Since 2012, Richie Anderson has been dating Dean Eagles, Their Dating Timeline Explored

Since 2012, Richie Anderson has been dating Dean Eagles, Their Dating Timeline Explored

Richie Anderson, a BBC radio and television personality, is married to Dean Eagles. Continue reading this article to learn more about Richie.

In the Sunday League, Anderson used to play for Coombs Wood F.C. He currently provides travel reports on BBC Radio 2 on weekday mornings.

In August 2022, it was confirmed that he would be taking part in the 20th season of Strictly Come Dancing.

He has reported on travel news for BBC Radio 2’s mid-morning program The Radio 2 Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball and Ken Bruce since January 2019.

After Rachel Horne relocated to Virgin Radio, he took her place. The famous person occasionally produces Bank Holiday-themed special programming for Radio 2.

Dean Eagles & Richie Anderson are they wed?

Dean Eagles and Richie Anderson have been a team since 2012. After being together for ten years, they recently celebrated their anniversary in Italy.

Although Anderson does have a boyfriend, they have not yet tied the knot. Up until now, they haven’t released any official marriage announcements.

Numerous pictures of the celebrity and his partner have been shared on social media.

He shared pictures of Dean and himself seeing the Colosseum in Rome, sipping drinks on a giant bean bag, and enjoying a sunset dinner on the boat.

Richie Anderson: Is he gay?

Richie Anderson has openly acknowledged his homosexuality.

In 2018, after participating in a football match for BBC’s The One Show, he came out as gay to his teammates in an effort to highlight the difficulties associated with homophobia in sports.

The broadcaster and fellow Radio 2 hosts Jo Whiley and Kate Bottley competed in three triathlons over the course of three days in 2020 as part of the Dare To Tri campaign to benefit Sport Relief.

He periodically covers a variety of topics on The One Show on BBC One. Richie has additionally taken part in Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two on BBC Two as a guest reviewer.

He began his radio career on BBC WM, where he held his show from August 2015 to March 2020. At the start of 2015, he had previously substituted for several presenters.

Before he began anchoring, Anderson covered football for BBC WM during their matchday segments. As “Roaming Richie,” he did pre- and post-game interviews with fans.

He gained notoriety at this time for his vox pop “man on the street” interviewing style.

Age Disparity Between Dean Eagle and Richie Anderson

Richie Anderson and Dean Eagles haven’t made their ages known online, but judging by how they look, they are in their 30s.

The age difference between them is not too great. The radio personality is of British descent and blends in well with the groups of people of different races.

He began working for BBC as a moderator for both TV and radio after earning his degree.

He currently works as a host and moderator for the prestigious TV network BBC.

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