Ryan Pinto: Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Career and Net Worth

Ryan Pinto: Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Career and Net Worth

In the year 2022, the total net worth of Ryan Pinto is 5 million dollars US. He is an Indian entrepreneur. Ryan Pinto is his complete name, but everyone just calls him Ryan. His middle name is Pinto. He is the son of Augustine Pinto, who served as a former sheriff of Mumbai and is noted for his work in the field of education. Ryan’s childhood was marked by a profound influence from his father, Augustine Pinto, the man who in 1976 established The Ryan International Group of Institutions.

The Ryan International Group of Institutions is led by Ryan Pinto, who serves as Chief Executive Officer. Education is the cause that he cares the most about, and it is wonderful that he is working so hard for it. After this brief introduction, we will continue our discussion of Ryan Pinto by providing additional information about his life, including his biography, his lifestyle, his income, his salary, his family, and other pertinent details.


Ryan Pinto
Ryan Pinto

Net Worth of Ryan Pinto in 2022

In the year 2022, Ryan Pinto has a net worth of 5 million US dollars, which is equivalent to 40 crore Indian rupees. His annual salary is equal to 2.5 million rupees (Indian currency). The fact that even a venerable industry like education has been commercialized is one of the most lamentable aspects of the current day. Ryan Pinto is not one of those persons whose primary concern is making a living; rather, he is deeply committed to furthering his education. People who think this way regard their income and their pay as bonuses.

Early years and Educational Background of Ryan Pinto

On July 8th, 1985, he was born in the city of Mumbai. As of the year 2022, he will be 37 years old. His birthday falls under the Cancer astrological sign. He attended both St. Xavier’s High School and Hebron School, both located in Ooty, to complete his formal education. After that, he finished his undergraduate degree by enrolling at Aston University in Birmingham and Cass Business School in London respectively. He received his Master of Business Administration degree in Management and Strategy from Cass Career (Schooling), which is located in London. After earning his MBA in London, Ryan went to work for the education company that his family owned as the Chief Executive Officer of the Ryan International Group of Institutions. Because of Mr. Ryan’s significant contributions to the field of education, the Global Excellence Summit bestowed upon him the award for Asia’s Emerging Business Leader in the school year 2013–2014.

Family members of Ryan Pinto

He was born into a household that was devoutly Christian. Dr. Augustine Pinto, the son’s father, established the Ryan International Group of Institutions and served as its Chairman and Founder. In the beginning, he established a primary school in Borivali, which is a neighborhood in Mumbai. There are currently over 200 educational institutions, both in the United States and elsewhere, that are members of the association. Grace Pinto is the name of the man’s mother. She currently serves in this capacity at the Ryan International Group of Institutions.

Sonal Pinto and Dr. Snehal Pinto, who is the Director of the Ryan International Group of Institutions respectively, are his sisters (Director, Ryan International Group of Institution). He is an only child and does not have a sibling.

Detailss On Ryan International Group of Institutions

The Ryan International Schools are a network of independent educational establishments located across the globe, including in India. Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto was the one who initiated the company back in 1976. The Ryan Group opened its first school in Mumbai in 1976, and today it operates more than 135 schools in India, in addition to schools in a number of other countries. The institution maintains a presence in major cities throughout the states of Maharashtra, Delhi-National Capital Region, and Karnataka. This organization is working with educational institutions in the United States to promote learning that transcends national boundaries.

The Ryan International Group of Institutions (RIGI), which is perhaps India’s largest private sector schools chain, does not follow a franchisee model, has a centralized command over all of its schools, and it has a centralized command over all of its schools.

According to a story that was published by News 18 in September 2017, the organization is responsible for the employment of more than 18,000 teaching staff members, and each year, more than 30,000 students graduate from Ryan schools. Students who attend Ryan International Schools are referred to as “Ryanites” in popular parlance.

Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto, the founder-promoter and the chairman of RIGI, established a tiny school in 1974 with the intention of establishing an English Medium school in Mumbai for the middle class. However, these early efforts were unsuccessful, and the school was closed down. Despite this, he and Grace Albuquerque, also known as Madam Grace Pinto, who was a teacher at the time, were eventually successful in establishing St. Xavier’s High School in the Mumbai suburb of Borivali East. With the assistance of Anthony Silvapinto, who was just appointed as the new head of OLPS School in Chembur. Because of this joint effort with the Pintos de Silva, a strong and enduring connection has been forged between the two families. [5] [6]

Two distinct campuses of Ryan International School can be found in Malad, one affiliated with the CBSE and the other with the ICSE. In 2014, the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training presented the Quality School Governance Accreditation to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) school in Malad. The school is led by Sonal Naik, who serves as the Principal.

Greater Noida location of the Ryan International School

The Ryan International School Greater Noida first opened its doors in 2003 and now enrolls 3,200 pupils. There is one member of staff to support the school’s operations.


Different schools that fall under the Ryan International Group umbrella use various educational systems, including CBSE, ICSE, SSC-HSC, and IGCSE (A & O Level), as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) – Primary Years Programme (PYP). Students of the Ryan International Group achieved top ranks in the ICSE and CBSE formats for the 10th and 12th Results in 2019. These high ranks were achieved at the district, school, and national levels.

The teaching staff at many of the school’s branches has been criticized harshly by parents on the website mouthshut.com due to the parents’ perception that the teaching staff at the branches is subpar.

Tata ClassEdge has been implemented in the educational institutions located in Sharjah, Sanpada, Mangaluru, and Bengaluru, as well as Abu Dhabi.

Awarded Prizes and Acknowledgement of Ryan Pinto

In 2015, HelpAge India bestowed upon the educational institution the Samson Daniel Award.

2015 saw a total of twelve schools belonging to the Ryan International Group of Institutions be ranked among the top schools in their respective international, CBSE, and ICSE examinations.

At the Indo-UAE Business Summit in 2015, which was held in the United Arab Emirates, Madam Grace Pinto, Managing Director of the group, was presented with The World’s Greatest Leaders Award 2015 by the United Research Services Media Consulting PL and AsiaOne Magazine. This award was presented to her in the year 2015.

In 2017, Madam Grace Pinto was given the MidDay award for Lifetime Achievement in Education for her work in the field of education.


Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto is now serving in the role of Chairman of the Ryan International Group of Institutions.

Madame Grace Pinto is now serving as the Managing Director.

Ryan International Group of Institutions is led by Snehal Pinto and Sonal Pinto, both of whom serve as Directors.

Children from all around the world come to perform at this annual festival.

The institution hosts an annual International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts for its students.

The event was hosted in Mumbai in January of 2016 with the subject “Celebrating Diversity,” and it was the 14th time it has been organized. Over 40,000 students came out to participate in the event, and among them were important persons from India as well as 17 other nations.

Tax Evasion

There have been allegations that the School engaged in tax avoidance by establishing a number of ‘trusts,’ to which parents were repeatedly requested to contribute money. In February of 2007, parents filed a complaint against RIS, Ludhiana for fraudulently collecting over 10 crore Indian Rupees in tuition and admission fees, in addition to the approximately 4 crore Indian Rupees that were donated by the parents.

Allegations have been made that the business’s founders engaged in illegal share price manipulation and money laundering by investing in a “dubious finance company.”

Conditions of Poor Hygiene and Students Physical Abuse

Even though the school’s costs have gone up, the faculty at Ryan International School continues to demand additional payment from the students’ parents for extracurricular activities. These activities were originally planned to be included in the cost of attending the school. Students of the School are subjected to deplorable hygienic conditions at the school, including stench-filled washrooms that cannot be used and a lack of access to clean drinking water in many of the locations of the so-called “sparkling” Ryan schools, such as Sector 40 in Gurgaon and Kundalahall.

