Why Is Rick Resistant to Closing the Rift? Does He Fix the Portal Gun in Season 6 of Rick and Morty?

Why Is Rick Resistant to Closing the Rift? Does He Fix the Portal Gun in Season 6 of Rick and Morty?

The sixth season of “Rick and Morty” deviates from the show’s established formula by concentrating on the title characters’ travels sans the portal gun. The tool is a recurring element in the science-fiction series and Rick Sanchez’s signature. Rick is unable to teleport to different dimensions using the portal cannon in the sixth season opener.

Rick makes little progress on the portal cannon repair in the sixth episode of season 6, indicating that he probably does not want to fix the interdimensional transit system. In order to find out whether Rick fixes the portal gun and why he is hesitant, viewers must be interested. Here is all the information you need to know about Rick, the Rift, and the portal gun in “Rick and Morty” season 6 if you’re looking for answers in those areas! Spoilers follow!

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty

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Why Is Rick Resistant to Closing the Rift?

Rick and Morty discover the ultimate scheme of Evil Morty, a.k.a. President Morty, in the fifth season finale of “Rick and Morty,” titled “Rickmurai Jack.” The Morty version demolishes Ricks’ Citadel and escapes past the Central Finite Curve. Rick is the smartest person in his universe, and all other universes are divided by the Central Finite Curve. The Central Finite Curve serves as the foundation for Rick’s portal weapon and portal-traveling technology. Rick’s portal rifle is therefore ineffective when President Morty obliterates the Central Finite Curve. Additionally, it causes a number of rifts in the multiverse.

In the opening episode of the sixth season, titled “Solaricks,” Rick tries to restore the portal travel system but is unsuccessful. All variations are brought back to their original dimension by his acts. Rick reconciles his family and makes a commitment to repair the multiverse. But as of the sixth episode, he hasn’t fully closed all the multiverse rifts. One gap is still open, and it appears that Rick is thinking about severing his connection to the multiverse. Killer Rick is forced to return to his own dimension as a result of Rick’s error while repairing the portal traveling system. The Rick variation murdered the members of Rick C-137’s family. Therefore, Rick probably holds his link to the multiverse responsible for the passing of his family. He might be hesitant to close the breach in the multiverse as a result. Rick might possibly believe that by not healing the rift, he can prevent another conflict with Killer Rick.

Repairs the Portal Gun by Rick

The split in the multiverse is closed by Rick’s meeting with an alien species of sentient dinosaurs in the sixth episode of season 6, titled “Juricksic Mort.” Out of resentment for Rick, the dinosaurs repair the divide. Rick, on the other hand, is not very eager to fix the problem. He does, however, mend the portal cannon towards the conclusion of the episode. In the episode, Rick is struggling with his mental health and is only making slow progress on fixing the portal cannon. He adds that the failure to finish the assignment is due to a lack of drive and creative inspiration. As a result, for the most of the episode, the portal gun is still incomplete.

But after dealing with the dinosaur problems, Rick becomes inspired to fix the portal cannon. In the last seconds, Rick hands Morty the fixed and upgraded pistol. Rick expresses his eagerness at having more traditional dimension-hopping adventures with his grandson as the two prepare to travel to “Bob World.” As a result, by the end of the episode, Rick has fixed the portal cannon and he and Morty are once more free to explore intriguing new dimensions. The Smith family will face additional challenges and threats in the remaining episodes of season 6.

Rick and Morty’s Storyline

Rick and Morty is an adult animated science-fiction sitcom that originated in the United States and is broadcast on the evening television block known as Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. The show was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Warner Bros. Domestic Television is in charge of the show’s distribution on a global scale. The misadventures of cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith are chronicled throughout the course of the series. Rick and Morty divide their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures that take place across an infinite number of realities. They frequently travel to other planets and dimensions through portals and on Rick’s flying saucer. The basic premise of Rick and Morty is based on two competing storylines: one is about a dysfunctional family, and the other is about an alcoholic grandfather who gets his grandson into all kinds of mischief.

