Sandy Fernandez: Is She Arrested? Kent woman detained for killing Baby Jose

Sandy Fernandez is being imprisoned at the King County Correctional Facility on a $1 million bond. In connection with the death of her 2-year-old son, King County prosecutors on Monday filed second-degree murder charges against a Kent woman.

She is accused of beating her child, inflicting significant inside injuries that led to an infection, shattering his jaw and skull, and breaking both of those things.

According to court documents, Fernandez acknowledged to “becoming furious” with her kid and slapping him in the abdomen before throwing him to the ground after initially denying hurting him during a police interview.

Is Sandy Fernandez In Prison For The Murder Of Baby Jose?

Fernandez is being jailed at the King County Correctional Facility on a $1 million bond.

The bond sum, according to Casey McNerthney of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, “accurately portrays the depravity of the incident,” as the defendant “punched her 2-year-old son in the belly multiple times before dumping him to the ground on a wooden floor.” These assaults seriously damaged my interior organs.

At the time of death, the victim had a cracked skull, a broken jaw, and an internal hemorrhage. According to court documents, Kent police and the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority provided help at the Hometown Suites on Pacific Highway South, where Fernandez worked and lived with her son and boyfriend.

Fernandez and her boyfriend allegedly testified that the man had began throwing up the day before, according to court records. I didn’t start feeling awake until far into the night.

Family of Sandy Fernandez Heartbroken And Terrified

Jose’s grandparents, Shaun Earl and Jaime Bentley, assert that they were unaware of the potential of Jose’s ex-partner. They were heartbroken and terrified. They allege that Fernandez and them had a strained relationship and that she banned them and their child from being involved in Jose’s life.

Fernandez allegedly confessed to punching Jose twice in the abdomen while being questioned, according to the prosecution. She also explained to police how stressed she had become after leaving her mother’s house and said that all she wanted to do was strangle her ex-boyfriend.

The prosecution claims that Fernandez, her child, and her new partner, Cristian Garcia, were living at the Kent motel where she worked. Jose slept on a blanket on the hardwood floor.

Her case will be prosecuted on August 11. Fernandez hadn’t been assigned a lawyer as of Monday night.

How Did Baby Jones’ Murder Occur?

When police notified Fernandez of the findings, she admitted to slamming her child to the ground the morning he fell ill because she was distraught from being overworked and wanted him to go back to sleep.

She originally told detectives that she didn’t mean to “slam” her son to the ground, according to court documents, but she finally admitted to beating him in April and the week before his death because he wouldn’t go to sleep.

According to the probable cause documentation, on May 23, Fernandez called 911 dispatch to report that her kid was not breathing and was not responding. When the medical staff arrived, they pronounced the boy dead, and the child had bruises, according to the investigators.

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