Rabi Pirzada: Career, Age, Net Worth, Scandal, Controversy, Leaked Video And Personal Information

Rabi Pirzada’s journey is a tapestry of talent, controversy, and social advocacy. From her musical beginnings to diverse ventures and bold critiques, her story unfolds as a testament to the multifaceted nature of her artistry

Rabi Pirzada’s Journey from Music to Calligraphy

Rabi Pirzada, born on 3rd February 1989, is a versatile Pakistani personality, having ventured into various fields, including pop singing, songwriting, television hosting, artistry, and calligraphy.

Early Years and Musical Odyssey

  • In 2004, Pirzada embarked on her musical journey, marking her debut with the release of the captivating track “Dahdi Kurree” in 2005.
  • This was just the beginning as she continued to enchant her audience with subsequent hits like “Mujhe Ishq Hai,” “Jadoo,” and “Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho.”
  • Notably, the soulful composition of “Kisi Ke Ho Ke Raho” was crafted by the renowned lyricist Shoaib Mansoor.

Diverse Ventures

  • Beyond her musical prowess, Pirzada showcased her versatility by delving into content writing for reputable news websites, including US News Box.
Rabi Pirzada
                             Rabi Pirzada (Image:@Instagram)
  • Simultaneously, she graced the television screen with a weekly show and launched the TV drama production “Qissa Kursi Ka” in July 2016.
  • Her charismatic presence extended to popular Pakistani television comedy and talk shows such as Dunya News’s “Mazaaq Raat.”
  • In 2018, Pirzada marked her cinematic debut in the lead role alongside Meera in the film “Shor Sharaba.”

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Project Portfolio

Pirzada’s creative endeavors expanded further, with announcements like the romantic-comedy film “Court Marriage,” directed by Shahzad Gujjar in late 2017.

Additionally, the artist is rumored to feature in an upcoming Hollywood production, showcasing her global appeal and recognition.

Social Advocacy

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Pirzada exhibited a socially conscious side.

Following the demise of Khadim Hussain Rizvi, she expressed gratitude for his support in her endeavors related to Islamic calligraphy and charitable work for the underprivileged.

Bold Critiques and Controversial Exit

  • In 2017, Pirzada made headlines for her bold critiques, specifically targeting Bollywood films and actor Salman Khan.
  • She held them responsible for purportedly promoting crime among the youth. However, in a surprising turn of events, on 4th November 2019, she announced her departure from the film industry.
  • This decision was prompted by the unauthorized release of her private pictures and videos.

Controversial Statements

Adding to the controversy, in 2019, Pirzada made headlines again, this time for issuing a controversial statement. She allegedly threatened Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a suicide attack and the release of snakes.

Fascinating Journey of Rabi Pirzada: A Remarkable 31-Year-Old Sensation

Life and Career of Rabi Pirzada

In the dynamic realm of entertainment, age becomes a mere number, and talent takes center stage.

One such sensational figure who has been making waves in the industry is none other than the remarkable Rabi Pirzada, a dynamic individual whose age stands at a youthful 31 years. 

Early Beginnings and Influences

Rabi Pirzada’s journey commenced at an early age, marked by a passion for the arts that transcended conventional boundaries.

Rabi Pirzada
                            Rabi Pirzada (Image:@Instagram)

Influenced by a myriad of artistic expressions, she set forth on a path that would ultimately define her unique identity in the entertainment landscape.

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The Rise to Prominence

As the years unfolded, Rabi Pirzada’s dedication and unwavering commitment to her craft propelled her into the spotlight.

The entertainment arena recognized her as a force to be reckoned with, irrespective of her youthful age. This ascent to prominence is a testament to her undeniable talent and the impact she continues to make in the industry.

Diversification of Talents

Beyond the conventional realms of entertainment, Rabi Pirzada has diversified her talents, showcasing versatility that extends beyond the expected.

From music to acting and beyond, she has proven that age is no barrier to mastering various facets of the creative domain.

Inspiring a New Generation

At 31, Rabi Pirzada stands as an inspiration for aspiring individuals, demonstrating that achieving one’s dreams knows no age limit.

Her journey serves as a beacon of hope for those looking to break barriers and make a mark in their chosen fields.


