Explained Boxer Sebastian Fundora’s Net Worth in 2022

Explained Boxer Sebastian Fundora’s Net Worth in 2022

Given that Sebastian Fundora won 18 of his first 19 games, the only game he didn’t win was the one that ended in a tie. Therefore, his career profits and net worth must have been inflated.

“The Towering Inferno,” who competes in the junior middleweight division, has established himself as one of the top boxers in the world. It was his victory over Erickson Lubin in April’s “Fight of the Year” that solidified his status as a formidable opponent.

The 6’6″ singer will perform live on Showtime on October 8th “Fundora, who has a perfect record of 19-0-1, will be fighting Carlos Ocampo, who has a perfect record of 34-1-0, in the headliner position for the second fight in a row.

Boxing purists regard Fundora as a fan favourite due to the prolific punch production and forward/aggressive approach he brings to the ring. If Fundora prevails over Ocampo in 2023, he will be in a position to face whoever emerges victorious from Tim Tszyu and Jermell Charlo’s fight (unified champion).


Sebastian Fundora
Sebastian Fundora


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How Much Money Will Sebastian Fundora Have Made?

As a professional boxer, Sebastian Fundora has an estimated net worth of $500,000 at this point in his career. On the other hand, the following estimation of his worth is made in light of the achievements that he has achieved in his professional life.

MMA Guru estimates that a professional boxer makes a yearly salary of $51,370 on average.

Sebastian Fundora began his career as a professional boxer when he was 18 years old. On September 24, 2016, he competed against Jose Cardenas and won the fight via knockout in the first round.

The fights against Erickson Lubin, Jorge Cota, Sergio Garcia, Hector Manuel Zepeda, Daniel Lewis, Nathaniel Gallimore, and Habib Ahmed are among Fundora’s most notable victories. Fundora also won against Habib Ahmed.

In a fight that wasn’t for a title, he squared off against fellow American boxer Erickson Lubin on April 9, 2022. Since the fight, which he won via technical knockout in the ninth round, it has been five months and 27 days since the event.

What Is the Amount That He Receives From Sponsors?

A significant portion of a boxer’s income comes from endorsements, which is when a sponsor asks the fighter to wear their brand while competing in a match or in other public appearances such as media interviews.

In a similar vein, a typical middleweight professional boxer would, on occasion, receive requests for brand endorsements from typical businesses. In such a scenario, the money involved would be typical as well.

According to Combat Sports Event, the earnings that boxers make from endorsements increase significantly when a fight is broadcast on television and when the fight is for a title.

Boxers have the potential to earn a sizeable sum of money from having their bouts televised. In most cases, the revenue from pay-per-view events is shared equally between the combatants and the television networks, with the latter group retaining their proportionate share after that.

In the course of his boxing career, Fundora earned a salary and amassed career earnings.

Fundora got his start in boxing at a young age and was unbeatable throughout his career. Because of this, it’s possible that he was paid a salary that was in the thousands of dollars.

According to ESPN, the unexpected victory of Ocampo pays up to $600 for each win, for every 100 bets in your favour, if you have a line that is +600. On the other hand, Fundora has a disadvantage of -700, which indicates that the maximum bet required to turn a profit of $100 is $700.

The maximum payout for the tie is $3,300 for each and every $100 that was wagered.

Fundora, a 24-year-old fighter standing two metres tall with an explosive fighting style, defeated Erickson Lubin to win the interim championship. This match was one of the most exciting fights that took place in 2022. Both competitors were sent to the canvas before the fight was stopped in the ninth round in favour of the reigning champion.

On October 8, 2022, he will defend his first WBC interim super welterweight championship against Carlos Ocampo, who previously challenged for the IBF welterweight title. The fight will take place at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

If he wins the fight, he might establish a new all-time high in earnings by a few thousand dollars and set a new career high for himself.

Boxing Record for Fundora

Fundora has boxed 20 times during the course of his professional career, and he has racked up a total of 19 victories, 0 losses, and 1 draw to his name as a result of those bouts.

As of the month of October 2022, Fundora’s boxing record stands at 19-0-1 (13 knockouts). He has boxed professionally for a total of 97 rounds over the course of 20 bouts.

His height is 196 centimetres (6 feet 5.17 inches), and his reach is 203 centimetres (6 feet 7.92 inches). He fights in a posture that deviates from the norm and has an ape index of 7 centimetres ” (2.76″). Fundora has a 65% KO rate.

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Sebastian Fundora’s Family

PBC reports that both of Fundora’s parents, Freddy Sr. and Monique, have previous experience in the sport of boxing. His mother was born in Mexico, so he has Mexican ancestry.

The knowledge that Fundora’s trainer and father, Freddy Sr., was also a professional boxer and kept a tight ship both at home and in the gym provides Fundora with some peace of mind. Freddy Sr. was born in Cuba.

On Sundays, the household will relax together while also preparing meals. A custom that has been observed by the family ever since Fundora was a young child will undoubtedly involve the activation of the karaoke machine and the beginning of singing by the group.

The brother and sister team receives instruction from their dad, Freddy Fundora, in their hometown of Coachella, in the state of California.

Gabriela is Sebastian’s sister, but on his Instagram profile, you won’t find any photos of his parents or any of his other family members. Instead, you’ll find photos of Gabriela.

On September 13, 2021, she wished her father a happy birthday via Twitter and referred to him as a superhero in the post. The tweet included a photo of the two of them together.

Sebastian Fundora’s Siblings

The Fundora family moved from West Palm, Florida, to the boxing mecca of Coachella, California, when Fundora was young so that he and his five siblings would have more opportunities to compete in the ring. Fundora is a professional boxer.

According to Daily Mail, he is not the only unbeaten professional in the Fundora family; their father, Freddy Sr., is the one who instructs all of them.

Gabriela, Sebastian’s sister who is 20 years old and unbeaten, will face Naomi Arellano Reyes, who has a record of 9-1, on Saturday’s undercard. This fight, which will be the most important test of Gabriela’s young career, will take place.

Sebastian, who admitted that he would deviate from his warmup to watch Gabriela, stated that they are finally providing her with an excellent stage on which to demonstrate her abilities.

He went on to say that she was “probably the most gifted in the family” and that he would have to see her compete in that contest.

Gabriela, on the other hand, shares her tall stature with her older brother and measures a towering 5 feet 9 inches, which is typically sufficient for the same five to six inch height advantage.

Alberto Fundora, Fundora’s brother, competed in the super middleweight division for three years before calling it quits in 2017 with a perfect record of 12-0. Gabriela, his sister, turned professional in 2021 and currently holds a record of 8-0.

Who is Sebastian Fundora’s Girlfriend?

Due to the fact that his Instagram page is primarily comprised of pictures from his boxing career, Fundora, a professional boxer, has not yet introduced his girlfriend to his followers.

Even though the 24-year-old is active on Instagram, the majority of the photos on his page depict him engaging in strenuous exercise. As a direct consequence of this, very few photographs offer a glimpse or hint at his personal life.

In a similar vein, he regularly publishes photographs of himself exercising alongside his sister.


Sebastian Fundora
Sebastian Fundora


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Quick Facts About Sebastian Fundora

Age 24 years old
Birthplace West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Parents Freddy Sr. and Monique
Siblings Five
Records 20 fights (19 wins, 1 draw)


Is Sebastian Fundora Mexican?

Sebastian Fundora’s father, who is of Cuban descent, is a former pro with one bout to his credit, and his mother, who is from Mexico, dabbled in the sport as well.

Who Are Sebastian Fundora’s Parents?

Sebastian Fundora’s parents Freddy Sr. and Monique, both have boxing experience.

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