Richelle Nice is currently where? What Has Happened To Juror Scott Peterson?

The prosecution and defence presented their cases for and against Scott Peterson’s right to a second trial in the 2002 murders of his wife and unborn child before a California court on Thursday.

Richelle Nice’s prejudice as a juror was claimed by the defence as justification for the hearing. They alleged Nice lied to join the jury that convicted Peterson in 2004 and gave him the death penalty for the murders of Laci, 27, and the unborn child they planned to call Conner.

The death sentence for Peterson was overturned by the California Supreme Court in 2020, and Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo was given the task of deciding whether Peterson received a fair trial.

Nice, Richelle Where is Scott Peterson Juror Right Now?

Nice, a juror for Scott Peterson, is currently in court in California. She was a replacement juror who joined the jury’s deliberations after the dismissal of the first two jurors.

Among other things, Nice wanted to be on the jury for celebrity and money, according to the Peterson defence team. They further assert that she misled once more in a sworn affidavit made in 2020 after lying about her impartiality to be included on the jury.

In the 2004 trial that resulted in Peterson’s conviction for the deaths of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn baby, Nice served as Juror 7.

In addition, Nice previously testified in court that she had no preconceptions about Peterson until she learned that he had thrown his wife’s body into San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve 2002.

“Judge Anne Christine Massullo will determine if Scott Peterson will be given a second murder trial,” a digital reporter for Kron4 news tweeted.

She will make the determination of whether juror Richelle Nice lied willfully during the jury selection. She claimed that she allegedly concealed information that would have revealed Peterson’s partiality.

How did Richelle Nice fare?

According to Oxygen, Nice omitted information about her past of domestic abuse. She admitted that she had only requested the restraining order out of “spite” and that she had not been concerned for her unborn child.

While she was expecting a second child in 2001, Nice’s boyfriend is alleged to have beaten her.

According to Nice, who was quoted by The Mercury News, “To be honest with you, I never thought about any of this when I answered the form.”

Nice admitted to punching her boyfriend in the face during an argument that may have been about his infidelity, but she denied being the victim of intimate partner abuse.

She further stated that when making her decision in Peterson’s case, she “absolutely” relied on the evidence and not prior notions.

Did She Lie About Richelle Nice’s Controversial Letters And Misconduct?

According to the San Jose newspaper, Nice confessed writing 17 letters to Peterson while he was on execution row but insisted that he wasn’t being unfair.

Nice responded, “Unfortunately, yes,” when asked if she had written the letters she began delivering six months after Peterson’s conviction. Nice said that her therapist suggested she write Peterson as a means to manage her mental health.

Eight times, according to Peterson’s lawyers, he replied to Nice.

What occurred that evening, Scott? In 2005, Peterson published Nice. What emotions would you have had if you had to kill a person who loved you so deeply and held a piece of you inside of her?

In addition, the Law & Order Network anchor wrote, “According to Scott Peterson, “Strawberry Shortcake” Richelle Nice engaged in improper jury behaviour. He claims she made up being a victim of domestic violence on a form. She didn’t lie, claims Nice. A final argument for and against a fresh trial is made by each party.”

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