Rasmus King: Parents, As A Surfer, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth (2023), Siblings and More

Justin and Eva King are the proud parents of Rasmus King. Both Justin and Eva are professionals in the sport of surfing. In Byron Bay, Rasmus and his brother Kyuss spent their formative years together

While Justin is a frequent surfer who spends the majority of the day on the water, Eva is not a big surfer due of the crowds.

However, Eva rides the longboard with a stance that is reminiscent of the old vintage manner. Eva is also teaching women’s health counselling programmes in addition to her involvement in yoga.

Rasmus King
Rasmus King

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Rasmus King: As A Surfer

Rasmus is a professional surfer and he is 17 years old. He was born in Byron Bay, Australia, on April 17, 2015, to a Danish mother and an Australian father. His father was born in Australia.

In addition to that, he is an actor who makes his professional acting debut in the feature film Bosch and Rockit.

He made deals with six different festivals and his second project, which was an Australian feature film. The release of both films was scheduled for the year 2022.

In addition to acting and surfing, Rasmus’s other hobby is a combination of art and outdoor activities.

In addition to his love for playing the guitar, drumming, and singing, he also enjoys a wide variety of other sports and hobbies, like skateboarding, fishing, and Muay Thai boxing, to mention a few.

Additionally, King’s modelling work has been highlighted in publications such as Vogue, Esquire, and Marie Claire.

Rasmus King: Parents

Both of Rasmus King’s parents, Justin and Eva, are accomplished surfers in their own right. In Byron Bay, Rasmus and his brother Kyuss spent their formative years together.

On February 26, 2000, Justin and Eva tied the knot and became husband and wife. In February of 2022, they celebrated their 22nd anniversary as a married couple.

When his sons were younger, Justin would take them surfing and teach them how to ride the waves. At the age of 17 months, Rasmus began riding on his longboard that belonged to his father. He was still in diapers and even lacked the ability to walk normally.

Because they have chosen to become surfers like their father, Justin is a proud father of his sons. His sons have followed in his footsteps.

Rasmus King Mather
Rasmus King Mather

As of the year 2023, Justin is 52 years old. On July 26th, we help him celebrate his birthday. On his birthday, July 26, 2022, Eva wished her husband well on Instagram and sent him birthday wishes.

To say that Justin and his wife Eva are madly in love with one another is an understatement. Their relationship is more akin to that of close friends. On Instagram, Justin posts under the handle @puppaking, and he now has 5965 followers.

In the late 1990s, Eva worked as a model and appeared at the Milan Fashion Show. She walked the runway there. Justin showed an old video of her, in which she was trim and stunning, and she strutted her stuff with assurance on the runway.

She leads individuals through yoga sessions that are designed to reduce tension and anxiety, and she does yoga herself.

In addition, she leads women in Byron Bay through healing practises, meditation workshops, and Polarity Therapy sessions, all of which assist the participants in relieving their stress and leading more positive lives.

In addition to that, Eva is the organiser of many different classes on diet and healthy eating. She provides others with healthy eating tools and recommendations, including recipes, shopping lists, and advice.

In addition to that, she teaches numerous healthy eating seminars, including ones on juice cleaning and liquid fasting, and she posts healthy recipes on Instagram.

She also attended and finished a cooking workshop in Byron Bay in 2017, which focused on strategies and recipes for maintaining a healthy diet.

On Instagram, Eva can be found posting under the handle @evaqueensofkings, and she currently has 5203 followers.

Her Instagram account is replete with pictures of her adorable children, delicious-looking meals, and inspirational fitness quotes. She is passionate about her role as a role model for other women.

Rasmus King: Bio

On April 17, 2005, Rasmus King was born in the country of Australia. Prodigy in the sport of surfing who displayed extraordinary ability well before he reached his teenage years.

His brother, fellow surfing phenom Kyuss King, is also a prodigy surfer. Both he and the French surfer Marco Mignot are considered to be surfing prodigies because of how quickly they came to stardom. It was in Australia that he made his debut.

According to the most popular biographies, he is one of the successful surfers. On the list of famous persons who were born on April 17, 2005, he has earned a place on the list.

He was born in Australia, but he has become one of the most wealthy surfers in the world. Additionally, he holds a spot on the list of the most popular surfers at this time. Our research has revealed that Rasmus King, who is only 14 years old, is among the celebrities we have in our database.

