Serra Tumay: Know About Bio, Wiki And Family Details Of Myles Garrett’s Girlfriend

Serra Tumay: Know About Bio, Wiki And Family Details Of Myles Garrett’s Girlfriend

Serra is a stunning female. But to use any of the aforementioned adjectives to describe her would be an understatement. She ranks among the most attractive female football players. She has fair skin, which goes well with her thick black hair. Her brown eyes are expressive.

Garrett received unanimous All-American recognition in 2016. Garrett has received two first-team All-Pro nods and three Pro Bowl nods during the course of his NFL career. Myles has also won numerous honours during the course of his career.

Due to the fact that the athlete was involved in a car accident, NFL fans are focused on him. He was taken to the hospital after crashing his Porsche on Monday. Fortunately, despite the car flipping multiple times, neither Garrett nor the passenger were reported to be seriously hurt. Both of them were restrained by seat belts, saving their lives.


Serra Tumay
Serra Tumay

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Serra Tumay, Myles Garrett’s Girlfriend

2019 saw the couple together on Serra’s Instagram, but it wasn’t until 2020 that they made their romance public. The adorable duo is spotted together at various gatherings, although they currently prefer alone time.

The internet has also seen some flashes of information concerning Tumay. She is said to have been born on July 11, 1991, to Turkish-born parents Jikmet Timer and Berrin Eryesil. Additionally, She is not her parents’ only child.

She also has two siblings, Sim and Selen, who are both sisters. People often wonder how she met her boyfriend because she doesn’t play any sports. She played soccer as a midfielder, albeit it hasn’t been revealed when they initially met. She also played soccer for the Turkish National Team.

Serra also has a LinkedIn profile, which offers us a comprehensive picture of her education and professional background. She is also a senior Graduate Registrant, as was stated in the part devoted to her description.

Education Of Serra Tumay

She additionally attended New York University in 2009 to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She enrolled in Teacher College at Columbia University later in 2016 with the intention of finishing her Master’s degree. She had expertise in exercise physiology and nutrition.

From 2018 to 2019, she subsequently enrolled in the same college as the dietician intern. Tumay then belonged to the Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group practise group.

After completing her internship, she worked with a few sports teams throughout the course of her career. She initially worked for the Cleveland Browns from July 2019 until January 2020 as an intern in performance nutrition.

She consequently joined UCLA Athletics in January 2020 and served as the Olympic Sports Performance Dietitian through December of the same year. She also didn’t hesitate to start her own business.

Tumay is Tohum Nutrition, LLC’s founder and performance nutritionist. She recently started working as the nutrition director for the Aton Villa football team. She is, after all, a registered graduate of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register.

Does Myles’ Have Children?

Myles of the Browns does not currently have any children, but he appears to have a strong bond and love for kids. Being surrounded by young children appears to make him happy. He also isn’t afraid to take pictures with his admirers, especially the younger ones.

The professional athlete is visible getting close to the children and supporting them when the team organises charity events. However, he might have intentions to delay having children till after marriage.

Myles Garrett’s Family

Myles, a defensive end for Cleveland, was born in Arlington, Texas, on December 29, 1995, to Audrey Garret, his mother, and Lawrance.

His older half-brother William Sean, who played collegiate basketball for Boston, is his half-sibling. He was also chosen by the New Jersey Nets with the 17th overall pick in the first round of the 2007 NBA Draft.

Additionally, Garrett has his own older sister, Brea Garrett. She participated in Texas A&M’s track and field competitions while still an undergraduate athlete.

In 2014, Brea became the first weight throw champion in Aggie history after winning the NCAA championship for throwing a 20-pound weight.

Garret has not posted a photo of his partner on Instagram. People may tag him in their story, which, nevertheless, features his girlfriend. Athletes attempt to avoid it. Despite the fact that he is well-known, we think she prefers to have a quiet life and space with him.

With over 330 posts, the 26-year-old athlete now has more than 693k verified Instagram followers. The professional athlete, however, does not favour blending his personal and professional lives.

Not just of his partner, he hardly ever posts pictures of his other relatives and close friends. Instead, he favours posting photos of his time with the youngsters, in the gym, or on a field.

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Biography of Serra Tumay

Myles Garrett is adored by football fans for his straightforward attitude toward sports. As a professional football player who isn’t scared to offer everything throughout a game, he set an example. He has scored several spectacular goals in football competitions. Because he is seeing a stunning woman, fans have begun to talk about him again. Serra is her name. Sadly, she has not shared a lot of details about her life. The information that is known about her is summarised in this article.

Serra is a stunning female. But to use any of the aforementioned adjectives to describe her would be an understatement. She ranks among the most attractive female football players. She has fair skin, which goes well with her thick black hair. Her brown eyes are expressive.

She has clear, pale skin. She has lovely symm

She is in good physical shape.

Her physique is gorgeous and sporty. She works arduously to maintain her youthful appearance. Unsurprisingly, she attracted the attention of a well-known footballer. On the internet, there are pictures of her and her boyfriend.

They appear to be the football world’s power couple. One of the sexiest and hottest couples football fans have ever seen is Serra and her lover.

The Specifics Of Their First Meeting Are Still Unknown

Serra hasn’t spoken publicly about her initial encounter with the well-known American football player. However, it’s safe to presume that they adored each other right away. Due to their both attractive personalities, it is simple to fall in love with them. Their personalities complement one another wonderfully. They get along because they hold similar views on a variety of issues. They both have great aspirations in life and are goal-oriented individuals. They never put their professions at risk for a romantic relationship. They are both quite good at managing their careers and relationships, though. These two look great together, which is why fans adore them. They exude love and positivity.

They share numerous photos of themselves showing each other love and affection on social media. They are not embarrassed to express their love for one another in public. They have a preference towards opulent items.

It comes as no surprise that she enjoys athletics. Her high school years were spent playing soccer. Her website lists sleeping, playing soccer, and going to school as her three childhood loves. She is really passionate about sports. She does not, sadly, play soccer professionally. But athletics have made a big difference in her life.

She and her lover became close because of her passion of sports. They have a wide range of viewpoints on football and other games. They enjoy discussing the ideal strategy to use throughout a game.

Her Instagram feed has a very polished appearance. She sincerely wants to assist individuals in changing their lifestyles. She is an educated woman who is passionate about diet and health. She is aware of the value of a healthy diet and regular exercise for looking good. Naturally, she looks fantastic. It is all a result of her healthy lifestyle and food.

In the eyes of the football world, Serra and Myles are nothing less than the ideal coupling. Their mutual growth is facilitated by their ambitious personalities. Serra is fully behind him in his football endeavours. He reciprocates the love and support for the industry of nutrition and wellness.

They work together as each other’s success partners. They have mastered the art of unwavering affection. The nicest aspect of their friendship is that they avoid the pointless drama that sometimes occurs in sports circles. We wish this couple a lifetime of happiness. They appear to be soul mates waiting to happen. People should use their relationships as motivation to become better and more successful in life. Myles and Serra have a good relationship.


Serra Tumay
Serra Tumay

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Serra Tumay’s Quick Facts & Wiki

Birthday July 11th, Year Unknown
Place of Birth United States
Nationality American
Residency United States
Boyfriend Myles Garrett
Job Nutritionist, Entrepreneur
Instagram @serratu
Height 1.60 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight 69 kg (154 lbs)
Tattoos N.A.
Smoking N.A.
Sister / Brother Her siblings’ names are Sim Tumay and Selen Tumay
Father & Mother Her parents’ names are Hikemet Tumay and Berrin Tumay
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth (approx.) N.A.

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