Roiland provides the voices for the title characters, Rick and Morty, while Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, and Sarah Chalke provide the voices for the rest of Rick and Morty’s family. The animated short film “Back to the Future: The Animated Series,” which was made by Roiland for the Channel 101 Short Film Festival, which was co-founded by Harmon, served as the inspiration for the series. Since it first aired, this series has consistently been praised by critics for the uniqueness, inventiveness, and humor that it displays. They have been recognized as the Outstanding Animated Program at the Primetime Emmy Awards on three separate occasions, winning the honor in 2018 and 2020 respectively. Additionally, they have been honored with two Annie Awards. The sitcom has held the title of having the most viewers among adult comedies on television on multiple occasions. Because of how popular it is, Rick and Morty has become a media and merchandise franchise that is worth one billion dollars.

The first episode of the fifth season aired on June 20, 2021, and there were a total of ten episodes in the season. On September 4, 2022, the first episode of the sixth season was broadcast. As part of a multi-year agreement with Cartoon Network, the series has been renewed for a seventh season, and the network has ordered an additional 70 episodes.

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The Plot of Rick and Morty

The antics of Jerry and Beth Smith, their daughters Summer and Morty, as well as Rick Sanchez, Beth’s father, who is a visitor at their home, are the focus of the show. Rick Sanchez is a member of the Smith family and lives with them. According to Justin Roiland, the family resides in the region of Washington that is outside of Seattle. [4] The adventures of Rick and Morty, on the other hand, take place in an endless number of realities, with the protagonists traveling to different worlds and universes through portals and Rick’s flying saucer. Rick and Morty is an animated series created by Adult Swim and starring Rick Yune and Morty.

Rick is a strange and drunken mad scientist who shuns many of society’s norms and traditions, including going to school, getting married, falling in love, and having a family. He frequently embarks on adventures with his grandson Morty, who is 14 years old and has a kind heart but is easily distressed. Morty’s naivety but grounded moral compass serves as a counterweight to Rick’s Machiavellian ego. Summer, who is Morty’s older sister and is 17 years old, is a more conventional adolescent who is concerned about increasing her position among her friends. She occasionally joins Rick and Morty on their exploits. Summer is Morty’s older sister. Beth, the mother of the children, is a generally level-headed person and an authoritative presence in the household. Despite being self-conscious about her work as a horse surgeon, she maintains a level head in most situations. She is unhappy in her marriage to Jerry, a guy who is simple-minded and insecure and who disapproves of Rick’s influence over his family. This causes her to be dissatisfied with her marriage.

In the show’s multiverse, alternate incarnations of the characters can be found in other realities, and the personalities of these characters can shift from one reality to the next depending on where they are. Rick Sanchez of Earth Dimension C-137 is the name by which the show’s original Rick refers to himself, although this does not apply to any of the other members of the Smith family. Rick is the only member of the Smith family to use this moniker. For instance, in the first season’s episode “Rick Potion #9,” after turning the entire population of the world into monsters, Rick and Morty move to a different dimension, leaving the original Summer, Beth, and Jerry behind. In this new dimension, Rick and Morty find the original versions of Summer, Beth, and Jerry. In the season 5 finale, “Rickmurai Jack,” it is shown that the original Rick’s original family was murdered by an alternate version of himself. In the season 6 premiere, “Solaricks,” it is revealed that this alternate Rick is Morty’s biological grandfather instead of the one the show focuses on. Rick and Morty themselves are also from different dimensions.

Rick and Morty

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Episodes of Rick and Morty

The contribution made by Rick lowers the significance of the dinosaurs and the sacrifice they made. Because it is unable to comprehend this information, one of the dinosaurs destroys the meteor. Therefore, Rick’s little game is evidence that the dinosaurs weren’t genuinely nice, but rather that they were just enjoying the “godly” status they were accorded as a result of their helpful nature. After Rick has been successful in thwarting their plot, they decide to repay him kindness by patching the hole in the multiverse that Rick had been trying to avoid repairing. On the other hand, Rick is furious with them for closing the rift, since he believes that doing so would have made for an excellent story arc for the program to cover over the course of three episodes.

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