Rasmus King: Height and Weight

The present age of Rasmus King is 14 years old. The information regarding Rasmus King’s height and weight is currently unavailable. A future update will include full body measurements, as well as dress and shoe sizes.

Rasmus King: Relationship

Rasmus King does not discuss his private life, including his romantic relationships. Visit this page again in the near future, as we will be adding new relationship facts as they become available.

Let’s take a look at some of Rasmus King’s previous affairs, both serious and casual, starting with his ex-girlfriend. The specifics of Rasmus King’s marriage history and divorce are something he would rather not discuss.

The term “dating” is used to refer to the period in a person’s life when they are exploring the possibility of developing romantic connections with a number of other individuals. If two unmarried celebrities are seen in public together, they are frequently labelled as “dating.”

This suggests that it is not apparent if they are simply friends, exploring a more intimate relationship, or are romantically involved in a relationship; yet, they were seen in public together. Another surfer in the family is Rasmus Brother.

Rasmus King
Rasmus King

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Rasmus King: Siblings

Brother of the King, Rasmus Musician and surfer Kyuss King is known simply as “King.” At 2022, the World Surf League competition known as the Oakberry Tweed Coast Pro was won by Kyuss. The competition took place in Cabarita.

Kyuss is a professional surfer who got his start in the sport when he was just two years old and began surfing alongside his father. At the age of eight, he participated in his first tournament in the sport of surfing.

The fact that the surfer is able to make a living doing what he loves has made him quite content. In addition to surfing, he has a strong passion for both music and the arts. He expresses his artistic side through surfing by imbuing his surfboards with various artistic motifs.

He has aspirations of pursuing a career in music and his hobbies include singing songs, playing guitar, and holding jam sessions in their own garages with his brother Rasmus.

On June 9, Rasmus greeted his brother with birthday greetings for his upcoming special day. Rasmus views the musician as something of a close friend, as well as a teacher and a source of inspiration.

Kyuss can be found on Instagram under the handle @kyussking and currently has 79.8 thousand followers. In addition to that, he has a channel on YouTube under the moniker Kyuss King, which has about two thousand subscribers.

He posts movies on YouTube of himself surfing, going on road trips, and doing vlogs on how he transformed his skateboard into an artsy board.

Rasmus King: In Bosch And Rockit

Rasmus is a talented young artist and athlete who is just beginning his career in the acting industry.

Rockit is portrayed by Rasmus in this play.

In the upcoming feature film Bosch and Rockit, Rasmus will be making his first appearance. The film is a fictionalised account of the life of Tyler Atkins, the director of the film.

In the play, Rasmus takes on the part of Tyler as Rockit, a little boy who is in need of the support and affection of his family. Bosch is played by Luke Hemsworth, who also plays the role of Rockit’s father.

The life story of Tyler, who was forced to spend his boyhood all by himself, served as the inspiration for this movie. Because his mother was not active in his upbringing and he was born to a father who dealt drugs, he was forced to raise himself.

When Tyler was only 11 years old when he cast Rasmus in the movie, the movie wasn’t even close to being ready for distribution until he was 15 years old.

In spite of the fact that Rasmus and Tyler’s real-life stories are diametrically opposed to one another, they share one thing in common: they are both surfers.

Rasmus King: Career

After the success of his first picture, he decided to participate in his second film, which would be called six festivals and would be directed by the Oscar-winning filmmaker Macario De Souza.

The plot of the movie revolves around three adolescents who have a similar love in music and decide to attend six music festivals as a means of evading the harsh realities of their lives when one of them receives a dreadful prognosis.

His brother Kyuss takes on the character of Kane, and Rasmus plays the part of Maxie in this production.

Beginning on the 11th of August 2022, the film was screened in a number of different theatres, and it will shortly make its debut on Paramount plus. The website www.6festivals.com provides users with access to a wealth of information regarding the movie theatre.

On Facebook and Instagram, Rasmus may be found under the handle @rasmusking, and he has a combined total of 42,100 followers.

Rasmus Brother
Rasmus Brother

Rasmus King: Net Worth (2023)

What is Rasmus King’s current estimated net worth? Where does Rasmus King get the most of his money? It is common knowledge that it is quite difficult to determine a person’s overall assets as well as how much money that person makes each month.

There is an estimated asset that amounts to a net worth according to a number of different sources. So, how much money does Rasmus King have in the bank? Rasmus King’s current wealth, as of the year 2023, is estimated to be $1.5 million.

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