Roger Weaver Freed, Principal Of Williamsport School charged with sexual assault & arrested

After an inquiry revealed that a Williamsport principal had a seven-year relationship with a student, he was charged with sexual assault.

After the investigation, Freed was charged with several offenses, including having sex with a student at school.
Along with it, they discovered minor corruption, selling or giving alcohol to a minor, as well as sexual and severe assault without consent.
When Eyewitness News tried to get in touch with the Williamsport Area School District about the accusations made against Freed, we were informed that the district would not be commenting at this time.

Who Is Roger Weaver Freed?

Williamsport Area School District official Roger Weaver Freed, 34, of Cogan Station, had a sexual relationship with a pupil between the ages of 16 and 22.
While the student was enrolled in the Williamsport Area School District, the claimed encounter allegedly took place.
When Freed was in the ninth or tenth grade in either 2014 or 2015, the investigators first encountered him at the Williamsport Area Middle School Service Center.

The youngster made it clear that they thought of Freed as an elder brother they could confide in.
Investigators were told by the student that their relationship with Freed developed sexually while they were seniors in high school and persisted for seven years, up to April of 2022.
The child allegedly said they would “make out,” smoke cigars, and drink alcohol in Freed’s office, according to the police report.

Roger Weaver, a principal in Williamsport, and his family

No information regarding Roger’s family, including his wife and kids, has been made public as of yet.
The child sought Freed’s assistance for emotional support while he was in the ninth grade, according to court documents.
Both the Williamsport Area High School and Freed’s former city residence are named as places of purported sexual encounters.
Freed is under investigation for a number of offenses, the most serious of which include aggravated indecent assault and sexual assault.
Williamsport Area High School administrator Roger Weaver Freed, 34, is accused of having a long-term sexual relationship with a student that persisted after the youngster left high school and while he was enrolled in college.
However, the Principal was granted bail and allowed to leave, with the condition that he keep a safe distance from the person thought to be the crime’s victim.
Additionally, he has to consistently wear an ankle monitor. The Williamsport Area School District declined to comment when asked about Mr. Freed’s current working circumstances.

Charges Against Roger Weaver Dropped, Court Case Described

A Pennsylvania high school administrator has been charged with 30 counts of having sexual relations, according to court documents that were submitted on Monday.
Former Williamsport Area High School administrator Roger Weaver Freed, 34, is charged with having repeated sexual encounters with a student.
It persisted after the student graduated from high school and while he was enrolled in college, according to court documents submitted to the office of a magisterial district judge.
Freed is charged with 30 charges of having intercourse with a student in a public place in the third degree.
He is charged with numerous additional offenses, including second-degree felony sexual assault and third-degree felony corruption of adolescents, according to court records.
Additionally, Roger was charged with three misdemeanor counts of supplying alcohol to a juvenile as well as second-degree aggravated indecent assault without consent.

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