Sarah Krivanek: Who is she? Female prisoner with Brittney Griner attempted to avoid arrest with the assistance of US authorities

Sarah Krivanek: Who is she? Female prisoner with Brittney Griner attempted to avoid arrest with the assistance of US authorities

According to reports, the only other American prisoner alongside Brittney, Sarah, 46, who was detained in a domestic violence case, received a $200 repatriation loan from the US government.

After being detained earlier this year for carrying vape cartridges, WNBA star Brittney Griner now faces ten years in prison. On April 4, Yekaterina Kalugina, a Russian human rights activist, went to a detention facility in the Moscow region to speak with Griner but instead discovered another American woman who is currently detained in Russia. The WNBA star, according to the activist, kept her composure, but Sarah Krivanek, a 46-year-old American schoolteacher, appeared upset. With six other women, Krivanek is housed in a pink-painted cell. She and her Russian partner, Mikhail Karavaev, got into a domestic argument on November 11, 2021, and she was taken into custody. According to “People,” Krivanek gave Kalugina a hug and said, “How did I get in this situation? It is all false. I am a decent person.”

Then, Krivanek told Kalugina that her boyfriend had been drinking and had assaulted her on November 11. She attacked him with a kitchen knife in an attempt to defend herself, giving him “a little more than a scratch.” According to reports shared by Russian media, Krivanek was then arrested and charged with “intention to inflict slightly bodily harm” and “threaten to kill or do grievous bodily harm.” However, Krivanek explained her actions in court the following day, claiming that she was acting defensively. Her boyfriend allegedly also punched and kicked her, leaving bruises on her arms and legs. Additionally broken were three of her fingers. On the day of her arrest, a medical professional attested to her injuries.

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Later, Karavaev apologised for hurting Krivanek and withdrew his complaint. He added that the damage was unintentionally done. “Never once did I believe my life was in danger. She was merely irate that I was consuming vodka. I was the guilty party. When the police interviewed me at the station, I was still irate and inebriated, and they also assured me that she wouldn’t face charges “In court, he said. Following this, Krivanek was granted bail with the stipulation that she remain in Moscow and behave properly. The US Embassy advised Krivanek to leave Russia as soon as possible after she was freed, but this was only a short time later. Authorities allegedly informed the US Embassy about her arrest, but they later denied this.

Anita Martinez, a close friend of Krivanek, claimed that the educator was coordinating with the Embassy to secure funding for her “departure from Russia.” Anita said, “She was trying to conceal everything from him.” Krivanek’s visa to Russia had expired, but she was informed that because of the pandemic, visas would be automatically extended. On December 15, an American diplomat led her to the airport. The diplomat who accompanied her to the airport was not identified by the State Department official, who added that it was common practice for them to assist people in returning home.

A letter that Krivanek was carrying demonstrated that she had been granted a $200 repatriation loan from the US Government to help with travel expenses. She was unable to board the aircraft, though. Her passport was confiscated by the Russian authorities, and she was subsequently detained for breaking the bail conditions. When Krivanek was arrested, she was talking on a video call with a friend.

“I saw them removing her. She was getting ready to go, so we were talking. She expressed excitement but added, “I don’t know, I’m worried,” to which I replied, “Why?” Because they took my passport and haven’t given it back to me, she explained. I’m concerned that they won’t let me go. They then arrived and took her away not long after that “Anita said.

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