Ponckle Fletcher: Who Is She? 

Ponckle Fletcher: Who Is She? 

A post-war and contemporary British artist is named Ponckle Fletcher. She was a well-known artist in St. Ives who had economic success.

Ponckle’s Gallery in the Cornish beach resort functioned as the social hub for the artistic community and has a rich cultural heritage that dates back to the 1950s.

Ponckle Fletcher: Wikipedia

Ponckle Fletcher was well-known for her eccentric artwork. She spent more than 30 years involved in the St. Ives art community.

Northeast London’s Chingford is where Fletcher was born. The oldest of her five siblings, she is the oldest.

Fletcher was her family’s “black sheep” from a young age. She didn’t pursue the same career as her family’s company.

For her unusual and colorful flair, Fletcher is mostly recognized as an artist. She ran a gallery out of her Norway Lane home, which eventually turned commercial. She opened Ponckle’s Gallery on Island Square in 1985 and began depicting cats with vistas of St. Ives in her paintings.

Cat on a Jewelled Beach, The Cat Lady of Cornwall, Suri – Conways Hotel Cat, and many other of her well-known pieces are just a few.

77-year-old artist Ponckle Fletcher passed away

At the age of 77, Ponckle Fletcher passed away in the year 2012. At the Treliske Hospital in Truro, she passed away from pneumonia.

The artist suffered a stroke in 2004, yet she persisted in painting at her house despite her health problems.

December 31 is designated as Fletcher’s birthday anniversary every year. According to her astrological sign, she is a Capricorn.

Who Is the Husband of Ponckle Fletcher?

Ponckle Fletcher met jazz musician and arranger Ken Moule when he was 17 years old.

Born on June 26, 1925, her husband Moule played the piano for the Johnny Dankworth Quartet. He had a TV job with the BBC Secret Army. Son of Pickle, a song by Moule, is dedicated to her.

Fletcher’s lover gave her the nickname “Ponckle,” which became her stage moniker. She finally changed her name through a deed poll and wed Moule.

She was so restless that Fletcher and Moule separated. As a stylist for the Katherine Dunham Dance Company, she later relocated to Paris.

Details on the family and kids of Ponckle Fletcher

Ponckle met the photographer Trevor Clark after splitting with Ken Moule. Gavin and Jake were born to her after she wed him in 1964. In 1969, the family relocated to Mallorca, where Trevor began his career as a travel photographer.

Ponckle and Moule collaborated on numerous projects together. She started creating massive fabric collage portraits while serving as his stylist.

She divorced Trevor and moved back to England with Gavin and Jake after spending seven years in Spain. She nevertheless persisted in making fabric portraits.

The artist presented a solo show at the Courtauld Institute in London in 1974.

Value of Ponckle Fletcher

Ponckle Fletcher left her family a large portion of her wealth. She made a respectable living by selling her artwork.

Fletcher’s artwork is currently valued in thousands of dollars. Several times, her art has been put up for sale; the prices range from 46 USD to 157 USD.

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