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Embracing Challenges and Growth

  • The dynamic nature of the entertainment industry demands constant adaptation and growth.
  • Rabi Pirzada, with her youthful vigor and determination, embraces challenges as opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • This approach has undoubtedly contributed to her enduring success at the age of 31.

Future Prospects and Beyond

As Rabi Pirzada continues to evolve in her career, the future holds endless possibilities. Her trajectory suggests that she will continue to break new ground, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

Wealth of Rabi Peerzada: A Stalwart in the World Music Scene

Rabi Peerzada’s Financial Triumphs

In the dynamic realm of World Music, Rabi Peerzada stands as a luminary, hailing from the vibrant music scene of Pakistan.

Rabi Peerzada’s Stature in the World Music Industry

Unraveling the Musical Odyssey

  • Rabi Peerzada has etched her name in the annals of World Music history with her melodious contributions.
  • Born and raised in Pakistan, she has not only enriched the cultural tapestry of her homeland but has also resonated with audiences worldwide.
  • As we embark on this exploration of her financial prowess, it’s imperative to acknowledge the profound impact of her musical journey.

Deciphering the Net Worth: A Multifaceted Analysis

Financial Fortitude in Numbers

According to our meticulous analysis, synthesizing information from reliable sources, Rabi Peerzada’s net worth is estimated at a staggering $5 Million.

This figure, endorsed by credible platforms such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, attests to the financial eminence she has achieved in the competitive landscape of World Music.

The Journey to Wealth: Rabi Peerzada’s Professional Milestones

Musical Mastery and Financial Success

Rabi Peerzada’s ascent to a $5 Million net worth is not merely a result of her musical talents but also a testament to her strategic forays into various aspects of the music industry.

Rabi Pirzada
                                    Rabi Pirzada (image:@Instagram)

From hit albums to captivating performances, each professional milestone has played a pivotal role in shaping her financial trajectory.

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Beyond the Numbers: Rabi Peerzada’s Philanthropic Ventures

A Heart for Social Causes

While Rabi Peerzada’s net worth is undoubtedly impressive, it’s equally noteworthy to highlight her endeavors beyond the world of music.

Known for her philanthropic spirit, she has actively contributed to various social causes, using her financial influence for the betterment of society.

The Legacy Continues: Rabi Peerzada’s Ongoing Impact

Shaping the Future of World Music

As we conclude our exploration of Rabi Peerzada’s net worth, it’s evident that her influence extends beyond the realms of finance.

With a legacy rooted in musical excellence and a commitment to social causes, she continues to shape the future of World Music, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Rabi Pirzada Controversy: Navigating Privacy in the Digital Era

The Rabi Pirzada Scandal: An Unraveling Narrative

The sensational video controversy involving Rabi Pirzada sent shockwaves across social media and entertainment circles, casting a spotlight on the challenges faced by celebrities in safeguarding their privacy.

Rabi Pirzada: A Multifaceted Pakistani Media Personality

Renowned as a former singer, artist, TV host, and songwriter, Rabi Pirzada stands as a prominent figure in the Pakistani media landscape.

However, her foray into controversy took center stage when a private video surfaced on various social media platforms.

The Enigma Surrounding the Leaked Video

The details surrounding the video’s release remain shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue to the unfolding scandal. Despite the ambiguity, the video quickly gained traction on social media, triggering intense debates among fans and critics alike.

Public Opinions: Divided Perspectives

As the controversy unfolded, a schism emerged in public opinions. Some staunchly stood by Rabi, underscoring the paramount importance of respecting her privacy, while others expressed disappointment and outrage over the leaked content.

Defending Privacy in the Digital Age

Supporters of Rabi Pirzada emphasized the need to uphold privacy rights in the digital age, advocating for a more conscientious approach towards public figures’ personal lives.

Outrage and Disappointment: The Flip Side

On the flip side, critics voiced their disappointment and outrage, questioning the responsibility of celebrities in safeguarding their private lives amidst the pervasive reach of social media.

Impact Beyond the Personal Sphere

Beyond its repercussions on Rabi Pirzada’s personal life, the scandal raises broader questions about the delicate balance celebrities must strike between their private and public personas.

