Sara Finance: who is she? Meet the Business Owner Making $26,000 a Month

Sara Finance, who is also known as Sara Rosalia, is a Canadian businesswoman who is currently 19 years old. Her most popular TikTok channel is called Sara Finance, and the money-making reels she posts there have garnered millions of viewers. Let’s get into the specifics of who Sara Finance is as well as her net worth.

Sara Finance
Sara Finance

Who precisely is this Sara Finance?

Someone who is relatively fresh to the scene would find that to be an insightful inquiry.

Sara Finance, who is also known as Sara Rosalia, is a young entrepreneur from Canada and she is only 19 years old. She has gained a lot of notoriety thanks to the success of her Sara Finance TikTok channel, where viewers have seen her money-making reels millions of times. Nevertheless, where did she start off?

Because she was brought up in a poor household, her mother placed a strong emphasis on the importance of a work ethic and educating oneself independently. Reading more, especially about business and finance, is what Sara believes has been the single most important factor in the remarkable improvement in her personal financial condition.

When Sara recognised that college wasn’t the right fit for her and that she loathed her job at the Canadian coffee brand Tim Hortons, she decided to start putting her wealth education to use. Sara began investing in real estate and buying a boat.

It is very important to keep in mind that Sara does not deny the fact that she has devoted a large amount of time and effort to her businesses in the past and that she will continue to do so in the future. She goes so far as to declare that she is infatuated with it! To achieve where she is now, she, too, put in a lot of labour over a period of time. Dropshipping was a failure for the first two years that it was attempted.

In other words, the depiction of going from being penniless to a millionaire in clickbait videos is not realistic; yet, the creator of these videos does get paid for views, so that’s all that really matters. Let’s now offer her the accolades she deserves because she has worked hard to improve her expertise. She has put in the necessary effort.

Timing and seizing a chance that only comes around once in a person’s lifetime have been essential components in Sara’s accomplishments to this point. Because of the epidemic and subsequent shutdown, the shopping patterns of millions of people were altered.

Add to this the collapse of the stock market that took place in March of 2020, which made it possible for anyone who had money to invest to buy premium shares at a big discount and then watch their value explode.

Both of these elements have, without a shadow of a question, been significant contributors to the quantity of money that she has been able to amass in such a short period of time. #GoodForHer

When we talk about wealth, we should mention that Sara makes the majority of her money through the following income streams:

Dividends stocks
a channel on YouTube
Shopify establishment.
Collaborations in the field of affiliate marketing

She maintains a large number of affiliate links that are associated with drop shipping.

It appears that course-sellers and YouTubers are doing this more and more these days in order to leverage more cash for themselves. In addition to the income that she gets from these affiliate links, Sara is currently making more money from the views that her videos garner on YouTube than some people will ever make from their careers.

In addition to that, Sara teaches a course on stock trading. As a result of the excitement that is currently surrounding all of the meme stocks and new traders on Robinhood, I have no doubt that she is also making money from individuals who see her on TikTok or YouTube. Again, credit go to Sara for making the most of the chance she was presented with by being in the right place at the right time.

How did Sara make $26K per month?

This Canadian-born TikTok and YouTube star, who is now 19 years old, has quietly built a considerable fortune thanks to the decisions she has made over the course of her career.

She not only creates content for social media, but she also provides mentoring to individuals who are interested in investing in the stock market and instructs dropshipping through a course.

Sara mentioned that she began with absolutely nothing. Her mother provided for the family by working jobs that paid only the bare minimum. After delivering newspapers, Sara found additional employment at Tim Hortons in order to assist. She loathed her job. When Sara was 16 years old, she started experimenting with dropshipping.

She began her career without any financial success, but she was resolute in her pursuit of success. She started working after completing an online course, and finally she sold a product that brought in $60,000 in revenue for her!

All of these things happened throughout her first year of life. When she was only 18 years old, she invested her savings in both Tesla and Apple. Tesla has been a brilliant inventor, which is something that everyone is aware of. After realising a return of 400% on her initial investment of between $60 and $70,000, she made the decision to sell her position. She has now come to regret selling that stock, but at least she is able to call the house she purchased her own. Because she has more than 256 thousand subscribers on YouTube and more than 708 thousand on TikTok, Sara has been able to upload content that is helpful to young people who aspire to be business owners.

Sara Finance
Sara Finance

Worth of Sara Finance on the Market

Sara Finance is a successful businesswoman, investor, and innovator who has amassed a multimillion dollar fortune. In addition to being a well-known YouTuber, she is also well-known for her creations on the platform Tik Tok. It has been reported that investment professor Sara Finance has a net worth of more than $500,000 dollars.

A Few Financial Facts Regarding Sara

  • She has 43K+ followers on her Instagram account.
  • In TikTok she has 654K+ fans
  • She is a social media influencer.
  • She has collaborated with various other influencers.
  • She is quite famous for his stylish looks on social media.
  • She loves traveling.

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