Who Was Liz, the partner of Raymond Briggs? What happened to Jean Briggs, his wife?

Who Was Liz, the partner of Raymond Briggs? What happened to Jean Briggs, his wife?

English illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist, and author Raymond Redvers Briggs CBE. Both among adults and kids, he has won universal praise and admiration.

He is most known in Britain for his wordless story The Snowman, which has had a cartoon version and an annual Christmas musical production.

Briggs was awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal by the British Library Association in 1966 and 1973, for the best British-themed children’s book illustration of the year.

Briggs wrote and illustrated The Man, a brief graphic novel about a boy and a homunculus, which won the Kurt Maschler Award, sometimes known as the “Emil,” in 1992.

Who Was Liz, the partner of Raymond Briggs?

Longtime friend and partner of Raymond Redvers Briggs CBE was Liz. On August 9, 2022, Raymond passed away. He was a British illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist, and author.

Liz and Briggs started working together after Jean Briggs, Briggs’ wife, passed away in 1973. Two years after the passing of Briggs’ parents, Jean, his wife, passed away from leukemia and had schizophrenia.

Although Briggs and Liz’s wedding date is unknown, it has been reported that as of 2010.

Due to clutter and a lack of light, Briggs maintained a separate house from his long-term spouse, Liz, her children, and grandchildren in a modest home in Westmeston, Sussex.

Briggs continued to write and illustrate books after Liz passed away in October 2015 from Parkinson’s disease.

What happened to Jean Briggs?

Jean Briggs was the wife of Raymond Briggs until her passing in 1973. Briggs wed painter Jean Taprell Clark in 1963.

Two years after the passing of Briggs’ parents, his schizophrenic wife Jean passed away from leukemia.

The artist never got married again, but he did run into Liz, his current partner, in a neighborhood pub. Despite dating for 42 years, they never got hitched. Parkinson’s illness claimed her life in 2015.

As Liz’s “sad and dreadful” state grew worse, Raymond frantically tried to save her by gathering information about the illness and assuming responsibility for caring for her.

In 2017, after the passing of his partners, the late author spoke on social media about his sorrow.

What Caused Briggs’s Death?

At the age of 88, illness claimed Raymond Briggs’ life on August 9th, 2022. The Snowman’s author and illustrator said he had seven years to live in 2017.

However, he tragically passed away two years earlier on August 9 at the age of 88. At the Brighton-based Royal Sussex County Hospital, Briggs received medical attention for his illness.

He passed away, though, as a result of physical problems. Through numerous social media platforms, his followers have offered the deceased’s family their condolences.

Who Were the Parents of Raymond’s Children and Family?

In his 2019 book Time For Lights Out, author Jean Taprell Clark shares many memories of their late marriage.

According to Briggs, the work is autobiographical and a “hotchpotch” of many aspects of his life. He was raised by parents Ernest and Ethel Briggs in Wimbledon, Surrey.

Raymond Briggs passed away, and we share your loss at his death. The Snowman, a groundbreaking picture book that was a daring and stunning innovation: a picture book without words, is Raymond’s best-known creation.

He remembers his late wife Jean in the story. They chose against having children because of her illness. Leukemia claimed Jean’s life in 1973.

In his book Time For Lights Out, Briggs includes letters that Jean addressed to him from the hospital as well as heartbreaking yet motivational photos.

He would be left alone once she passed away because the pair decided against having children due to her mental instability. As a result of his lack of a father, mother, wife, or children, the author was going through a difficult time.

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