Recap of the Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 finale and its resolution

In the twelfth episode of season 2 of ‘Rent a Girlfriend,’ titled ‘Girlfriend and Me,’ Mizuhara worries about her grandmother’s deteriorating health and remembers the promise that she made to her. She grieves the loss of her grandfather, who reassured her on his deathbed that she will one day realise her acting ambitions. Despite this, she has begun to question her abilities as an actress because she keeps getting turned down for roles in auditions. She misses her grandfather. At the precise moment that Mizuhara is on the verge of abandoning all hope, Kazuya presents her with an audacious strategy that has the potential to completely transform the situation. Find out everything you need to know about the conclusion of “Rent a Girlfriend” or “Kanojo, Okarishimasu” season 2 episode 12 in the following article. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Rent A GirlFriend
Rent A GirlFriend

A Recap of the Final Episode of Season 2 of “Rent a Girlfriend”

Mizuhara continues to put out her best effort in order to realise her acting goals before it is too late, despite the fact that her grandma is in the hospital and fighting for her life each and every day. Mizuhara’s grandma Sayuri’s health is deteriorating, and as a result, Mizuhara does not have a lot of time to accomplish the ambitious aim that she has always wanted to accomplish, which is to present grandma Sayuri a movie in which she is starring. Thankfully, she is able to continue pursuing her ambition of acting despite the financial challenges she has thanks to the work she has as a rental girlfriend.

Mizuhara says that the discovery that her grandma Sayuri had been a famous actress in the past was the moment that sparked her initial interest in the performing arts. Seeing her on the covers of movie DVDs was a primary factor that played a significant role in the development of her desire to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In the meantime, her grandfather was another person who provided her with a lot of support. Unfortuitously, while she was still in school, she received the terrible news that dad had been gravely injured in a car accident. The tragedy had occurred earlier.

When Mizuhara arrived at the hospital in a hurry, she discovered him in a grave state with his grandmother Sayuri by his side. During the subsequent days, she prayed with all of her heart, but unfortunately, his condition did not improve despite her efforts. Mizuhara was comforted by her father’s words as he lay on his deathbed, which were that she will one day realise her acting ambitions. That particular instant will remain ingrained in Mizuhara’s memory forever.

Mizuhara is determined to realise her ambitions because, at this point in her life, she is the last surviving relative other than her grandmother. She has had a hard and exhausting day, and when she finally gets home, she makes the decision to check the outcomes of her most recent auditions. Unfortuitously, Mizuhara is not cast in any of them despite her best efforts. She has tried everything she can, but to no avail; as a result, she has reached the point where she can no longer take it and has begun sobbing.

She takes the photo of her grandfather in her hands and asks him if she will ever be able to accomplish the things she has always dreamed of. Mizuhara rarely displays any signs of emotion, but the recent news of her grandmother’s deteriorating health and her lack of success in landing a part have apparently become too much for her to bear. On the other hand, Kazuya has, unbeknownst to her, devised a cunning strategy to assist her in realising her ambitions, and she has no idea about it.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Finale Ending: How Does Kazuya Plan to Make Mizuhara’s Dream Come True? What Are the Challenges That He Faces?

Mizuhara is recalling her grandfather, who passed away, and she is grieving in her chamber when she hears a knock at the door. Mizuhara discovers Kazuya there waiting for her as soon as she opens the door. He doesn’t utter a single word as he pushes his way into her flat despite the fact that Mizuhara is attempting to stop him. She quickly found out the cause for his peculiar conduct, which confirmed her initial impression of its strangeness.

When Kazuya demonstrates his laptop to her, she immediately spots a page on a website that accepts donations from users. He tells her that he has the intention of assisting her in the production of an independent film so that she can present it to grandma Sayuri. Given the little amount of time that is available, this is the only way for her to make her grandmother happy and grant her dream. He argues that in order to make a movie with a low budget, they may be able to raise a respectable number of money using the website.

The crowdfunding website currently has 200 applications that are comparable to what you’re looking for, and of those, over 70 percent of them succeeded to gather money within the allotted 30 days. As a consequence, Kazuya has a high level of confidence that his strategy will, in all likelihood, be successful. The concept appears to have a good deal of plausibility; yet, Mizuhara and Kazuya’s most significant obstacle is meeting the deadline for the completion of the film.

As was just indicated, it will take around one month to raise the necessary funds, and after that, the production process can take anywhere from one to two additional months of consistent effort. The uncertain nature of Grandma Sayuri’s health adds another layer of complication to the situation, as no one can truly predict how much longer she will have. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary for them to complete the independent film as quickly as they possibly can.

When it comes to the production of a film, does Mizuhara accept Kazuya’s assistance?

After discussing his concept with Mizuhara, Kazuya goes back to his room to reconsider every facet of the scheme. While all is going on, Mizuhara is taking her time to mull over the concept of crowd funding. After she has given things some consideration, she goes and knocks on Kazuya’s door to ask for his assistance in producing the movie. After receiving Mizuhara’s affirmation, Kazuya’s self-assurance skyrockets to unprecedented heights. In spite of the fact that she mocks him for his irrational behaviour in going to such lengths, she truly appreciates all of the assistance that he is prepared to provide for her.

Mizuhara has the desire to continue dreaming

Katsuhito’s wish for her granddaughter was for her to pursue all of her passions in life, but he also encouraged her to submit her application to colleges and universities since he believed that everyone should always have a fallback plan. Katsuhito was in a serious state after being involved in a car accident on the day of his misfortune. Mizuhara desired to remain by her grandfather’s side at all times, but in order to protect him, she went to the shrine where her grandfather had taken her to pray when she was younger.

Mizuhara made repeated trips up and down the stairs of the shrine, and on each occasion, she offered a prayer to the deities asking for the gods’ blessing on the health of her grandfather. Katsuhito imparted his last words to his granddaughter during the dying moments of his life, telling her that she must never stop dreaming about the day when her wish will be granted.

Rent A GirlFriend
Rent A GirlFriend

Final comments on the twelveth episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend

Fans of Rent-a-Girlfriend felt emotional after finding the reason for Mizuhara’s constant commitment towards her goal, which was revealed in episode 12 of the series, which turned out to be an utter tearjerker. In the closing few minutes of the episode, it was shown that Kazuya was putting in a lot of effort into the crowdfunding project and learning about everything that is associated with the filmmaking industry.

Mizuhara was able to regain her spirit and get back on track, and she placed her faith in Kazuya and the project he was working on. Throughout the course of the season, it was clear that Mizuhara saw Kazuya as a buddy she could count on. In spite of this, it was revealed in the conclusion that the latter had begun to develop feelings for the former when the latter pondered the reason behind her cheeks turning bright red when she was speaking to the former.

The conclusion of Rent-a-Friend The first episode of Girlfriend demonstrated how Mizuhara managed to keep up with her rigorous schedule, which included going to acting courses, maintaining her diet, spending time with her grandma, and working as a rental girlfriend. She received a message from Obata regarding her audition for “The Big Love Bang” after returning home from a date and before entering her apartment.

Mizuhara’s aspirations were dashed when she didn’t get the job, which was a terrible disappointment. She walked over to the picture of her grandfather, who had passed away, and started thinking back to the day he scolded her for getting into fights with the lads. Katsuhito Ichinose, Mizuhara’s grandfather, was a person who was deeply passionate about his relationship with his wife. He wanted his grandchild to understand the importance of following one’s objectives and how one should never give up on their goals.

Fans of Rent-a-Girlfriend are eager to learn when their favourite characters will make a return in the third iteration of the series because the second season of the series was an emotional rollercoaster.

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