his intention to retire. After working as a back judge in the National Football League and an Arena Football League game, his son Shawn Hochuli was promoted to the position of referee the following year.

Shawn’s father is widely recognized as one of the best referees in the history of the NFL. In the spirit of the proverb “Like Father, Like Son,” Shawn strives to achieve the same level of success as his father by modeling his behavior after that of his father. The total number of his siblings is five. His other brother, Scott Hochuli, is employed as the manager of a construction company, while his other brothers, Daniel and Peter, are employed as town lawyers and judges in Juvenile Court, respectively.

Shawn Hochuli: Who Is He?

Shawn Hochuli is a member of the National Football League (NFL) officials staff. His birth date is June 25, 1978, and he goes by the HOCK-yuu-lee pronunciation. He dons the number 83 jersey. Following the retirement of longtime referee Ed Hochuli and another senior official, Jeff Triplette, he was promoted from back judge to referee for the 2018 NFL season. He entered the league for the first time during the 2014 NFL season.

In the modern age of the National Football Game (NFL), the promotion of Shawn Hochuli to referee has been extensively condemned as a direct example of nepotism. This criticism stems from the fact that Shawn had far less experience than many other senior officials in the league.

Hochuli is also a wealth management advisor in his other life outside of officiating.

Hochuli participated in football while attending Pitzer College.

During the 2014 NFL season, he served as a side judge for the first time.

In addition, he has served as an official for games contested in the Arena Football League, the Pac-12 Conference, and arenafootball2 competitions.

He was the head referee for ArenaBowl XXIV, which took place on August 13, 2011, and featured the Jacksonville Sharks and the Arizona Rattlers. In addition to that, he was the game’s referee in charge for one of the preseason matches in 2017. Tom Brady received the first unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of his career as a result of the penalty that he received from him in the NFC playoff game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022. The Estimated Wealth Of Shawn Hochuli In 2022

In the year 2022, referee Shawn Hochuli has an estimated net worth of approximately 3 million dollars. Working as an official in the NFL brings him a substantial income.

He is an accomplished personality who has worked in a variety of sectors, including the National Football League (NFL). The majority of his earnings come from the money he receives for his position as an official in the NFL; however, he also works for IWM partners as a financial counselor for the company. He does not like to discuss his wealth in public and prefers to keep this knowledge to himself, just as he does with the majority of the other aspects about his life.

Hochuli was a member of the Pitzer College football squad during his time there. During the 2014 NFL season, he became a member of the league. During the 2014 NFL season, he was a side judge for several games. In addition, he has worked as a referee for arenafootball2, the Arena Football League, and the Pac-12 Conference, amongst other competitions in the world of sports.

On August 13, 2011, he served as the referee for ArenaBowl XXIV, which was between the Jacksonville Sharks and the Arizona Rattlers. In addition to that, he oversaw all of the officiating for the game during the preseason of 2017 for both teams. As a result of the long-time referee Ed Hochuli and another official, Jeff Triplette, stepping down from their positions, he was elevated from the position of back judge to that of referee for the 2018 NFL season.

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Family And Brothers And Sisters Of Shawn Hochuli

Shawn followed in his father’s footsteps by playing college football at Pitzer College and is now working in the officiating booth for the sport. In 2014, he served as a side judge for the National Football League for the first time, in addition to working Arena Football League and arenafootball2 games.

On August 13, 2011, he was a referee for ArenaBowl XXIV between the Jacksonville Sharks and the Arizona Rattlers. This was the day after his father had served in the same capacity for a preseason game between the New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In the greater Phoenix area, where Shawn’s parents, Ed and Cathy, are now based, Shawn and his five other siblings spent their formative years. The Hochuli family has made their name renowned in society by establishing their family name as a brand that has a significant presence in a variety of fields and is known for being a prominent family.

Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team is a firm that is owned by his brother, Scott, and it is located in the Phoenix area. Home design and construction are the primary focuses of the company that Scott and his wife, Lorrie Hochuli, run together. The Hochuli family has called the state of Arizona home for a considerable amount of time at this point. They have established themselves in positions of critical importance and are indispensable contributors to the state’s department of law and order.

Because of this, one of his brothers, Peter Hochuli, sits on the Juvenile Court of the Pima County in Tucson, Arizona. While Daniel Hochuli, his other brother, serves as the town attorney for Sahuarita in the state of Arizona.

Shawn Hochuli
Shawn Hochuli

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Quick Facts

Profession NFL Official & LPL Wealth Advisor
DOB June 25, 1978
Birthplace Tempe, Arizona
Parents Ed & Cathie Hochuli
Marital Status Married
Wife Cristina Hochuli
Children Krew, Kooper Lynne, Kolt Hochuli


Is Shawn Hochuli Married?

Yes, Shawn Hochuli has been married to his wife Cristina Hochuli since 2015. They also have three children together.

Is Shawn Hochuli Ed Hochuli’s Son?

Yes, Shawn Hochuli is one of six children of former NFL official Ed Hochuli. Shawn stepped into his father’s footsteps as an NFL official.

What Is Shawn Hochuli’s Net Worth In 2022?

Shawn Hochuli’s net worth in 2022 is $3 Million. He is paid by the NFL as a game official.

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