Pretty Vee (COMEDIAN), The US Sun: Biography & wiki

COMEDIAN Pretty Vee is well-known for her appearances on the show Wild ‘N Out, which is hosted by Nick Cannon.

Together with the actor Terrence J., she hosted the pre-show for the BET Awards on June 26, 2022.

Who is Pretty Vee?

The 13th of October, 1991 finds Vena Excell being born in Miami, Florida.
Pretty Vee is the name by which the comedian is known professionally, and she has appeared on Wild ‘N Out, which is a television show hosted by Nick Cannon.

The beginning of 2019 saw the beginning of her rise to fame on the platform TikTok, where she is recognised for her comedic videos, dancing routines, and lip-sync clips.

Pretty Vee has amassed collaborations with companies like Fashion Nova as a result of the growth of her social media fanbase, which she has achieved through the use of several channels.

How many people do you think she has following her?

An remarkable number of people follow Pretty Vee across various social media platforms. According to the information provided in her bio on Instagram, her products can be found in more than 600 Citi Trends locations.

What does Pretty Vee consider to be the secret of her beauty?

Pretty Vee referred to herself as “brave,” “strong,” “fearless,” and “gifted” in an interview that was conducted by the podcaster David Shands for the Sleep is 4 Suckers podcast.
And when asked which characteristic she believes “makes her lovely,” she reacted by saying that her faith in God is what makes her more than just “pretty.” Knowing who He is has been the foundation for my entire life.

She posted the following in the caption of an Instagram post in which she uploaded a tape from the podcast in which she was interviewed with Shands: “As A Child I Always Had, But There Were Times When It Got Rough, But I NEVER GAVE UP On My Dreams! My upbringing moulded me into the woman I am today! My mother’s resilience and her prayers kept me going when I felt like giving up.

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