Shark Tank Update on Oogiebear: Where Are They Now?

“Shark Tank,” which airs on ABC, is a hit reality series that features an innovative idea. The show showcases a number of prominent investors, most popularly referred to as “sharks,” who are interested in making investments in innovative business concepts. Entrepreneurs from all over the country are given the opportunity to present their businesses to a panel of “sharks,” or wealthy investors, in the hopes that the sharks will be interested in their ventures. Over the course of its history, the event has highlighted a great number of well-known products that are utilised by people in their day-to-day lives.

The fourteenth season of the show began with a live episode and included some remarkable products right from the bat. There was also the Farzin sisters, Sina and Nina, who presented their business, Oogiebear, which manufactures and sells infant booger pickers. Many people are interested in learning more about the company and its product as a result of the unusual concept and the response of the sharks to it. If you, too, are curious about the same thing and want to know what the company is working on these days, don’t worry; we have you covered.

Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie

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Who are these Oogiebears, and what mischief do they cause?

Sina and Nina Farzin, who are originally from Maryland, were the driving forces behind the establishment of the company. Nina had a hard time keeping her oldest child, Ariana’s, nose clean when she was just a toddler. Ariana was her first child. Nina, who is a pharmacist, was astounded to learn that there were no solutions available on the market that were both safe and healthy and would assist in keeping her child’s nose clean, which would in turn lead to healthy breathing patterns. Sina Farzin, Nina’s husband, is also in the medical field and specialises in the treatment of sinusitis, oral cavities, and respiratory disorders.

Oogiebear was founded by the Farzins despite the fact that they had never anticipated having a need for a business of their own or having the desire to go into the business world. The pair from Maryland developed an innovative snot removal instrument by combining their intellects and their various abilities. Their innovative design, which was granted a patent, makes it easier to maintain clean nostrils and eliminates mucus and other debris from the nasal cavity in a risk-free manner. The device’s purpose is to thoroughly clean a child’s nose and to alleviate any difficulties that may be brought on by obstructed airways, if at all possible.

The larger removal tool is not only useful but also has an aesthetically pleasing design. Its brilliant hue was chosen specifically to help it stand out from the crowd. The unique bear head that is attached to the end of each Oogiebear tool not only adds to the adorable appearance of the product but also serves the practical purpose of preventing the tool from being inserted too deeply into a child’s nose. The difficulty that the Farzn children were having breathing served as the seed for the idea, which now has the potential to make breathing easier for other infants.

Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie

Oogiebear, Do You Know Where They Are Now?

As of the time of this writing, Oogiebear has expanded its product line and intends to bring other baby care items to market. The business has already begun offering teething ear cleaners, toothbrushes, aspirators, nose balms, chest rubs, and a great deal more products. They have also integrated LED lights into some of the instruments to make it easier for parents to see what’s going on. Sina and Nina have stated that Oogiebear has made more than $15 million since the year 2015. The two individuals made an appearance on Shark Tank in the end of September 2022 and stated that from the beginning of the year, they have generated $5.4 million in sales with a profit of $1 million. One can easily envision how having such a large number of individuals helped them attract the attention of the sharks.

At this time, Oogiebear items can be purchased at Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Nordstrom in addition to Walmart and Amazon. There is a good chance that product sales will go up as a direct result of their recent appearance on Shark Tank. When you consider their recent cooperation with Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec, it is reasonable to expect the company to experience significant expansion in the near future. We want those who are associated with Oogiebear to know that we hope they have a lot of success in their future endeavours and send our warmest wishes their way.

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