Unwanted Intrusion into Personal Life

The leaked video not only exposed Pirzada’s personal life but also drew unwarranted attention to her relationships, highlighting the inherent challenges that public figures face in preserving their privacy.

Lessons Learned: Navigating Celebrity Privacy

In retrospect, the Rabi Pirzada scandal serves as a poignant reminder of the evolving landscape of privacy for public figures in the digital era.

Rabi Pirzada Scandal

In the realm of Pakistani entertainment, the captivating artist Rabi Pirzada has recently found herself at the epicenter of a significant controversy, triggered by the circulation of a leaked video.

Rabi Pirzada
                              Rabi Pirzada (Image:@Instagram)

This digital uproar has sent shockwaves through the online landscape.

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The Unveiling of the Controversy

Renowned Pakistani singer and songwriter, Rabi Pirzada, has opted to remain largely silent about the leaked video that has thrust her into the spotlight.

In the aftermath of the video’s unauthorized release, Pirzada chose to limit her interactions with the media, adding an air of mystery to the unfolding narrative.

Virality Across Platforms

The aftermath of Pirzada’s leaked video has transcended platforms, with Twitter, Reddit, and various other digital spaces buzzing with discussions and shares. The incident has become a digital wildfire, igniting conversations far and wide.

Lessons in Social Media Responsibility

Pirzada’s viral video serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of thoughtfulness and mindfulness in the realm of social media.

The incident underscores the need for responsible behavior, particularly among influential figures like Pirzada, to avert unintended consequences and controversies.

From Headlines to the Spotlight

While Pirzada is no stranger to making headlines, her recent controversial clip has catapulted her into a new level of scrutiny.

Fans, accustomed to celebrating their favorite star, were taken aback as they witnessed her engaging in unexpected behavior captured on camera.

Unveiling the Antics

The viral nature of Pirzada’s video has left many fans astonished and bewildered, as the once-admired artist showcased a side of herself that diverged from the public image carefully crafted through her career.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities faced by public figures when their private lives collide with the ever-watchful eye of the public.

Rabi Pirzada Scandal: A Deep Dive into the Controversy

Rabi Pirzada Leaked Video and Photo Controversy 

In recent days, the sensational controversy surrounding Rabi Pirzada, a prominent pop singer hailing from Pakistan, has taken the internet by storm.

Rabi Pirzada
                          Rabi Pirzada (Image:@Instagram)

Private videos and images of the artist surfaced online, sparking a flurry of speculations and discussions.

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Unmasking the Allegations: Major General Asif Ghafoor’s Involvement?

Rumors circulating on the internet suggest a potential involvement of Major General Asif Ghafoor, a spokesperson for the Pakistani army.

Some claim that the leak is a repercussion of an alleged argument between Rabi Pirzada and Major General Asif Ghafoor. However, it’s crucial to note that these allegations remain unverified.

Pointing Fingers: The Ex-Boyfriend Dilemma

On the flip side, others are pointing fingers at Rabi Pirzada’s ex-boyfriend as a possible culprit behind the leak. Yet, it’s imperative to underline that these details lack confirmation, leaving room for uncertainties.

Rabi Pirzada: More Than the Scandal

Before the emergence of this scandal, Rabi Pirzada was no stranger to making headlines.

The artist gained attention for making threats against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, including references to a suicide attack and even the bizarre notion of releasing snakes upon him.

The Enigma: Unveiling the Culprits

Despite the rampant speculation, the specific identities of the individuals or websites responsible for the leak remain undisclosed at this juncture.

The lack of concrete information urges us to approach the situation with patience and refrain from drawing premature conclusions about the details of the leaked footage.


1)What is the age of Rabi Pirzada?

Rabi Pirzada age is 31 Years, her date of birth Feb 03, 1992, horoscope Aquarius, place of birth Quetta, Pakistan, nationality as Pakistani and residence Quetta, Pakistan.

2)What is the Profession of Rabi Pirzada?

Rabi Pirzada is an Pakistani Artist, Painter, Calligrapher, Islamic Mubaligh by profession.

3)Who is Rabi Pirzada’s husband?

Rabi Pirzada husband or spouse name is Tariq Shah.

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