The preceding complaint, which was posted on Consumer Complaint site in 2016 by a group of worried parents, continues as follows: “Condition of classrooms is also not excellent. The walls and furniture have not been painted in a very long time, and the furniture has not been polished. Because to inadequate drainage, during the wet season there is a pool of water in front of each and every school gate… The children had to walk in the water during the dispersal process, so both their shoes and socks get wet. Because they are unaware of pot holes, young children can occasionally damage themselves by falling into water and getting their feet wet

A photograph shot by a parent depicting a corroded water cooler.

“There is not any water available during the snack breaks or lunch breaks. Toilets stink. Explanation provided by the supervisor: How is it possible for the school to offer water for so many students? Ayyammas are busy.”

In September of 2017, a complaint was lodged regarding the Sanpada branch, saying that the water coolers were not properly kept and that the restrooms smelled foul.

Students at Ryan International School have reportedly been subjected to everyday instances of both corporal punishment and physical abuse at the hands of teachers and other members of the school’s staff. When getting into a fight with another student on September 28, 2017, a student from class 4 at Ryan International School in Ludhiana was allegedly beaten with sticks on his arms, legs, and back by two instructors. The battle occurred after the student got into a fight with another student.

A week earlier, at the Bannerghatta branch in Bangalore, a teacher was terminated after he repeatedly caned a class 9 student for talking in class. The caning was so severe that the child needed to be hospitalized for fluid coagulation in the areas where he was hit. The teacher was caning the student for talking in class. When a Parent-Teacher conference at Ryan International School in Ludhiana became contentious in October 2011, a Physical Education teacher at the school lost his composure and picked up a wooden desk to throw at the parents in attendance.

Controversy of Ryan Pinto

Pradyuman Thakur, a student at the Ryan International School in Gurugram, was brutally killed on September 8th, 2017. A kid in grade 11 hatched the plot to commit murder in order to delay the scheduled testing and meetings with teachers and parents. Students at the same school, as well as their parents, have stated that there is a pervasive culture of violence and bullying at the institution, and that the school administration does more to cover up the incidents than to take measures to stop them. Following the investigation into the murder, the principal, Neerja Batra, was placed on administrative leave, and a lawsuit was brought against Ryan Group and the Pinto family.

Ryan Pinto
Ryan Pinto

Interesting Facts:

  • Ryan Pinto belongs to a rich business class family in Mumbai.
  • After his MBA from London, Ryan joined his family business of education as the CEO of Ryan International Group of Institution.
  • His father, Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto, founded Ryan International Schools in 1976.
  • In 1976, Ryan Schools opened its first school in Mumbai’s Malad district. Currently, it operates 130+ schools, has nearly 16,000 faculty members, and has about 2,50,000 students.
  • In London, WCRC and E&Y recognized him as an Emerging Business Leader.
  • In 2011, Ryan starred with Rajpal Yadav and Johnny Lever in the Bollywood film “Masti Express.”
  •       In 2013, Mr. Ryan was awarded Asia’s Emerging Business Leader at the Global Excellence Summit, London, for his contributions to school education in India.

Some Brands of Ryan International Group of Institutions:

  • Ryan Global School
  • Ryan Private school
  • Ryan International School
  • Ryan International Academy.
  • Ryan Shalom Montessori
  • St. Xavier Education


What is the total net worth of Ryan Pinto?

Ryan Pinto net worth is estimated at 5 million USD in 2022 and 40 crore Indian rupees.

What is Ryan Pinto’s Qualification?

He received his school education from St. Xavier’s High School and Hebron School in Ooty. Then, he attended Aston University, Birmingham, and Cass Business School, London, to complete a college education. From Cass Career (Schooling), London, he earned an MBA in Management & Strategy.

What is the age of Ryan Pinto?

He was born in Mumbai on 8 July 1985. He is 37 year old as of 2022.

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