Ryan Goodell the husband of Nikki Deloach,: 5 Quick Facts

Take 5 member Ryan Goodell is the spouse of the actor Nikki Deloach.

As a favorite of Hallmark, his wife is, however, the center of attention. The PG-13 love stories and uplifting stories that are shown on the family-friendly channel are catered to those with pure hearts who want to spend their holidays with others.

With 40 original films and a round-the-clock streaming service beginning on Halloween, they recently released its 2022 slate.

The Gift of Peace, in which Brennan Elliott also stars, is slated for release at the end of the year. Deloach portrays a struggling artist who, despite the fact that her parents were still alive, had lost her faith in God as a result of the terrible death of her ex-boyfriend.

Her second Christmas without him, however, gave her hope as the main character attempted to mend her wounded heart. However, we were able to unearth five startling facts about her real-life husband, who is not too fond of his desire for the limelight.

Ryan Goodell
Ryan Goodell

In a nutshell:

Name Ryan Goodell
Spouse Nikki DeLoach (m. 2009)
Children 2
Siblings Jeff Goodell, Courtney Goodell
Music group Take 5

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1. Ryan Goodell Is The Husband Of Actress Nikki DeLoach

Ryan Goodell, a former soldier, and actress Nikki DeLoach were married. Please count five.

Prior to making the big decision to get married on September 5, 2009, the pair had been dating for a few months.

Even though they had highly public lives, they opted to keep their endeavors private and limited their guest list to immediate relatives and friends.

DeLoach is also not a stranger to the entertainment industry; as a young contestant, she won multiple state titles.

She was the ideal candidate to be the up-and-coming model with her blonde hair and slim figure. In an effort to pursue the many different professions in the entertainment industry that were available, her family swiftly chose an agent for her and signed a contract with Georgia 4-H Performing Arts organization Clovers & Company.

She performed with future pop sensations Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake in the All-New Mickey Mouse Club, but 90s kids remember her as one of the show’s most recognizable faces.

Unfortunately, the project was short-lived as she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her goals one last time and then went back to her high school to finish her diploma.

His mother invited her to join the girl group Innosense, which is how she first connected to Timberlake. She gave her mind, body, and soul to the goals she set for herself as an actor, so they did not experience the nearly desired reactions.

Later, she had a few successes with the television shows North Shore, Windfall, and the Sandra Bullock thriller The Net. However, Hollywood, a French comedy, gave her her breakout role.

She currently splits her time between big-screen productions and the occasional co-hosting of the Young Turks Livestream political YouTube channel.

2. Bennett, the son of Ryan Goodell, nearly died

The father of two gorgeous kids, Ryan Goodell, an attorney, nearly lost his son Bennett.

His wife, Nikki, spoke candidly about their agonizing challenges with her second pregnancy in a subsequent interview with People’s magazine. They learned that their infant had multiple cardiac problems when she was five months old and would require surgery to increase his chances of surviving.

The first trimester started out nicely for them, with the physicians enthusingly informing them about the baby’s perfectly formed limbs. In fact, after noticing a change in the technician’s demeanor, they requested a fetal echocardiography.

While she hurried to call the doctor, her husband did in fact reassure her not to worry, but her mother’s institution warned her that something was off and she should call right away.

His ventricular septal defect necessitated surgical adjustments to reposition his coronary artery, which was thoroughly examined and explained after the medical professional arrived.

As a result of the arteries being attached to the incorrect valves, his organs were receiving tainted blood.

They valiantly underwent countless shots on the arms for tests, but she remained steadfast thanks to her faith and her husband’s support.

As the due date approached, they were increasingly frightened until she learned about Kelly Zajfen, another mother who had gone through what she had. As they promised to give her the best care possible, she made contact with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

In 2017, when her kid was finally born, Vaughn Starnes, a surgeon, was instantly brought into the family to save the infant by a medical miracle.

Even when he sneezed, his parents never forgot to give thanks to the stars since their prayers had been heard, despite their concerns over his wounds and frail frame.

3. Ryan Goodell, 42, Belonged to the group Take 5

42-year-old Ryan Goodell, a member of Take Five, discovered some tips and techniques for enhancing his skin’s radiance because he does not appear to be a day over 35.

We know that the ex-pop star’s wife is from Waycross, Georgia, but he refuses to reveal how he got started in show business. Her early years were spent on a farm as she grew up as the oldest of three children.

While she was busy fulfilling her dreams, her future spouse was working toward his.

He did create a band with his friends, Tilky Jones, Stevie Sculthorpe, Tim Christofore, and brother Jeff.

Ryan has experience playing the piano and had been with his brother in a number of commercials and plays.

Under the joint initiative of Edel Music and Elektra Records, the guys adopted the name Take 5. The production made Europe its target audience in the hopes that its previous experiences in the field would be successful.

They toured the huge continents for four years, releasing a full-length record that peaked at #26 on the Billboard charts, and they even took part in some extreme sports.

Unfortunately, they had a disagreement over a contract and chose to part ways in the early 2000s.

After that, a former bandmate came up with accusations of Pearlman’s wrongdoing, and other bands he managed backed him.

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Ryan Goodell
Ryan Goodell

4. There Are Five People In Ryan Goodell’s Family

Ryan Goodell has five siblings, including Jeff and Courtney Goodell, who are a little-known aspect of his life.

While working as an administrator, his sister avoided the spotlight.

When they were both working for Take 5, the brothers were linked at the hip, but they eventually drifted apart.

They did, in fact, choose to go down a different path and go back to school, earning degrees in their specialized industries. Jeff pursued his interest in entertainment and film production while Ryan developed a passion for the law of the entertainment industry.

Because he continued his directing endeavors after his singing career fizzled, Jeff is a more famous figure from a pop culture perspective. Ford v Ferrari, Secret in Their Eyes, and The Gray Man are listed as some of his most recent TV work credits on his IMDb.

Big Brother and the prestigious Grammy Awards were among his first jobs.

Aside from that, he fell in love, got married in the late 2000s, and had his son William Hudson Goodell in 2013.

The couple shared their excitement about becoming parents for the first time, but they decided to prioritize their own careers before taking care of a child.

As they realized they would adore him, they did in fact notice their love getting stronger and more intense.

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5. The total wealth of Ryan Goodell is 1 Million Dollars

With a $1 million net worth, Ryan Goodell is appreciative of his time working as an entertainment attorney.

He was hired by Morris Yorn Barnes Levine Entertainment Law Firm in 2010, according to his LinkedIn profile, where he is currently listed as a partner.

In 2005, Ryan started working for Callahan, McCune & Willis as a file clerk after receiving his BA in political science from the University of California.

After realizing he required more to support his profession, he kept working as a legal intern at ICM.

He did obtain a doctorate in law from Loyola Law School, and he also obtained employment as a law clerk at Toberoff & Associates.

In 2009, he collaborated with The Film Department, which saw him alter his focus from corporate tasks to entertainment.

He was only employed there for six months as a business affairs assistant, thus he did not survive long before moving on to William Morris Endeavor.

Some FAQs

Who is Nikki DeLoach married to?

DeLoach married Ryan Goodell, who was a member of the boy band Take 5, in September 2009.

Does Nikki DeLoach have kids?

In April 2013, DeLoach announced that she was pregnant. Their son William Hudson Goodell was born on October 22, 2013. Their second son, Bennett Christopher Goodell, was born on September 20, 2017.

Did Nikki DeLoach lose a child?

Nikki DeLoach was devastated to learn at five months pregnant that her unborn son, Bennett Christopher Goodell, had multiple heart defects and might not survive.

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